Bed Of Thornes

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Chapter Twenty Eight

The months pass so quickly and Veronica's in her final stage of her pregnancy. She wishes it wasn't to be over so soon, that she could enjoy this time longer. The bond she's developed with the baby in her belly has created a joy that can't be replaced. Adrian's been by her side every step of the way. She convinced him to not take the job he applied for so he could spend more time with her. She made sure the financial stress was relieved by making the decision to sell her gallery. Though it was extremely tough to let go, it meant more to her to be sure they would be taken care of. The money from the sale is enough to cover all of their needs and she discretely deposited the remaining amount in an account for them to survive on for a couple years.

Her heart symptoms have worsened and the doctors are sure that her condition has as well. She opted out of the further testing that was offered and decided to let nature take its course. The fear of dying has subsided as she nears time to deliver the baby, as though she's finally found peace within herself. To think, it's taken all this time to get to the point that she can truly be happy in life and in love. Knowing she'll be reunited with her father, should she pass as the doctors suspect, gives her hope that there's love beyond life here on earth.

Her mother plans to be present at the time of birth but isn't aware of her condition. Veronica feels that it'd bring too much worry to her, so she only speaks about the good of the pregnancy when they talk. She hopes that her mom will find comfort and love with her newly born grandchild and not focus on the passing. She's debated on telling Jenna, but couldn't bring herself to upset her either and has hopes that Jen will carry on as the happy person she's always been. She wants nothing but peace for all of her loved ones.

She has no intention of informing Adrian about the possibilty of her death, and has asked the doctors to remain silent about her heart condition whenever he's present. She's made out a will and has everything set up for Adrian and the baby if indeed she meets her almost certain demise. This is something she never anticipated to have to plan for, but has been sure to prepare in every way possible for the sake of her little family. There's times when her and Adrian just lie together, holding the baby by wrapping their arms in an entangle around her belly . . . forgetting the struggles they've faced and basking in the love they've fallen into. It's bittersweet bliss and she cherishes every second of it.

Five thirty-nine in the morning her water breaks and contractions begin. Adrian grabs the hospital bag and escorts her out of the house to the car. He's sure to ease her in as gently as possible and races to the driver's side. He starts the engine and gracefully swirves through traffic, being sure to keep them all safe as they rush to the hospital. Her heart flutters along with every contraction and she calmy breathes to keep her anxiety at a minimum. They arrive in record time and Adrian proceeds in through the doors of the hospital to retrieve a wheelchair for her.

She's set up in an inviting delivery room and is made sure that she's comfortable. With the high-risk doctor not being on call, the staff page him right away to ensure he arrives for the delivery. In the meantime, monitors are hooked to every area of her body and a physician checks her dialation. She's already at five centimeters and there's no possibility for pain medication at this point. With the knowledge of what may occur, she's positive that a natural birth is a definite death. Her heart continues to struggle as the pain gets stronger with each contraction. She can feel it hitting hard and with all the excitement, she feels as though it's going to explode right in her chest.

The specialist comes in not a moment too soon and checks her vitals. He warns her that there's a very slim chance she'll see her baby when it's born and asks if she has any last requests. He privately confronts her with his concern by having Adrian and her mother step out of the room for a brief moment. When she lets him know that there's no need for further discussion of the situation, he continues on as normal and allows the family back in. She rapidly dialates and within a couple hours of labor is ready to give birth. Her nerves set in and she screams from the pain of the baby making its way into the world.

“Count to ten and give us another big push.” The doctor instructs.

She lets out a loud yell and pushes with all the strength that remains in her body.

“There you go, you got it, here comes your beautiful baby!” The nurse exclaims.

Adrian holds her leg still through the final push and watches as their baby is born right before his eyes. He's never felt anything this overwhelming. Her mother joins in the commotion and they all lay eyes on the gorgeous newborn as its gently pulled upwards for everyone to see. Veronica tries to sit up so she's able to catch the sight but is hindered by a sudden shock of pain in her chest that violently stuns her. Right as she jolts back, hitting the mattress with a force she can't control, she hears the first cry of her baby.

The monitors begin to siren throughout the room.

“What's going on?” Adrian panics.

Her mother runs to her. “What's wrong? Is she all right?!” She calls out.

The doctor scrambles to gather together his nearby machines and tools as the nurses hurry to check vitals. Her pulse plummets along with her blood pressure.

“We need room, get the family outside of the doors!” The doctor shouts and rushes to Veronica.

“Tell us what's happening!” Adrian pleads. “Why?! Please explain what's happening to her!”

The nurses attempt to push him and her mom out of the room but they're too late. The monitor goes flatline as her heart fails to pump. The doctor gives her multiple chances and attempts to bring her back, but with no success. There's a silence that fills the room as time stands still for a frozen second but is broken by the tender cry of the newborn still in the room. Veronica's mother breaks from the shock and hurries to the baby while Adrian collapses where he stands. With the baby in her arms, she walks over and kneels beside him. The doctor hangs his head, still hovering over Veronica's body, and lets out an exhausted sigh of disappointment from his efforts. He sets down the paddles and steps over to her family.

“I'm so sorry for your loss and that you witnessed this tragic moment. I did everything I could to bring her back, I did, but I've been defeated by death. There's nothing more we can do, I'm truly heartbroken for you all. She was a strong woman and gave her everything. It's so sad to see her lose her life, but she wanted you to appreciate the new life she's given.” He hands Adrian a sealed envelope and pats his shoulder as he exits the room to give them time before taking her body off.

Adrian's face is covered in tears and he remains in shock, unable to move from the floor where he landed. He lets out a cry and puts his fist to his heart. “No, no, no, no, no . . .” He furiously shakes his head and crawls to the bed where she lays before he drags himself to a standing position. He clenches onto her hand and leans into her face, sobbing. “No!” He shouts. “NO!! She can't be gone! Please god, no.” His tears fall and cover her cheek.

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