The three love letters

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A love letter to the one I want to be with. A chapter in which I pour out my heart with words I wouldn’t say in real life. Go ahead and read the story of how I fell in love.

Romance / Fantasy
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To you, who I relish the most.

To you, who I relish the most.

Every night I close my eyes, my teddy beside me. Even if my eyes are closed, my brain is fully active. I spend hours thinking of you and oh, how I wish we were together! I am writing this letter in hopes that you will read it. You may not know it is for you, but I hope you will at least read it.
I am writing this letter to tell you all that I wouldn't tell you in real life.

I stargaze, spend a lot of time thinking about you or us mutually, but when I discern it's just all in my head, I fall more in love with you. I realize now, I can't stop thinking of your charming voice, your passionate eyes, and your elegant words. You were always my quasar, you still are.

The letter is probably getting you perplexed so, let me tell you the story of how I fell in love with you. It was around July 16th or 17th I joined DPS classes for no reason. Well, on the first day, Rachel texted me, and we became good colleagues. After some time, I got engrossed in knowing other personalities in the class too. I chose to text you first because Rachel kept talking about you. I also thought you were nice already. Then you know, we talked a lot.

Fast forward to me, Rachel, and you being a group. By now, I had already begun to like you. It was because, when I initially met you, I was having a bothersome time, and you supervised me through it. Then we became more familiar, and you gave me many reasons to love you.

You were always very empathetic. You saw the hidden 'handle with caution' sign that was drafted on me. That made me cherish you even more. By now, I adored every little thing about you. That's when I liked you.

Fast forward to November, I felt kind of lonely, but I was still in love with you. When I initially started to like you, it was around the end of July. By now, I was pretty sure I was in love. I wasn't wrong about it. You see, guys I liked in the past were not for long. You, however, I have been fond of you since last July. Let’s skip to September 14th, 2021. I still loved you more than ever before. I found myself falling more in love with you every single day!

I've loved you for so long. Loving you is my comfort. Even though you might never read this, I love you and will continue finding comfort in it.

Yours Lovingly,

Note from the author: the cover page was edited by my best friend Bijayasha Manandhar so I would like to give her full credits. I hope you like the love letter.

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