Bed Of Thornes

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Chapter Twenty Three

“What do you mean she left?” Mason asks when I storm in through the door of his apartment.

“I mean she went back to France. She's not in Texas any more. She fucking left dude.” I fall onto the couch and breathe out a sigh of desperation. “I don't know what to do anymore. I'm so screwed up from all of this, I really think I'm losing it.”

“You said on the phone that she left because she thought you were seeing someone else?” He sits down beside me and I panic at the thought of him knowing the actual reason.

“Yeah. She hasn't called you, has she?”

“No. Why would she call me if she's not answering the phone for you or Jenna?”

Wishing I could explain everything to him, I ignore his question for the sake of not wanting to add more confusion than there already is.

“It's all twisted, this whole thing between us, it couldn't be more complicated.” I vent.

“So are you going to take the doctor's advice and just move on?”

My defense mode kicks in. “Fuck that lame asshole! I'm not taking advice from that creep or anyone else who thinks they know what's best for Veronica and I. This shit isn't over Mason. I'm going to Paris to find her and settle this once and for all.”

“You really think that's the solution?” The doubt in his voice isn't hard to miss.

“Doesn't matter. I'm leaving tonight.” I stand up from the couch and pace the floor.

“Tonight? That's a quick decision.”

“Yeah, well I already made the reservation to pick up the round trip tickets at the airport. The flight leaves in less than five hours.” My pacing becomes faster at the thought of another dreadful flight.

“Jenna's coming over in like twenty minutes. You're not leaving here any time soon, are you?”

“I can stick around for a little while.”

“Good. We all need to talk before you up and fly to Paris tonight.”

“You're not going to be able to talk me out of it, if that's what you're thinking. I told you that I already have the tickets lined up.”

“Regardless, this is a big deal and I really don't think you have your head on straight right now.”

“If you're trying to pull off an intervention, it's not going to work too well when the person you're intervening knows about it.”

He lets out a laugh. “It's not an intervention man. I just want to at least talk things over a little before you leave out. As your friends, we're here for you, and I'm sure you could use some support when dealing with something this big.”

I finally stop pacing and sit down to wait for Jenna to get here. She comes in with a frantic look on her face, probably worried that Mason has found out about the rumor of the two of us. Thankfully that's not the case, but I know the feeling myself. She stands in front of me and looks at Mason who's closing the door behind her after letting her in. Her voice cracks when she opens her mouth to speak.

“You're not going.”

“Excuse me?” I raise an eyebrow in confusion.

“You're not leaving to go somewhere that you don't know for sure she is. You could be making a huge mistake. What if you get over there and can't find her there either? What if you were lied to about her leaving in the first place? You can't just take the word of some seriously messed up quack and expect he's being honest. Have you even thought about the fact that he could be making it all up?”

“Wow. Okay . . . well I know some of what he told me is true so I guess I didn't question the rest of what he had to say. Plus we haven't heard from her, can't get her to answer our calls, and she's nowhere to be found. I suppose it all added up just right for me to assume it's the truth.”

“That's not good enough. You're dealing with two types of people that have the issues of a mental patient. One lying to himself and actually believing it. The other that has a guard up and serious problems that she seems to be letting get to her. Think about it.”

“Okay, okay. So . . . what? What do you suggest that I do? Just move on like Dr. Dick-less wants me to? Make it easy for him to move in on getting the woman I love all to himself?”

She throws up her hands. “Whoa. No. That's not what I'm trying to tell you at all. I'm saying that you need to try a different approach to the matter. There has to be a way of finding her and getting the answers you want. Don't go looking for her where she may not even be and definitely do not give up.”

Mason chimes in. “Yeah bro, you've come this far, don't stop now. Just take Jenna's advice and look at the sources before making it worse by jumping into another lie.”

“So I'm not going to Paris tonight then.” I pull out my phone to cancel the reserved tickets.

My search continues as I drive around this damn city for the rest of the day, it's already dark and still no sign. This has to be the most frustrating shit I've ever dealt with in my life. Then between George and Clayton, I have enough anger built up to seriously hurt the next ignorant motherfucker that gets in my way. If I don't find her by tonight, I'm reporting her ass missing. It's come to the point that I can't take the worry any longer. For all I know, something could have happened to her and we aren't even aware.

