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Second book in the Chances series. Will Kat and Damian be able to navigate a relationship through their different worlds or is it doomed before it’s begun?

Romance / Drama
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This is us

'Still no answer?'

Damian looked up from his phone and shook his head. He let out a lengthy sigh as his eyes moved rapidly around the room looking everywhere but at the woman sitting across the table from him. She flicked her wavy chocolate coloured hair to the other side, smirking behind her coffee cup every time his jaw clenched with tension.

'Maybe she was delayed. I'm sure she'll return the 800 messages and missed calls that she'll be welcomed to once she switches her phone back on.'

Damian sighed again, this time loudly signalling his irritation.

'If she ever switches it back on.' The fair-skinned lady with her sharp features quietly hissed before taking a sip of her double espresso. 'Maybe Jack is right about this Damian. Is this really something you want to get into with some rando?'

'For fucks sake Ro, can we not do this please?' Damian forcefully pushed his chair back from the table. 'and just for the record Jack doesn't know shit about her or the situation, so can both of you just mind your own business.' he stood up and threw some cash on the table to cover the cost of their order. 'I'll meet you back at the hotel later.'

'Damian.' Rosie forcefully called out his name causing him to pause before storming off. 'We're not fighting you on this, we support you and whatever decision you make. We're just looking out for you.'

'I'm not 12 years old, I don't know why you have both assigned yourselves as my guardians. I know what I'm doing.' He snapped back instantly.

Rosie softened her glare as she rested back in her chair. 'I know that Damian, as your friend I just care, as the producer of this assignment,' she paused momentarily to draw in a deep breath. 'If you pull another disappearing act like you just did... you're out. We haven't got time for your bullshit and if you lose this Damian, work is going to become more and more difficult for you to find.'

'I know Ro, work comes first, right.' he turned away from the table and stepped out into the busy street, instantly disappearing into the hustle and bustle of the mass crowds of people trying to make their way through the hectic streets of Rome.

He kept his head down as he walked swiftly in the opposite direction of the hoards of people making their way towards the Trevi fountain and made his way along Via di Sant Andrea delle Fratte, feeling a pang in his chest at every couple cosily seated along the stretch of the road enjoying their pizza and date night. As he reached Piazza Mignanelli he took a right turn in favour of the quiet back street offering some rest bite from the swarms of people congregating around the Spanish steps. The crowds of people quickly reformed as he finally reached the road in front of his elaborate 5-star hotel which on the outside could have been any hotel in the world. Spotting a gap in the traffic he darted across the road, through the top to bottom glass entrance and into the large reception area, nodding briefly at the gentleman behind the large dark wooden welcome desk as he crossed the white marble floor and headed towards the lift to his room.

'Cheer up young man.' A small elderly lady appeared next to him as he waited for the lift.

Damian offered a warm smile in response.

'I'm sure she'll come round.' The lady smiled to herself as she adjusted her many shopping bags.

'Excuse me?' Damian's eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

The lady began to softly chuckle to herself before responding to him. 'I lovely lad like yourself can only be wandering the streets of Rome with a face etched in pain because of a hurting heart.'

Damian's face softened as he nodded to the lady. 'That obvious huh?'

'At my age and with my experience, yes my dear.' She adjusted the bags again showing they were clearly difficult for her to manage.

'May I help with those?' Damian nodded towards the bags.

'Oh no my dear, I'm fine thank you.'

'Please?' Damian extended his hand towards the bags.

The lady smiled and handed her bags to him. 'Thank you, my dear.'

'No problem at all. Crickey, what have you got in there, bricks? Damian felt the tops of his shoulders pull as he took the bags from her.

'Oh no, dear.' She chortled to herself. 'Just books, I like to send my Grandchildren books from my travels.'

'That's cool. I used to get a stick of rock from my Grandma when she went to Skegness.' Damian smiled fondly. 'Do you travel a lot?'

'Yes, my late husband didn't like to leave England so when he passed I made a promise to myself to see as much as I could. So I have been travelling around Europe for the last two years.'

'Wow.' Damian almost gasped. 'I love that.'

'Yes, it's lovely, but I do wish we could have done it together and shared the memories.' She paused as the lift door opened and a young couple emerged looking a little flustered. 'Good evening.' she smiled sweetly to them as they passed and she shuffled into the lift. 'Third floor for me please, young man.' She nodded towards Damian who fumbled to keep hold of the bags and press the buttons for their floors. 'Oh top floor.' She eyed him a little closer. 'You must be important then.'

Damian instantly shook his head. 'No, no, no. I'm just your average Joe, no heirs or graces here.' he chuckled.

'Hmmm.' she continued to eye him. 'So what did you do?'

'What do you mean?' Damian returned to his puzzled expression.

'What did you do to upset the lady you're pining over?'

Damian burst out laughing. 'Honestly.' he paused as his laughter took hold again. 'Nothing.'

The woman now returned his usual puzzled glance.

'I thought she was interested and we had something going but I guess she wasn't after all.'

'Did she tell you she wasn't interested?


The lady continued to stare at him again. 'Do you like her?'

