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Raelynn Moore and Christiana Beaumont are one and the same. The daughter of a well-known French mob boss finds herself in WITSEC and living a life shrouded by fear that one day her brother, Michael, will finally make his move. Until she meets Dylan Henderson. Dylan isn't who he perceives to be. Because like Raelynn/Christiana, he too is hiding who his family truly is from the world. But them meeting isn't by chance and proves to be the lifeline they both desperately need. This story will be in both POVs. **Please note this story is a rough draft. If you think you've found any mistakes, please let me know! Happy reading!**

Romance / Action
Ashten Renee
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My name is Christiana Beaumont, and I broke the number one rule in my family. I betrayed them.

Sitting in the pew-style benches of the courtroom, I’m front and center and right behind the state and federal prosecutors, with US Marshals on all sides of me. I’m the star witness and have a bounty on my head. I just turned twenty, and I’m already wanted dead. A death that will be slow and painful and torturous. A death delivered by my brother, Michael.

The prosecution team is all huddled, whispering, and preparing for me to take the stand today. The only day I’ll be on the stand testifying, but I’ve been in court every single damn day since depositions have started. The prosecution’s theory is that my presence will pressure my father and make him uneasy. But they don’t know my father as I do. The only thing my dad is doing is plotting ways to get out of his little predicament.

Turning in my seat, I catch Cecil’s attention, my older sister and best friend. I want to so desperately have her come with me once this trial is over. I want her to go into WITSEC with me, but Jamison informed me she doesn’t want to leave the family. Not yet, at least. I know my sister is terrified. A different reaction compared to the rest of the family. Mom and Lila refuse to look anywhere near my direction, and if I do catch Michael’s attention, his eyes are an ominous black that screams he will kill me. If not today......then one day, he will kill me for what I’ve done.

Snitches in my family don’t get stitches. We get shot.

Cecil’s long dark brown hair is down and curled to perfection, and like Mom and Lila, she’s dressed in a knee-length black dress and black heels. A color of solidarity to show the world they are a united and loving family. The smiles are forced when cameras are present, at least for Cecil, but for Mom and Dad, they see an opportunity to try and discredit me. To make it look like I’m a spoiled disgruntled child throwing a massive tantrum because I’m not in line to take over the business.

A business I never wanted. A business I’ll never want. I’m twenty, and I have my whole life ahead of me with goals, and running a criminal empire was never one of them.

Well......I did have my whole life ahead of me. I’m stuck living a life in hiding and in constant fear. A fear I’ve been living with since I was sixteen.

Because it was Mr. Beaumont in the library with his Colt Police Revolver.

Feeling my shoulder tapped, I tear my gaze from my sister, who is pleading with me, and I’m not sure what she’s trying to say. But her look is a warning, one that isn’t sitting right in the pit of my stomach, a feeling that is telling me to run.

Turning towards Jamison, he leans in closer to me so only I can hear him. “You need to stop looking at your family. We’ve had this discussion before. All you’re doing is provoking.”

The courtroom is packed with witnesses, media, and whoever else managed to get a ticket to this century’s hottest criminal case. Security to even get into the courthouse is rigorous. Women aren’t allowed to bring in their pursues. Nothing that could be used as a weapon could be brought in, including bobby pins. Lawyers and the legal teams are the only ones who can carry pens or pencils. I can’t even bring in water bottles. Instead, you get to stay hydrated by the trusty water fountains maintained by the government. That is if you can find a working one.

But I don’t get the luxury of walking up the courthouse’s front steps. Instead, I come in through the underground entrance, and I’m whisked through the back of the building, surrounded by guards. I’m the last to arrive and the first to leave.

“Something isn’t right.” I catch a light reflection flashing through the small gap between Jamison and me, causing me to turn back towards Cecil. She’s using the screen of her phone to create the illumination, her warning to signal danger. “Somethings wrong, Jamison.”

Jamison shifts in his seat, turning towards my sister and forcing me to turn back around. The next thing I know, he’s on his phone and speaking to someone in code to keep nosy ears from understanding what he’s saying. My heart feels like it’s about to give as I force my shaking hands to clench into fists on my lap.

Looking towards the empty table that will be my father’s defense team and where he’ll sit, a hard realization washes over me. They’re still not present. They’re gone, talking about a strategy for when I take the stand. And it’s an alibi for whatever is to come.

My death.

And on cue, an alarm outside the courtroom sounds—the fire alarm. Everyone in the courtroom starts to rise to evacuate. But I’m immediately swarmed and surrounded by marshals. The bailiff and several other officers sprint down the center aisle and towards the main doors of the courtroom. There are murmurs with the sudden police presence, and then all hell breaks loose with the sound of gunfire outside of the courtroom. The pops echo down the granite and limestone hall, sounding like an assault rifle is firing.

“Mockingbird flying.” Code name to get me the hell out of here.

I’m immediately pulled from my seat and pushed past the swinging doors that separate the gallery from the Judge and lawyers. I’m backed into the Judge’s podium and shielded by trigger-ready Marshals. Jamison....I have no fucking clue where he is or what he’s doing, but I’m being held in this spot when I know we should be moving.

The room’s fear is toxic as I catch people hiding under their seats from the gaps in the human shield around me—everyone except for my family. Mom and Lila are unfazed on the bench, and Michael.....he’s being detained with his hands behind his back as a resounding slap echoes through the deafening silent room.

The marshals in front of me shift, blocking my view of my family and who slapped my brother. But I’m suddenly ushered out the back door of the courtroom as another round of gunfire erupts.

How in the hell did someone manage to get a gun pasts security. But then again, my father and brother have resources that extend will into law enforcement. Anything is possible when it comes to the Beaumonts, and I’m starting to question if I can even trust the men enlisted to protect me.

“Make it quick.” I hear Jamison’s harsh commanding voice, and I’m unsure who he’s talking to, but the Marshals around me disperse and stand guard along the empty and silent hallway. Nothin’ can be heard. It feels like we’re in another building away from the chaos.

Cecil breaks through as two marshals move away from me, and I break down and sink to the floor and into her arms. I haven’t spoken to my sister since the raid on the manor. I was arrested with the rest of the family, but when I was never released, and the family lawyer learned where my allegiance lies, he had no problem informing my family.

That was almost six months ago. I haven’t talked to my sister and best friend in nearly six months. The person I leaned on the most and my biggest support system was gone.

“Shhh, Christiana, don’t cry.” Cecil’s voice is the reassurance I’ve needed for so long. She’s stronger than she knows, and I hope Cecil will see her strength and use it one day. “You will always be my sister, my best friend. I will always love you.”

“I.....I....I love you. Please, come with me.” I practically sob and beg.

Cecil’s eyes fill with tears, “I’m really sorry. I can’t.”

“Christiana, we need to move,” Jamison orders. But I don’t want to leave. I want to stay here with my sister.

With the snap of his fingers, marshals are around Cecil and me as we’re urged back to our feet. Cecil immediately wraps me into a tight hug and whispers into my ear. Her words are in French in an attempt to keep whatever she has to tell me between the two of us. “Go by the name, and I will find you. I promise, sister, I will find you.”

Cecil is pulled away from me, and I fight to try and go after her because I’m not ready to let go.

I was never ready to let go of my sister.

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