I make my way to her street again and can see lights on in her house from a few houses back. About damn time she's home. My foot floors the gas pedal and I speed to her driveway. Wouldn't you know it . . . what a nice coincidence that my worst enemy, Dr.-fucking-Clayton, is also parked in the driveway. I reverse my car and park it on the side of the road so I'm not sitting behind his car when he gets what's coming to him and needs to leave. This is finally it, the moment I've been waiting on, to confront the both of them about what's been going on. I mean, how can she be mad at me about anything when she's apparently the one who has something to hide. I quickly walk up to the door and knock.

Clayton opens it. “You just don't get it, do you?”

“Where's Veronica?” I ask, out of breath from the rush of adrenaline.

“I told you, she left.”

“Then why would you be in her house?” I ask, completely mind-fucked and not sure what to believe anymore.

“I'm house watching. Now get out of here before I call the police.”

“Not until you prove it. Let me see for myself that she's not here, then I'll leave quietly.” I peek around him to see what I can of the inside.

“You're not coming in this house. Leave, now.” He threatens with the tone of his voice.

Suddenly the door that's half closed behind him swings open full force.

“Why are you answering my door?” Veronica asks him with a scowl.

“I knew you were here!” I shout and give Clayton the eye of death.

“Was there a reason to think I wasn't if my door's wide open and he's standing here? What are you doing here?” I can tell she's clueless and looking for answers.

“This lying snake told me you left to Paris and almost had me convinced until I seen the lights on in your house. I came to see what all of this bullshit has been about and he answered, telling me more lies.”

“Is this true?” She turns and looks at him with disgust.

“Does it matter? You don't want him coming around you anyway, you said it yourself.” He says with a grin of pure evil.

“That's not at all what I said. I don't know what you're trying to cause here but obviously it's trouble. Get the hell out of my house!” She pushes on his back and he stumbles forward.

“You're right, I lied. I've lied to protect you and to give you something better than he ever could. I gave you your own gallery in the country of your dreams, provided means to make it happen, allowed you to be closer to your mother, and even kept this boy at a distance. All for you. This is how you show your appreciation?”

“Wait, what do you mean you gave me the gallery in France? How do you have anything to do with that?”

She doesn't know. All of this time I thought she knew that he's the one that made the whole institution thing possible, but she had no idea. Oh my god. This means a hell of a lot when it comes to things unexplained. It was Clayton all along. He had not only me fooled, but her as well.

“And I never asked you to keep Adrian from me, he's more of a man than you'll ever amount to be.” She throws a painting out the door. I realize this is what all the meeting has been about.

He steps up closer to the door where we're both standing. “You weren't worth it anyway. Say goodbye to your dreams, bitch.”

In that instant, my fist flies through the air and lands on his repulsive mouth. He stands stunned from the blow for a few seconds then shakes himself out of it and lunges at me. We end up in a lock until I get out of his grip and swing at him again. This time the punch hits him in his eye and blood streams down from his brow. I turn to walk away and go up to Veronica when he comes up behind me and hits me over the head with something . . .

I come to and see the most beautiful vision leaning over me.

“Adrian, oh my god, are you okay?” Veronica asks as I blink my eyes and sit up with her help.

“I'm fine. What the hell happened?” I rub a spot on my head that's a bit bloody and pounding like my heart relocated there.

“Clayton hit you with a rock and ran off. I called the cops to report it so they'll probably be by here to ask you some questions and take a look at your head.”

“Damn. He's such a pussy that he had to use a weapon huh? At least I was man enough to use what I was given, my fists . . . which by the way, look like they're swollen from his hard ass face.”

She chuckles. “Well you got him pretty damn good yourself. He left here with a fat lip and a bloody eye. He deserves it . . . and more, which will come to him when he gets locked up for the shit he did to you.” Her hand runs over my chest and the pain seems to fade.