Damian nodded. 'Yeah, more than I've liked anyone in a very long time.'

'Then go get her.' The lady smiled widely showing a full set of tobacco-stained teeth.

The lift door opened and she scurried out leaving Damian to follow her with the bags. Two doors down and she stopped, rummaging through her bags to find her key card. Damian felt the twinge in his arms again as he waited patiently.

'There we go, she announced after finally retrieving it and shakily swiping it through the mechanism on the door.

'You can just pop them down by the dresser.' she announced as she opened the door and held it for him to pass.

'There you go.' He announced as he headed back towards the door.

'Thank you, my dear, before you go let me give you a little something.'

'Oh no, it's fine honestly.' Damian tried to protest but she shuffled over to the other side of the room and began rooting through a large holdall. 'Here we are.' she finally announced waving a pocket-sized book at him. 'Here you go, my dear.'

'Oh no I couldn't.' Damian tried his best to resist the book being thrust into his hand. 'This is a first addition' he gasped, looking down and examining the weathered copy of Pride and prejudice he held.

'I know it's a bit of a cliche, but go get your lady, give this to her and tell her I said to remember that things are not always as they first seem.'

Damian looked at her puzzled again.

'If you haven't don't anything wrong then the resistance is something she is battling with, so go chase her, show her she is allowed to be loved.

'Are you really sure about this?'

'Yes, make sure she gets this.' The woman winked at Damian and he took his cue to leave.

'Thank you for your help young man, you go get your girl and show her the world.'

'Thank you for the book. You take care.' Damian smiled widely as he nodded farewell and headed back towards the lift.

He heard the door quietly shut as he pressed the lift button and flicked through the book as he waited. Writing on the inside cover caught his attention.

To my dearest Edna,

Two souls don't find each other by simple accident.

I'll love you always

Tomas x

Damian read the message several times over until the lift arrived. He stepped into the empty carriage and was transported up to his floor within seconds, still thinking about the old lady and her message to Kat, he sullenly opened the door to his room and skulled in, placing the book carefully on the table next to the door. The view of Vatican city laid out before him as he moved to his balcony and took in the evening scenery still niggled by the pencil set laid out on the bed behind him he watched the swarms of people below going about their business. His vibrating leg caught his attention and he quickly scrambled to get his phone out of his pocket, nearly dropping it as Kats name appeared on the screen.

K - Hi, my flight was delayed and I had no battery. I've just got home.

He didn't continue reading the rest of the message before he hit her name and was already dialling her number.

'Kat.' He barked as she answered on the second ring.

'Damian.' she softly responded with a hint of nervousness to her voice.

'Kat, what's going on? Why did you put the pencils back in my bag?'

'Damian, calm down. I just don't think.'

'Christ almighty Kat.' He interrupted her. 'What the fuck were you going to do, just ghost me? Leave me hanging here with nothing, no word, just nothing?'

'Damian please, I appreciate I really didn't think this through properly.'

'No shit Kat, that's like really really fucked up.'

'I'm sorry, I really am. I just panicked again, I didn't think, I just.'

'Just what Kat? You just thought that little of me that I didn't even deserve a conversation, a chance, some fucking respect as a human being? Fuck!'

'I know Damian, I know I got this so wrong. I just heard what Jack said and...'

'Fuck Jack' he almost cried out. 'and fuck anyone else that thinks what we feel for each other is not important enough or worthy enough of trying and seeing where this might go.'

There was a painful silence as Kat didn't respond.

'Kathleen, I've been nothing but open and honest with you from the get-go. I've not sold you anything other than a desire to get to know you better and see what this could be, so if that's not enough for you at this stage then for fucks sake just tell me you're not interested and I'll leave you be. he paused to catch his breath. 'but if you, and I mean you, not the you influenced by someone else thoughts or opinions. If you want to explore this and see where it goes then stop this bullshit and at very least respect me enough to tell me if not.'

Kat still remained silent. Damian felt his chest tighten as the pain of her lack of response ripped through him. He moved back into the room and sat at the dresser before his legs gave way.

'Kat.' he finally whispered, unable to stand the quiet anymore.

'Yes,' she croaked back.

'I'm going to give you a week. One week from today to really think about what you want. On Saturday morning I'm going to call you for an answer. An honest answer Kathleen. If you're in and you really want to give this a shot then I'll come straight to you from Paris and we'll pick up where we left off in Florence. If you're not all in or have changed your mind, that's absolutely fine, I will leave you be and not contact you again.'

He opened the front cover and read the message again.

'Two souls don't find each other by simple accident.' he muttered.

'What?' The sound of her voice again pulled him back from his thoughts.

'I said, Two souls, don't find each other by simple accident.'

'What does that mean?'

'It means if it's meant to be it will be. I will call you Saturday morning ok?'

'Ok.' she whispered back.

'Goodbye Kathleen.' He ended the call before she could respond unable to hear her say farewell in case it was the final thing he ever heard from her.

Authors Notes

Welcome back readers, so what do you think. Has Damian done the right thing by giving her time to think or has he just given Kat a bigger chance to give up and walk away?

Can't wait to hear from you.

Eva x
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