Bed Of Thornes

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Chapter Five

I wake up to a text alert on my phone, it's Jenna. I sit up from my deep sleep and open the message. 'On my way to your house, get ready!' The butterflies in my stomach flutter instantly. What a wake-up call. I'm a little nervous about tonight. It's been such a long time since I've been out, I have no idea what to expect, and I am being escorted by the sexiest man on the planet. I'm going to need some wine before I go tonight.

I reply to Jen's text, 'Just waking up, getting dressed now.'

Before I can get fully dressed, there's knocking. I run down the stairs with my flip flops in hand, open the door and . . . wait . . . it's not Jenna. I look around, there's nobody. I look down, a package with a small red envelope tied to it rests on my doorstep. What's this and who left it here? I wonder to myself. I pick up the box and bring it inside, closing the door halfway behind me.

The envelope has nothing written on it, just blank and mysterious. I open it, remove a small card that reads 'The world would be lost without you, and so would I. Thankful you didn't leave, I couldn't imagine such a lovely life gone so soon. Please accept this gift as a token of your first day at another chance at life.'

The ideas of who this could be from swirl in my mind, there's no name. I untie the red ribbon that's eloquently wrapped around the rectangular package, in a flowing bow. I tear the white paper and expose a cherry wooden box. As I open the top of the box, my heart races, so unaware of what this is or where it came from, the anticipation makes me grab what's inside as quickly as possible and pull it out to reveal the mystery gift.

In my hands I hold up a case of paint brushes, carved from cherry wood and engraved is my name, Veronica Thorne. Each paint brush of a different size, made from high quality materials. These are beautiful, and very thoughtful . . . of whoever is secretly admiring my work, I assume, or my life for that matter. Adrian? He's so sweet and giving, I wouldn't put it past him. It has to be him who sent these to me. I love them, they're perfect. I place the set of brushes back into the box, smiling at the thought of Adrian. Another knock at the door, as I turn I see Jenna poking her head in where I left it partially open.

"Ready to get pampered, princess?" She asks with a growing smile on her face and she steps inside. "You're glowing today, Ronni, this man has you sprung!" She giggles.

"I'm not sprung, I'm just blessed to be alive! After yesterday, I realized that there's more to life than working it away. It was rushing to work that almost killed me."

"I know, sweetie." Jenna grabs me and hugs me tight. "Sometimes it takes a tragedy for us to open our eyes. It's time you enjoy your life, and I really think this man is good for you . . . he's treating you like royalty, you so deserve that." She releases me from her hug.

"I do feel like a queen when I'm around him, he's spoiling me already. I'm so used to earning my own money and buying anything I need or want, it's something I have to adjust to – a man treating me. I'm pretty positive I make more than he does . . . yet he doesn't seem to care. I like that, most men find it intimidating. Him being younger is something else I'm not used to, but it poses no issues as of yet." I chuckle. "I can teach him a few things."

Jenna opens her mouth in the shape of an 'O' with wide eyes, "Wow, Listen to you! Get it, Ronni!" She laughs. "Girl, you never know, that young man may just have you learning some things . . . open you up to parts of yourself you didn't know existed. He might surprise you."

"Whatever comes from it, as long as I come in the process, I'm good." I say with a sinful smirk on my face. The dirty thoughts in the darker corners of my mind, Jenna has no idea, neither does Mr. Montez.

"On that note . . ." Jenna grins wide. She looks over at the counter, where the cherry wooden box is sitting. "What's that?" She asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Something Adrian left for me on the doorstep this morning." I tell her and bite my lip, slightly blushing. "I told you he is already trying to spoil me."

"Damn, I was wrong, you got him sprung." She chuckles.

I scrunch my mouth and poke my out lips at her, "It's not like that, Playmate. You're the one who has guys drooling all over you, that's sprung. Adrian's just a genuine, sweetheart guy."

"Oh okay, so the guys interested in me are all douches, huh?" She sticks out her tongue at me.

"You know that's not what I meant. I don't get men sprung though, so I don't think it's that. He's just different, and I don't know . . . we sort of connected from the first time we met the other day."

Jenna steps over to the box and reads the card that's lying next to it. She looks as though a tear forms in her eye. "That's deep." She says and opens the box to see what's inside.

I look at her face as she checks out the brushes. "See what I mean? He knows me, yet hardly knows me. I think the fact that he pays that close of attention to detail, says a lot about the type of person he is. It's something special about this one, I'm willing to find out just what it is."

She places the brushes back in the box and smiles at me. "Let's go get you dolled up for tonight, looks like he's worthy of your precious time and effort."

I grab my keys and we head out the door. We walk over to Jenna's car, a silver Mustang, and she unlocks the doors with a beep of her key-chain

"Where to first?" I ask as we both climb in.

"I was thinking some brunch and coffee, then off to a mani/pedi and facial, with hair and makeup done last of course." She says with confidence that the day is planned just right.

"All of which are much needed." I chuckle and point at my hair that's up in a messy bun.

Jenna laughs and starts the car, "Don't worry, you're in good hands . . . we'll have you looking like a star, he'll be proud to have you on his arm."

