Bed Of Thornes

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Chapter Thirty

He takes out the painting of Veronica's pregnant belly with her and Adrian's arms wrapped around it from the nursery closet to hang, when something falls to the floor from the back of it . . . the journal he'd given her in Paris with all the poems inside that he wrote for her while they were apart.

Ms. Thorne

I made a sacrifice to dedicate my heart to you
and now you leave me young, sad, and blue.
Something told me this would end soon
but I thought the day I reached the moon.
I made a sacrifice to dedicate my trust
and now I get the feeling there's a must.
Why would you treat me like you do
after I made this sacrifice to you?

How can you deny me,
Something that is so true?
Our friendship is worth the world to me,
But my dream is to be close to you.
We support each other endlessly,
Giving hope through thick and thin.
But my heart bleeds constantly to be near to you,
Whispering the word, When?
I gave you a path to my heart,
And on it you certainly found your way.
Now lying in my spirit,
I dream of us every day.
And it’s the mystery that lies within you,
Your soul I wish to be near.
But as for now I will continue loving you,
Quietly remaining here.

Like a lion with no mane, I have lost my pride.

Loneliness is driving me insane, still you're not by my side.

A rock in the middle of the ocean that waves continue to erode and ride,

I'm stuck, I have no motion. Still, you're not by my side.

I exist, I do not live. You lied and I cried,

When all I ever did was give. Still, you're not by my side.

And yet I persist, never wanting to give up.

Life is empty.

Seeing you - sunshine after rain.

Sitting beside you - happiness defined.

Holding your hand - the world is non-existent.

Looking in your eyes - my heart smiles.

Your warm hugs - safety, security.

Your tender touch - I have yet to discover.

The sound of your voice - my mind soars.

Kissing you - my heart screams your name with every beat.

Your love - hungered and unsatisfied.

My unfailing love for you – MISUNDERSTOOD.

I'm hurting inside, you can't see.

All my friends think it's just me.

It's just me, life is hard.

They say move on, that I doubt.

Why do I go on? Encouragement, hope maybe.

That I don't know.

Maybe I'm cared for, maybe I'm not, but I hope.

I'm still here, but I want to leave,

just because you aren't here for me.

A single tear runs down my cheek slowly running red.
A river of pain yet remains leaving my hopes for dead.
Though still I stand, the blood stains my hands.
And slaughtered pride falsely resides within my battered mind.
You blind me and confine me from my fading life.
I hate you, as I dream of you, I die a tortured death.
I'll hate you, for I love you, until I draw my final breath.

It's night or day? That's moon or sun?
Well, anyway, I have to run.
I see the tears. Don't cry, my eyes.
I feel my fears, I feel them rise.
I have to go, I know it now.
Let's end this show, just tell me, how?
Relax, forget, Love's just a bird,
She dies like that, Without a word.

Words left unspoken, lost somewhere in time.
Visions of yesterday remain in my mind.
Silently I cry, for my thoughts I must hide.
gone by, feelings denied.
Why must love end with such pain and sorrow,
or the love that we shared filled with hope of tomorrow.
How can we destroy the lives that we touch
and continue to say that I love you so much.
Could it be that with love we create our own Hell?
reaking the hearts of those that we tell?
ove you are given, a price you must pay.
ou will be broken, your love thrown away.

I don't think you knew all the thoughts of you in my head.
All the things I would do for you.
It's like a drug taken before bed.
Crying, looking above, killing me slowly . . . wishing I was dead.

Every time I close my eyes
I think of you and all your lies.
You played me from the very start,
took advantage and broke my heart.
You never meant a word you said
you just messed around with my head,
you hurt me in the strongest way
and in my heart this pain will stay,
at first I thought it was meant to be,
but all it is, is misery.

The things I'm afraid to say,
Feared by the reply I may receive.
I have no sense of direction,
Please tell me where to go.
Not by myself, only with you.
If you could understand,
Thoughts I've thought,
things I'm afraid to say.
What would I do to be with you...
Anything, anything,
the one word I am afraid to say.

So don't call me,

Allow me to sit around thinking it's over.

Take the knife and pierce my wounded heart,

Making me suffer more than ever,

But still taking me out of this pain called love.

