Wolf's Lullaby

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Cries in the Night


Shadows that move

Shadows that speak

Shadows will swallow the weak

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

Come, little mouse, let’s have some fun!”

Through the haze, head splitting, throbbing. I heard a sultry voice sing. The tone and cadence were dark, syrupy. Taunting, daring, laced with sinister promise. I couldn’t fully open my eyes, couldn’t move a muscle. My body felt almost disconnected from my brain. Something heavy laid atop of me, the stench foul, rancid with a heavy tang of iron burning my airways. Vision unfocused, blurry, recognized only a shape of a body. Heart dropped to my stomach, cold sweat coating my brows as dread crawled and enveloped me like a spider its victim in a web.

What’s going on?

Then I remembered the blood-curdling screams, the panic, the air saturated by the cloying scent of fear. The tearing of flesh, growling and snarling. Cries and pleas that pierced the night.

Blood. Blood everywhere. Bodies. Death…

The bile rose to my throat, choking me. Involuntary shivers racked my body as I cracked open my eyes, lids too heavy to stay that way.

All dead…

All gone…

Eyes stinging, bitter tears slid down my face. I failed… I couldn’t protect them. Mother. Father. Ella… my baby sister… The beast was too fast, too strong. Completely out of control, berserk. And his eyes…

I never saw a shifter with those eyes…. Black as the void, cold as death…. I took in a shaky breath, trying to speak, but no words came out. Tongue lying limp in my mouth.

Shadows that move

Shadows that speak

Shadows will swallow the weak

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide…”

“Bah... this is no fun…” that sultry voice spoke, annoyance coating her words, now slightly closer to where I lay. I blinked, trying to focus my vision, but it was useless, like looking through thick glass. I only saw shapes and a dash of color. My head swam, making me nauseous.

“They are all dead. You fucking morons had one job! Take care of the botchling. That was it. Kill it. But what did you do… You let him escape and massacre the whole gods-damn nomad camp!” The woman, who I only saw as smears of pale flesh and red, hissed like a viper at the two other splotches. By smell I would say, two males. Both were werewolves. But the woman… The woman I couldn’t scent… But the aura dug deep under my skin, wrapping, tearing into my bones, freezing them solid. I felt nothing like this before… So detached… so dark.

“Damn you Cyrus! Making me go on a clean-up job, because morons surround us!” She continued to berate and scream at her companions, her voice going from sultry to shrill.

“Ah, shut up Lamia! We wouldn’t be doing this job if we didn’t lose the Scion! We’ve been doing this for years and it’s barely working! There are more botched subjects than the ones who survived! And even they malfunction, more often than not! Case in point that dead little shit over there! When will we ever be ready? Cyrus seems to be losing his grip. How can we follow? Some of us are getting real tired of this shit!” One of the companions fired off, disdain heavy in his words.

“Oh… Is that so?” The woman calmly approached him, her voice devoid of any emotion, empty. He took a wobbly step back. She raised her hand to his face, seeming to caress him. Instead, the air filled with the fresh tang of blood, the aura pulsed, and in the next moment the man started wheezing, clawing at his neck and chest, falling to his knees.

“There’s where you should be. On your knees, disrespectful filth.” She said, her voice back to its original quality, but disconcertingly calm, even. “Don’t fucking dare say shit like that again. Losing the Scion was unfortunate, but that’s why we had contingency plans. Now rise and do your fucking job.” Whatever hold she had on him loosened, and the man coughed, gasping for air. “Clean this bitch up! Check if there are any survivors.” I closed my eyes, heart thumping in my chest at her command.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Panicked heartbeats thrummed in my ears. I tried to calm them down, so they didn’t hear. Still shivering, like a leaf on a breeze, I willed my muscles to make a move, only able to wiggle my fingers. Too weak, too drained. I fought till all my energy got depleted, till my shift faltered, but he overpowered me…

I didn’t even sense her come when her voice slid over me like a bucket of ice, that aura like a darkest abyss. “Oh… We have a live one here, boys.” I didn’t dare open my eyes, willing my heart to stop now. Muttering a prayer to Yulfi, his symbol proudly etched into the skin on my chest, to spare me from whatever they were about to do to me. To let me join my family. But I had no such luck. A warm, scarred hand, judging by the texture of it, caressed the side of my face. “You are not dead yet, pup. Strong, your heartbeat is strong. I like that. You’ll certainly do.” She whispered to me, voice smooth as silk as her fingertips traced something on my forehead that warmed my skin. Her body heat and the oppressive aura moved away. “Bag him, and anyone else with a pulse you find.”

I opened my eyes as rough hands grabbed me by the arms and feet, vision finally focusing. A searing pain tore through my skull and all thought faded with a glimpse of black hair and a red tinted smirk on a pale face.


Hyeloo lovely Inkies, thanks for reading!!!

I was very excited writing this chapter, opening up a bit more on stuff happening outside Blackwood... Things are moving in the shadows...(pfft)

Forgive me I was on a rewatch of LOTR...

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter, let me know what you think about it in the comments below, the engagement means a lot to me.

So, stay safe and healthy and see you soon with the next one. XD🧡

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