The police car pulls up shortly after we get up off of the ground and ask me all about what happened. With the wound on my head and the fact that I'm still groggy, Veronica helps to explain the entire situation. She lets it be known that he was in the wrong and I was simply defending her as well as myself against him. They let us know they'll be on the lookout for him after getting a good description of him and the car. He won't be too hard to find with his career being right at the local hospital. The cop asks if I need to get looked at and I brush it off because I'll live, plus I'd take being in the care of this sexy lady over being in a hospital full of nurses any day. We go inside after the cop pulls off and she helps me over to the couch.

“You should rest for a bit before trying to do too much. I think you could of used getting it checked out, but I'll be your caretaker if that's what you want.” She gives me an ice pack followed by a wink and a smile. There's nothing hotter than this woman. Nothing.

“So what was the deal with him anyway?” I bluntly ask her.

“The whole deal?” She looks at me from the top of her eyes.

“That would be really nice, yes.” I came for answers and that's exactly what I want.

“Okay. So back when he and I had that accident, I thought he took care of me at the hospital because he's a doctor, but it was more than that. He obviously had his eye on me before then. We had met one day for lunch and his words were directed to wanting something more from me and he was kind of nasty with me that day. Well, I walked out and I didn't want much to do with him after that. Unfortunately, because I run a business and have to ignore personal conflict for the good of my career, I can't take everything to heart. He came and apologized in Paris . . . which was odd to come all the way there, but he also wanted to see the new gallery and have a special piece done for some event he had coming up. I didn't think much of it at the time. When he learned that I was back in town, he came here to request the painting. I told him I was having a bad day because I thought my best friend and the man that loves me were seeing each other, so he could pick it up tonight instead, which is why he was here. Apparently he had other intentions than I was aware of.”

“Damn, yeah . . . there was definitely more to it than what I assumed. I had no idea. Why didn't you tell me about all of this before?”

“I don't know. I didn't think it was anything like what it turned out to be. Plus I didn't want to upset you over something that wasn't important to me, he was just a client as far as I seen it.”

“All right, so that explains that. What I'd like to know that bothers me even more, is how you could think up something as crazy as Jenna and I seeing each other? You weren't even close to what was really going on. I've been trying to get to you for so long, the last thing I would do is try to secretly be with your best friend. Then you wouldn't answer your phone. What the hell Veronica?”

“It was stupid, I know that now. I was so furious at what it appeared to be that I didn't want to hear what you or she had to say. It took me until this evening to listen to the messages on my phone, which explained a lot and I feel really stupid for acting the way I did. I'm sorry that I made such a dumb assumption and for not allowing you in all this time Adrian.”

“It's hard to believe this is real. Are you sure I'm not still knocked out?” I chuckle.

“No, you're wide awake.” She laughs. “Trust me, this is all hard to admit, but worth it.”

“You confessing, being real with me, even apologizing . . . I must have made a real impact on you, huh?” I grin.

“You have. I've learned a lot in the last few months and mostly because I've had you in my sub-conscious reminding me that there's more to life than just me. I feel like a real jerk for being so shitty to you. I don't know how I could ever make it up to you, but I want to spend my life doing it.”

“That sounds better than anything I've ever heard in my entire life. You can start by coming closer to me and showing me how real this is. I've been living in what feels like a dream for so long, I need the real you right here beside me.”

“I can handle that.” She smiles and comes in close to cuddle under my arm. This is what I've been needing all along . . . her.

“I want to make love to you . . . not have sex, not fuck, not any of that hardcore shit . . . I want to literally make love to you, and only you.”

“I can handle that too. Lots of that.” She grins.

“Hey . . .” I say before I go in for a kiss, “promise that we will be more open with one another?”

“Promise. Pussy promise.” She bursts out with laughter. “I'll promise you with my pussy wrapped around your cock instead of pinkie promising.”

I can't stop the laugh but try to force myself to stop so I can take it more seriously.

“Yes, on a serious note, I do promise to be more open with you.” She says and leans in to place her lips on mine.

I pick her up and carry her to the stairs.

“Don't hurt yourself. You were just blacked out like two hours ago.” She giggles. “We don't have to go all the way upstairs if you don't want to.”

“I'm fine, nothing can hold me down with the way I feel right now . . . I'm about to make love to the woman I've fallen so hard for, nothing in this world can hurt me other than you yourself.” I wink. “Besides, we have to go to your bed, we're going to do this the right way if even just this once.”