I thought you were my Angel
But Angels only fly
They don’t yell and walk away
I thought you were my Angel
Until that last day
When you told me it was over
There was nothing left to say
I thought you were my Angel
I gave you all my heart
How was I supposed to know
You would leave me torn apart
I thought you were my Angel
But Angels never lie
They don’t walk away
Leaving you asking why.

Once more in a life time,
one time with you,
nothing so good could ever come true,
all I want is one gentle kiss,
cause I love you and it's you that I miss.

To the one who got away
Permanently clouding my days,
There's just one thing left to say,
To the one who I didn't know
If my feelings would ever grow,
There's just one thing left to show,
To the one who was always there,
But at times it seemed like I just didn't care,
There's just one thing left to share,
To that girl who taught me how to love
All things in life just because,
There's just one thing left to solve,
My heart and soul were always with you,
And though it's too late, I still want to say I love you.

I wish I could tell you how I feel,
My love for you is very real.
It will never bend,
It will never break,
You are my piece of fate.
Why do I cry over something so great?
That's something I can’t calculate.
If two never becomes one,
My heart will forever be done.
When you look me in the eyes,
It makes me want to cry.
Because I know you’re not mine yet,
Trust me; my heart isn’t letting me forget.
You are my sunshine,
I want you to be mine.

Walking alone, I see a shadow on the ground
My heart pounding, turning, the shadows gone.
As the winds blows, I hear your voice.
Looking around, you are nowhere to be seen.
Closing my eyes, I feel the heat of your touch.
I feel your breath with the graze of your lips.
I jump at the feel of your fingertips.
I open my eyes and I cry.
You are gone, just a sweet memory.

I hope it's not too late to tell you now,
But I know that it's late,
And the chances of you feeling the same are small.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
I'm sorry I was too blind.
Too scared to see how much you truly meant to me and still do.
There isn't a day I don't think of you and not a night I don't worry.
For things to go back to the way they were before,
For us to go back to the way we used to be.
There isn't a star in the sky I haven't wished on
To make things right again.
To make you come back.
I hope it's not too late.

Thousands of pictures pass through my mind
Lying in a soft bed you left behind
Our world so close yet so far
Memories of laughter and a deep pain
Slow tears every night I cry
My life you slowly drained
Remembering as the days slowly drift by
I can still feel your warm embrace
Praying every day you are happy and well
Every day I slowly forget your face
Deliver me from this lonely hell.

Friendship takes me over
With her soft beautiful hands
She has a face of an angel
And huge emerald eyes that stare at me
She moves around me so quick yet so graceful
Sometimes I feel that her heavenly white light will blind me
I try to close my eyes but she won't let me.
She whispers softly telling me
you won't get hurt this time.'
I listen and she takes me into her grasp as we go through our ups and downs,
I feel as if I'm flying without wings.

When I look at you I see light,
light shining above me, I feel like I’m in heaven,
but ever since you left,
I see darkness all around me.
I just want to say: please, come back,
you are my light so I can see, but I know you moved on,
but I’ll be here waiting for you to come back
until the end of time.

Dark night draws closer still
Black ice melts on scarlet velvet
Ever closer to unwanted hearts
The night a sheet of dark black sounds
This is my heart a beaten mess of untangled love

Today was a sad day, all I saw was hate in my eyes.
Just for you to say a good-bye, I don't understand you.
If love is blind, then why do I see you?
All you have to do is look in my eyes,
here you will find all your lies.

Space embraces galaxies,
amid speckled white gold.
Onto darkness void splendor,
stars bending, then fold.
Comets hurl between novas,
portraying timeless dance.
A million years passing,
with each moment, a new chance.
Escape swift beyond light,
as Mercury streaks from above.
What good is time never ending,
if one second without love.

At times it’s like my heart doesn’t belong to me
It’s like it’s being held captive by the old love,
The one who got away, the one I’m still hung too,
Trying to forget is one thing I think I’ve accomplished,
But at night when all is quiet and my mind wanders,
I think of her, the times spent together, the firsts, the lasts,
The never will happen again.

Close guarded secrets lie in my broken heart,
secrets I’ll never share with you,
as now we're worlds apart.
The weeks, the months that we had shared are now all in the past,
They had disappeared all too soon, they passed us by so fast
I'll never love another one as much as loved you.
I love you then,
I love you now,
and in the future too.
You'll always be the one for me.

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