Wolf's Lullaby

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Tara Caleano's life is uprooted by unfortunate circumstances. The place that is supposed to be her new home hides secrets that she couldn't have even imagined, and befriending and falling for the towns feared outcast will unravel the threads of everything she thought she new, even about her self. Philip Constantinov is the packs worst nightmare. The Beast. A ticking time bomb. All he want's to do is mind his own business and none of his estranged families. Unable to leave the pack because his condition he is stuck, his future within the pack uncertain. But when a quirky, tiny brunette shows up in his town things start to change. As much as he would love to stay away from her and keep her at arms length, he keeps being drawn to her. Her presence having a calming effect on him. With their relationship progressing things are revealed that threaten to pull them apart and throw both of their worlds into chaos ***************** This book and its contents are copyright of LenaP91. © LenaP91 2021. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited.

Romance / Fantasy
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Author's Note-Please read :)

Hello, lovely Inkies! (I'm working on a cute name for my readers, this a test, If you have cuter ideas do share them with me)😁

Thank you for reading my story! It's a work in progress and I do apologize for any grammatical issues. Those will be dealt with as I go on weaving my story, so please bear with me.

I hope you'll enjoy my characters, their little world and situations they got to navigate.

If you like the story click on a like button, please do share your thoughts, I'll love to hear all your theories in the comments and feel free to leave the review if you enjoyed it :)

Also If you see my story anywhere that's not Inkitt please report it to me.

Thank you very much for reading again!

Love you 🧡

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