Bed Of Thornes

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Chapter Two

"I'm sorry, did I catch you at a bad time?"

I believe that I've lost my ability to speak. My salivating drool mechanism seems to be in working order however. I close my mouth and force an awkward smile, feeling ridiculous.

"You are Mrs. Thorne, correct?" He asks, confused from my awkwardness I suppose.

"Ms. Thorne, not a Mrs." I spill out, feeling like I may have just come off either pathetic or desperate, neither one of them being my intention. What a first impression. I clear my throat, "And you are?"

"Sorry, Ms. Thorne..."

"Just Veronica is fine, no need to be formal at this point. I think I've made enough of a fool of myself for you to know that I'm not as professional as one would expect." I chuckle while invisibly kicking myself in my ass. "What did you say your name is?" I ask, trying to regain what little composure I have left.

"I didn't." He smiles. Wow. What a heaven-sent smile. "Adrian Montez." He reaches out to shake my hand. Damn, his touch sends tingles down my spine. "I'm here to deliver the materials you requested from Blank Canvas." That would be my art supply store. I had Jenna place an order for me to make sure that I had all that I need to finish these projects due without having to order last minute.

"Right . . . okay, do you mind bringing them in here and setting them by the supply closet just over there?" I point in the direction of the closet, noticing I have red paint on my finger. I quickly tuck my finger into my fist. I must have touched an open tube of the paints I was laying out on the tray before the knock at the door. Oh no, I probably have it all over me. "Excuse me just a sec." I dash to my purse and grab my compact mirror. As suspected, a big smudge of red paint on the tip of my nose. I grab a wipe and frantically rub the paint off, only making my skin itself turn red from friction. Mortified, I turn back to see Adrian with his hand over his mouth trying to stifle his laughter. I throw my face into the palms of my hands, trying to disguise my complete and utter embarrassment at this point. If only I could just start this all back over. I slowly pull my hands from my face, which is most likely beet red.

"I looked like a clown when I answered the door, didn't I?" I shyly raise my eyes to meet his.

"No, not at all, Ms. Thorne. I thought you looked like you should, an artist beautifully hard at work." He answers with, what I can tell, pure honesty.

"Beautifully? I don't know about that." I laugh. "And I told you, Veronica is fine. Hell, skip the formalities." I put my hand on my forehead trying to collect myself.

"Well, Veronica; I say beautifully because to me there is nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman that is in her full glory, working diligently to create what is inside of her mind and heart, exposing her true colors of passion for the world to see."

Okay and where has 'Mr. Just Right' been all my life? Hello!

"Smooth." I say, regretting it. Who knew I could be so corny?

He chuckles, "Not smooth, just truthful. If I was trying to be smooth, I would've complimented you on how the red on your nose made you look cute when you angrily swung open the door. But that, Veronica, would be a cheeseball line. I just tell it how it is, whether you accept it or not. I've always seen beauty in a woman's passion."

Well I sure feel stupid.

He clears his throat a bit, "What makes you think that I was attempting to be smooth?"

"I don't know, it just slipped out. I suppose I don't know how to react to such a real compliment. You know, I get the normal 'great work' and 'amazing talent' that most people use quite freely in this field, but your words are one of a kind. I've never been told something so deep." I try to explain without putting my foot any further in my mouth, there was no room for that left.

"You'd be surprised. There's a whole world of people that are outside of the ordinary box and have an entirely different way of seeing things, other than just 'amazing'." He tells me as though he has something he wants to share with me, a life beyond the normal.

"So . . ." I change the tone of the conversation, "my order?"

"Oh, yes . . . I'll bring it right in." He turns around and swiftly exits.

I can't believe this. Out of all the people in this city, in this world, the one person that gets sent to deliver my order is the one I've been obsessing over for weeks now! Never knowing who he is, his name, or even that he worked for Blank Canvas. I spotted him one day jogging through the park. I was there, sketching and taking photos to get ideas for my next piece, when he jogged by and I caught him in my snapshot. I noticed him right away, he was literally breathtaking. I was captured instantly by his beautiful face and athletic body, lean muscles exposed in his sleeveless white shirt and basketball shorts he had on. His light brown skin, glistening with sweat. It was like time stopped as I watched every movement he made. I didn't want that moment to end. I watched him the remaining of the time, until he eventually jogged out of sight, leaving the park. I haven't seen him since then, until now.