Her phone rings and she puts it on speaker.

“Ronni?” Jenna says with relief in her voice, “You're okay!”

“Yes Jen, I'm okay.” She says to ease her worried mind.

“Hey Jen, you think we can call you back tomorrow? Maybe we can make a double date of it or something – whatever you want – my arms are starting to give.” I say and can hear Jenna's gasp of shock that I'm with her.

“Really? Too much information. I'm hanging up now. Have fun you two!”

We look at each other and laugh it out before I take her up the stairs and into the bedroom. I gently put her down on the bed and lay her back. I undress then slowly remove everything she has on and run my hands from her feet all the way up to her breasts. Her body quivers from my touch and the feeling makes my cock stand at attention. I caress her nipple before I place my mouth on it and lick around the center. The sound of her breathing increases my arousal. I trail kisses and licks all around her abdomen and spread her legs open as I climb between them. I slowly stretch my body over hers and slide my cock inside of her, the sensation is enough to make me moan loudly with pleasure. She looks up at me and bites her lip in a suggestive manner.

I stop briefly. “Who am I kidding? After all that you put me through, you deserve to be fucked like the bad girl you've been.”

She lights up and her eyes turn a dark, sexy shade of green. I obviously struck the right chord in her sexual prowl. Before I can get up to make another move, she jumps up off of the bed and dashes through the doorway.

She yells out behind her, “Last one gets spanked with the flogger first!”

I chase after her, as I seem to have made a habit of, and follow her to the room at the end of the hall where all the fun can be had. This is the Veronica I fell in love with and I wouldn't ever want it to change unless she wanted to change it herself. I get through the door shortly after her and she leaps into my arms, kissing me with a passion I haven't felt from her in too long. She pulls away and bounces over to the dresser to grab the toys she's eager to put to use.

“You were the last one, bend over.” She grins wide and smacks the flogger across her palm.

“Yes Ms. Thorne.” I kneel onto the table.

“Ms.? That's double for using such profanity . . . what did I tell you about talking so dirty?”

“Yes ma'am.” I snicker.

“Are you looking for a triple?”

I feel the ends of the flogger run over my balls from the back and hear the leather swoosh through the air before she gently strikes my ass with it. After my spanking session, I bend her over and worship her with my tongue before grabbing the rope to tie her wrists and ankles. The sight of her brings me to an intense erection.

“I told you that you're in trouble.” I tell her and smack her ass with my hand.

She pushes her ass towards me, asking for it. I push into her and my cock swells from the tight, wet pussy that's swallowing it. She whimpers and whines as I pound harder. Apparently we both needed a good, hard fuck because we come within no time. I fall onto her back, wore out from the wild pumping and grinding. Yeah, I need to build some stamina back up before trying to fuck like a damn dominate porn star. Though I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything. The release was incredible and from her reaction, I can tell she's satisfied as well. I untie her and we both crash onto the floor to catch our composure before we go to the bed and rest.

“I haven't had a chance to tell you how much I love the sketch book you gave me. The engraved Ms. Thorne was a funny touch Mr. Montez. The poems that you had folded inside, I read them daily since you left Paris and I could feel your heart pouring out from the words . . . it's beautiful, thank you.”

“Anything for you.”

We drift off to sleep in each others arms.

I open my eyes to find her staring at me with her head on my chest. It's an amazing feeling to have her after all this time. I've gone through hell and back for her, and I'd do it all again just to have her in this moment . . . I'd go through even more to have her in my life.

“Adrian.” She softly says.

“Yeah baby?”

“There's one more thing I need to be honest about with you . . .”

Oh shit. No more confessions. I've had so much honesty, I think I'd rather a hidden truth right about now. Damn. Well . . . I did just tell myself that I'd go through more hell to have her for life, so if this is what it takes, then so be it. I let out the breath I'd held for the length of her pause while she waits on my go-ahead.

“Okay, what is it?” Please don't be a STD, is the first thought that comes to mind.

“Well . . . I'm not one hundred percent sure yet but I wanted to pre-warn you . . .”

For the love of all my sanity, tell me woman!

“Um, there's a chance . . . maybe . . . that I could be pregnant.”

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