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The Note Girl- A bollywood musical.

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A story in notes... an Indian school romance. The prologue with give you a good idea about the story. Who said a love story can't become a thriller? Find out who is this note girl? Written especially for my Indian readers... it has Indian words and Bollywood songs and full house entertainment. From the autor of Hey You! Love me? and Who is Crystal Castelin. ©️SC2022

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She was in love with him. So, the note said..... though she was sure he did not reciprocate her feelings for him. But she was happy holding on to her feelings and mooning on him from afar. All she did was write an anonymous note and leave it inside his desk. May be she should not leave it unsaid... she had thought.

When Kiaan Lokeswar joined Lorian High he immediately became the most sought after guy. Girls fell for him left, right and center. Even boys idolized him. He was good in studies... apparently he had won maths Olympiad gold medal in his last school...ouch! And yet he was not a nerd. He was rather an all rounder.
He almost immediately got chosen in the school hockey team. He made friends with many in class almost immediately on arrival but he was not exactly very friendly. He had a borderline arrogant streak. But she found it cute. You know how sixteen year old mind works! She found him even more cute when he stood by his desk talking to his friends...looking so tall, hot and handsome. How her heart fluttered.
But alas! He did not even cast her a look. He just walked past her as if she did not exist. Sigh! There were five to six like her whom he did not acknowledge at all not that he was introduced to them and he did not show any interest or initiative in knowing them as well. Double sigh!

She would have spent the rest if her school life watching and sighing but then this unrequited thing was killing her so she thought if writing a note and leaving it on his desk.....thus began the story of the note girl.

( VSS writes...all my readers of WICC and JATA...this is how I am trying to beat my writes block. I am gonna write 1 note one day. Letz see how it goes.

No matter how old you are you will feel a connect with this story as all of us have been in school at some point and .........
Please read comment, review and like. This book is being serialized in inkiit as well Wattpad. Please vote and comment the book if you choose to read it there. Indian value system and school scene is different. The story is based on that. If you are looking for mature content. This is not your book. It's rather a sweet romance in the backdrop of the Indian school system and Indian family system. Actually I nap the life of a few hormobak sixteen year olds as they battle thought adolescence, first love, studies, fights, grief and much more.
Thank you, author)

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