The way we just officially met was not how I pictured it to be, if we were ever to cross paths. I don't know what to do, how to act, what to say . . . 'Hey, by the way, I've had countless thoughts and dreams about you for a while now. I've done things to you in my mind that I've never done to anyone. Think we could fuck?' Yeah, that'd be one way of getting rid of him quickly, scare the hell out of him. He'd probably think I'm crazy, and that's not the only thing he doesn't know about me.

I wonder if he's single. He can't be with those looks and that charm. He probably has some young blonde, perky tits, girlfriend. He looks young, who knows if he's even of age. Some kids look older than they are now days. I may be completely out of my zone. Listen to me, worrying about his age and relationship status. I don't even know if he'd be interested in someone like me, or the things that I'd do to him.

"Veronica . . ." His voice startles my rambling thoughts. I turn around from the easel I was facing to see him with a dolly full of boxes labeled with the Blank Canvas logo. "You want them over by the storage closet, right?"

I clear my throat. "Yes, please." I hurry over to move a small stand in the path of his way to the closet. "Thank you so much for delivering all of this."

"No problem at all, it's my job." He removes a box from the dolly and sets it on the floor. "You sure you don't need any help putting these away?"

"Oh, no, I wouldn't have you do that. I can manage. I appreciate it though."

"Just thought I'd offer, you look like you have enough to do without having to stock your supply closet." Trying to convince me to just allow him to do it.

"It's all right, really, Jenna will help me get it done before we close up tonight." I reassure him.

"Okay, Miss Independent, have it your way." He says with a playful smile on his face. I can tell he has something else he wants to say. After a brief and awkward pause he continues, "So it's obvious your life is busy and you probably have better things to do . . . you may even have other important prior engagements that will prevent you from attending . . . but I'd like to invite you out with me Saturday night to watch me perform."

Don't tell me that he is a male stripper.

"Perform?" I curiously ask.

"Yeah, I sing R&B. Mainly local shows at this time. Singing is my passion, my dream. It doesn't pay the bills, but it helps me cope from the grind of my day job." I can tell from his expression that it meant more to him than just a side hobby.

"I'd love to watch you perform." I say, and mean in more ways than one. "So where can I find you and what time should I be there?"

"Well I was thinking, maybe you could ride with me to the spot? I promise I'll take good care of you. You'd be my VIP for the night." He winks.

Damn, he doesn't even know me and he wants to drive me to his show and treat me? I won't turn that down, it's been too long since I've been out. Oh, and he's gorgeous!

"Count me in." I smile and agree to his invitation, wanting to jump excitedly like a 16 year old girl that was just asked to prom. I refrain from showing too much giddiness, finally I get something right since we met. Keep it together Veronica, you've got this.

"Nice! I'll see you on Saturday then." He says, with a wide grin.

"Wait, you never told me where we're going."

He smiles the sexy smile that makes the depths of my womanhood tighten and flutter. "Dress sexy but classy, I'll pick you up at nine." He says as he puts the last box by the door of the supply closet. "I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend."

"I'm looking forward to your performance and a night out with you as well, Adrian."

He steps closer to me, takes my hand and places a gentle kiss on top of it. "Our meeting today is a refreshing pleasure, the best delivery I've ever made." I'm speechless, tingling from his tender kiss on my hand and blushing from his compliments.

"Saturday." He confirms.

"Saturday." I manage to confirm in return before he walks away.

I hear the sound of Jenna's heals nearing the open studio door. She pokes her head around the frame, "Mr. Howard called to request a minor change to his initial draft of the piece you're working on for him." She fully steps in the doorway. "I hope it's alright that I let that delivery guy from Blank Canvas back here. I was on the phone with Mr. Howard when he came in and figured it'd be okay to send him your way. Quite handsome, didn't think you'd mind him directly delivering to you." She winks.

"He's taking me out Saturday night." I spill out, still stunned from what just happened.

"What? Wow! He didn't waste much time making a move . . . or was it you that made the move?" I can tell Jenna is eager to hear the details, she can't hide her excitement for me.

"Yeah. I'm not sure where we're going exactly, but he performs as a singer when he's not working. He invited me to his show and offered to escort me there! I never expected that to happen when I answered the knock at the door while yelling as I opened it." I laugh, still embarrassed by my actions.

"You didn't." Jenna laughs. "You probably thought it was me."

"No, I just figured someone slipped by you and helped themselves back here to bother me." I chuckle. "Oh hell, I have nothing to wear to a venue like that . . . he said to dress sexy but classy."