We both squeal with excitement like teenage girls. It's been too long since we've had a girl's day out, about as long as it's been since I've had a night out with a man.

She pulls out and heads downtown. First stop, Bistro 31 on Highland Park Village for Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with blueberry compote and their house coffee. They have the best Bistro Chef in the city, David Garwacki. I am in love with his culinary skills, he delights with unique combinations of foods that are in season, and the menu is full of delicious masterpieces. It's our favorite spot, Jenna makes a daily lunch run when we're working at the gallery.

The gallery crosses my mind, I haven't stepped foot in it since late Thursday night. I'm tempted to stop by there after my day with Jen, but I don't think I need to interrupt the flow of the day, so I excuse the thought from my mind. Then my dad's car envelopes my thoughts. I put my fork down and look at Jenna, who is indulging in her meal.

"Wish I could see my dad's car, I bet it's really rough. That car meant so much to my dad, I'm pretty worried about it." I say to her mid bite of her pancakes.

"Hey, stop worrying, today you need to focus on enjoying yourself. I'll take you on Monday to look at the car when the shop's open. We'll get it fixed back up, Ronni, don't let it get to you."

Her assurance is comforting, but still I have the thought lingering in the back of my mind throughout the remaining of our brunch. I wouldn't dare let my mom see it in the condition it must be in now, it would crush her. Although I'm sure she's more concerned about the fact that I'm not dead, but that car is an important memory to our little family. We discuss happier thoughts and finish up our coffee. I bring the cup close to my nose and breathe in the aromatic smell of the fresh coffee before taking another sip, it's so nice to enjoy the simple things in life.

After we pay the bill and leave a generous tip for the adorable, curly haired waitress that was very pleasant – as always at Bistro 31, we head back to the car to make it to our appointment at Pink Toes Nail Bar Spa downtown for our mani/pedi and facial sessions. When we arrive, I'm treated to a massage that Jen had set up as a special surprise for me. I need it, I've been so tense for a while now. The masseuse brings me back to a dim lit room and has me undress while she steps outside. I strip down, loosely throw the soft white bath towel around me, and lie down on the warm massage bed in front of me. The lady steps back into the room shortly after and turns on soft, calming music. I close my eyes and she begins massaging my neck, shoulders, and back while I drift into a fantasy.

I see Adrian, sitting shirtless on the edge of a bed that's covered in nothing but red colored sheets. His face in his hands, his elbows propped upon his knees. I walk up to him, dressed in a white lace cami and matching thongs. I have on a pair of stilettos that are white satin with red bottoms. The room is empty with only sheer curtains flowing from the cool breeze of the tall open windows. Everything around us is in a blur, I see nothing but him and I. He looks up at me as I near.

I run both of my hands through his hair, my fingers slowly wrapping every curl. He closes his eyes from my caress. I gently, but meaningfully, grab the back of his hair in one of my fists and tilt his head back. I lean over him to place my lips on his neck, teasingly licking and nibbling at the nape. Kissing his skin, the smell of him swallows my breath, intoxicating and inviting. Not a word is spoken between us, the subtle sounds of wind pass by the windows, blowing the long curtains further into the room.

I pull my pure white thongs down my legs and over my feet, holding them in one hand. I crawl onto the bed, climbing behind him, facing his strong back. Placing my lips and tongue along his spine, I take my hands on each side of him and lead to grasping both of his arms, tracing his lean muscles with my fingertips. I bring his arms behind him and tie the thongs around his wrists, holding them together in place behind his back. I crouch down and kiss the inside of his hands, running my tongue inside of the palms and over the creases, down his fingers, wrapping my lips around his thumb and giving it a suck while my tongue smoothly swirls.

I scoot back, bringing him with me, laying him flat on his back on the bed. Hands tied, unable to have any control. I take my top off over my head and wrap it around his eyes to blindfold him. The cool air blowing in and the sight of Adrian hardens my nipples, I lean over his head from behind where I am sitting on my knees. I run my hand down his chest, my breasts sliding over his full lips. His hair tickling the middle of my stomach, so soft against my skin. I move my hand down further, bringing my face over his lower abdomen and mine hovering above his lips.

He kisses me, right above my pubic line. His kiss sends chills along my spine and my juices are fully flowing. My breasts rest on his mid torso as his kisses are gently placed on me. I tingle from his lips and move down further until I'm face to face with his zipper. I lean up, causing the lips of my pussy to land perfectly on his mouth. I undo his belt as I sink to his face, feeling his hot breath escape along my inner thighs. I let out a slow breath with the shock of pleasure rushing through my body.

I reach down to unzip his dark jeans, his white boxers peeking through. My hand helps itself inside, running it across the length of his hardened cock. The feel of it growing even bigger in my hand sends sensations throughout my veins, heating every vessel with arousal. He licks the inside of my pussy, sucking gently on the walls of its swollen lips. His tongue flicks across my clit from side to side then up and down the length of it. I feel weak from him tasting me.

