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... Technically Book 4 - following the Alpha Black Series. But Werewolf and Witch Romance

Romance / Fantasy
Georgia's Colour
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Chapter 01 - Which Witch

Seth Colton

I ran a train of kisses down her spine, down the smooth tanned skin of my mate, her strong and small form captivating my mind, body, and soul. I had once scoffed at the idea, deities that werewolves worshiped, their spiritual connection with the moon! Of all things, but a rock floating in the sky.

And yet, when I saw the green of her eyes, the cupid’s bow in her lips, the soft curls of raven coloured hair. My heart stopped - and began only beating for her, Miss Patricia Black. The thin white sheet contrasted her skin like coffee and cream, as it entangled her body, exposing both too much and not enough.

“Good morning my love,” I purred, into her ear, wrapping my arms around her body, holding her to my chest and cupping her breasts as I pulled her closer to me.

Her hips wriggled, grinding against the erection that grew between my legs and her nose scrunched up and she inhaled deeply, letting out a hum of acknowledgement.

“What time is it?” she asked, her voice soft and deep – as she rubbed at her face, clinging to sleep.

“Four,” I purred.

“Why so early?” she groaned, yawning, and rolling over, resting her head on my chest and wrapping one of her legs over my stomach and sandwich-ing my manhood between her leg and my body. – so close, but so far away.

“You have patrol duty, remember.”

She hummed again, this time with more distaste, “did you even sleep?” she asked.

I shook my head and planted a kiss on her forehead, “no.”

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at me, her green eyes were like limes, vibrant and as electric as her touch, “you witches,” she sneered playfully making me chuckle. “It’s not fair, I wish I could get away with only sleeping every couple of days,” she sighed, closing her eyes again as if still wishing she could stay asleep in my arms.

“The offer still stands my love, it will always stand.”

She smiled softly and looked up at me, “and like always, My Lord. I will not sacrifice my wolf for an eternity with you,” the same words, the same rejection of immortality. Like a blade, each time they cut through me, cutting me down, my heart aching at the thought.

A hundred eyes would pass in but the blink of an eye, just like the last hundred, and the hundred before me. But the hundred after her, the thousand after her. They would be slow, painful, and empty. I wouldn’t sleep, even if I could, I just wanted to feel her body, for every moment while I could.

Sitting up, I looked at the curves of her body as she sat on the edge of the bed, her beauty only making me want her more, her nakedness merely a time saver. Running her fingers through her hair and beginning to form into a rough ponytail, lifted her well formed chest, her breast pert and round. I snaked around her, pulling her back into my embrace, this time planting my lips on her, and gripping her untied handful of hair.

Without objection, without any resistance – her arms and legs wrapped around me and she pressed her lips back against mine and let my tongue explore her mouth. I pressed her back into the bedsheets, rubbing her ever growing arousal with my own, “where were you going?” I asked, nibbling at my mark on her neck, knowing the ecstasy that it washed over her.

“I have patrol,” she gasped as my hand fell between her legs, rubbing the sensitive places I knew too well.

“In thirty minutes, do you know what I can do to you in thirty minutes?” I hummed, as I held her to the bed, hands above her head and body pressed down by my own.

Her vibrant green eyes opened, and she looked at me with such lust and longing that it made me shiver, “what I can do to you in ten,” she countered.

In a single, swift and sudden movement, her legs wrapped around my waist and she flipped my over, impaling her self on my manhood as she slammed me back down on the bed. A moan escaping my lips as she ground her hips into my and smiled at me slowly.

“Maybe less if you make noises like that,” she growled.

Lifting her hips, I inhaled deeply as she teased me, slowly moving her hips – the sensation of her, maddening. Had she let me, I would have performed the ceremony, making her immortal, selling her soul to make her mine forever. A ceremony I had performed hundreds of times, but a ceremony I so deeply wanted.

Even if it was just for the best sex I’d ever had.

No, it was because I wanted to have her forever, I wanted her to be mine forever.

Her hips met mine as she slammed back down onto me and I gripped her hips, needing her to go faster, needing the speed to increase. Needing to feel every inch of her body, to kiss every inch of her skin. I bucked my hips, meeting her pace, quickening the rate of the fucking – of the love making.

Diving deeper and deeper insider her, until she screamed out my name.

Until the sweat began to drip down her back, down the arch of shoulder blades as her chest bounced seductively in front of me.

Had my mate been human, I’m sure my fingers would have left bruises on her skin. Had I not been immortal, her nails would have left scratches down my back as I pulled her against her, pounding into her running the home stretch.

Only once her body writhed and she panted for air, did I thrust so deeply inside her, releasing my load. Only once she was satisfied, did I stop…

I didn’t stop her this time as she got out of bed, having drained me twice, her hips swayed as she walked across the room towards the closet. She swiftly dressed into her grey leggings and sports bra, before throwing on a black tee shirt and her runners, and finally getting to secure her hair. Her hips swayed back across the room and she planted a soft kiss on my lips, her fingers running across my chin as she leaded away, “I loved you,” she said, a smile and a fresh morning glow radiating from her.

But most importantly, she would now smell like me. They would all know she was mine.

Author's Note:

Yeah... Just starting another book...
Because apparently I don't have a life, and I enjoy writing some spice...

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