"I'll take care of you, Ronni. You deserve this, you work too hard. it's time you enjoy yourself. Pamper day Saturday morning?"

"A must." I grin.

It's midnight. I came home to shower and had planned to go back to the studio to finish one of the projects I was working on until late in the evening. But now I can't get myself to go back, I feel exhausted. It isn't like me to turn down working. It's just that all these feelings came rushing over me, I can't stop thinking about how I met this man that has had me twisted for some time now. I'm not one that claims fate normally, but it must have been meant to be that we meet. The thought of him is really turning me on. Damn that man has a hold on my hormones in ways that I've never felt. He's captured my desires and doesn't even know it. Just because he asked me to go with him on Saturday doesn't mean he's into me the same way as I am him. I don't know that I can contain myself around him though.

I can tell he has Latino in his blood. A caramel brown skin tone. Hazel bright eyes that squint in the sexiest of ways. Dark brown hair that looks soft to the touch, with short curls that I just want to play with. A strong jaw that has a perfect line up of facial hair, thin across his jawline and a small patch under his bottom lip matching a thin mustache. His features are delicious. He's the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome.

I can't help but get aroused. There's no way I'm getting any sleep tonight feeling this way. I wonder what he's doing right now. Freshly showered, I have a hot pink bath towel wrapped around me and nothing else. It's dark in the house, just the bathroom light on and the illumination of a mp3 player glowing in my bedroom, with the sounds of R&B softly seeping out of the speakers. I sit down on my king size bed, the white down feather comforter is soft and cool beneath my bare ass. I scoot back to rest against the stacked pillows and open my laptop.

I imagine he's laying in just his boxers. Maybe he has a tight grip of his cock, stroking it to the thought of me. The idea makes me quiver. I click on a porn site that I have bookmarked on my laptop. Tits, ass, pussy, and dicks pop up all over my screen. My urge has me to the point that I just can't resist, I have to release this ache for him. I type male masturbation in the search bar and hit Search. Damn this shit turns me on, watching a man get off. I turn the volume up and select a video from my favorites list. The sounds of groaning, moaning, and lube on a nice erection is the hottest symphony.

I reach over and open the bottom drawer of my night stand next to my bed, grab my rabbit vibrator and lubrication. I get it slick, slowly slide it into my pussy, and turn it on. The video is about half way through and the man with no face is breathing heavily while moaning as he strokes his dick a little faster. The shaft of his penis is rock hard, exposing every vein. The head is enlarged and wet from lube and pre-cum. The walls of my pussy start to clench with each glide in and out. I imagine Adrian on the brink of climax as he strokes his dick, I wish I could watch him.

I have a fetish for a man jerking off, a serious addiction to it. This is something I've been questioning about myself for some time, wondering if I'm sick because of it. I mean, this isn't something I'd share with anyone, there's no telling how I'd be viewed for this sort of thing. Not even my closest of friends know what I do or just how deeply I'm into it. It all started a few years ago, like any normal human being I'd get horny and masturbate. I've done so since I was rather young, but as I got older it became more of a regular occurrence.

Eventually it turned into watching porn consistently, every single day, finding more websites and videos than I ever realized existed. Leading into something I wouldn't have guessed I'd be so attracted to, male masturbation. I literally have over five hundred saved videos in my favorites collection, and find more to add daily. I honestly don't know the last time I went a day without watching, even when I didn't have the time to get off, I'd still watch. It's like I can't enough of seeing this act of self-pleasure. Only now, I can't help but think of Adrian being the one performing the masturbation in front of me, rather than the videos of random strangers on my screen. If he found out about this he would probably think I'm disgusting. It's so hard for me to stop though, I've tried several times and I keep coming back. I just hope it never comes in between anything, I have to learn to control it.

Of course, I love sex itself, there's nothing like actual penetration of a man inside me. That's actually part of my fetish, I want to watch a man explode from pleasing himself while I watch and play with myself, then fuck like crazy until we have both exhausted our orgasms. I want it all the time. My hormones seem to never shut down, they've really been at an all-time high since spotting Adrian that day at the park. It's like I found my prey that I've been on the hunt for, without even knowing it. The desires within a person can be stronger than we know, subliminal desires can be dangerous if we don't acknowledge them and take control.

I let out a loud moan and my legs jerk as I come along with the man in the video. After my third orgasm from the use of my vibrator in different positions, and four videos later, I finally drift off to sleep.

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