I scoot his jeans and boxers out from under him as much as I can, bringing his dick out to a full standing position. The erect shaft, veins climbing to the top of his tightly bulging head. He shifts beneath me, squirming from my touch. I hear him moan from under my pussy, I begin to rock back and forth slowly as I lean over and begin wetting his beautiful cock with my mouth. The thrusts of my hips become stronger with each movement, burying his face in me. He can't move, his hands still behind his back as he lays there helpless, only his mouth to use on me. I run my hands over his sides as I sit up and grind down, then lean forward bringing my hands back to his hard cock and my lips wrapping around his balls with subtle sucks.

He groans with each suck, jerking and twitching as though the pleasure is overwhelming for him. I move my mouth back to his erection, looking like it is about to explode. I ride his face harder, my climax climbing quickly at this sight of him as his tongue violently thrusts inside of me and around my clit. My nails dig into his hips, I pull my body forward, exposing his face behind my ass, giving him a breath. We are both about to reach our peaks. I climb off of him and the bed.

Standing upright, I look at him lying there, blindfolded, face wet from my dripping pussy and his saliva, his cock throbbing and ready to release, his hands tied behind him exposing only his strong shoulders and upper arms. The curtains blow in with a gust of wind, I take a deep breath, his breathing is rapid and aching. I bend over to grab his belt, holding it above him, barely letting it touch his inner thighs and moving upwards. He shifts at the touch of the leather against his skin.

I climb over him facing his front, bringing the belt up across his chest, his breaths getting heavier in and out. I slide one end of the belt under his neck, holding the other end, and bringing it around to where I have both ends in my fist and the middle of the belt around the back of his neck. Holding it in one hand, pulling, I sit on his stomach and grab his cock behind me while I grind in a circular motion on his abs. I do this until we are both about to come, I scoot back until his cock meets my pussy, sliding him inside of me with one hand while continuing to hold onto the belt that is wrapped behind his neck. I tighten the belt a little closer to his throat, without choking him, and thrust down onto his dick in a needy manner. I want every inch of him inside me. I want his hot cum to rush into me as it busts out of his head and fills me.

I grind down and rock as he moans loud with pleasure. My hips move back and forth, pushing him deeper inside of me, filling me. My breasts jump around, nipples erect and excited, preparing me for our mutual orgasm that is approaching. I feel my body tighten as I lower myself as far as I can get him into me, his body clenches beneath me. I pull on the belt and . . .

"Ms. Thorne?" The lady giving me the deep tissue massage steals me from my thoughts, leaving the orgasms hanging. I must have been really in it, because I forgot where I was for a moment.

“All finished." She says with a smile. "I'll let you get dressed, take your time, I'll meet you out front at the nail station.”

I lift my head and nod at her. "Thank you" I push out before she goes out the door.

Damn, my fantasies took over once again, this has been happening for a long time, but it really has gotten more frequent since seeing Adrian that first time in the park. Each time is a different scenario, different place and positions and so on, and I notice that in them recently my control over him has been getting stronger. I can hardly wait to get a hold of him for real, my mind has been fucked enough, now it's time to put it into action.

I get up on all fours on the massage bed, stretching my back out before stepping onto the floor and standing upright. If I was a man, my hard on would be pointing straight forward right now. I grin to myself. Thank god us women don't show our arousal as plain as day, the masseuse would have been shocked, I'm sure. I chuckle and grab my clothes from the chair by the door.

After getting dressed, I glance in the mirror above the small porcelain sink in the room. My cheeks are somewhat flush. I turn the cool water water on and splash some on my face, grabbing a fresh hand towel to pat it dry, hoping to bring my blood back to a normal level after such a heated daydream. I slip on my flip flops, throw the towel on the counter, and take a deep breath before going out to the public of the place. I see Jenna sitting in a waiting chair in the lobby, she bounces up from the chair to her feet and dashes over to me. I'm sure she's ready to get my look completed for the day, she doesn't have much patience.

"How was the massage?" She asks when she gets up to me.

"It was very pleasant, thank you so much for treating me to it." I smile at her.

"You look like you enjoyed it, what a smile." She chuckles. "I didn't pay for anything extra, if there was anything beyond the massage, that was on her." Her laughter grows.

"Um, no, EW! You're so nasty." I join in on the laughter, knowing she's just messing with me as usual.

"Hey, whatever makes you smile like that, is cool with me. I just want no details." She jokes.

"Shut up, you know I don't swing that way bitch, that's you." I joke back.

"Proud of it, you mad?" She playfully winks.

"That both men and women flock to be with you, no, why would I be mad?"

"Hey, I don't mind it, have to experiment in life sometimes." She grins.

"Well whatever puts the smile on your face then, Playmate." I smile wide. "Adrian is what my smile is about."

Her face straightens. "Was he in there?" Oh my god, the blonde comes out sometimes, bless her.

I bust out laughing, "No, he wasn't in there! I just mean that he's on my mind."

"Shit, don't look at me like I'm a crazy bitch, I wouldn't have doubted it if he had been in there with the way he is. It's charming you have a stalker." She giggles.

I playfully roll my eyes at her, "Whatever, bitch . . . you know you're crazy." I laugh.

She smiles big, she likes being considered crazy I think. Got to love her. I chuckle to myself.

"Let's get those nails done, I say red to match the dress, what you think?" She asks.

"Yeah, I think that'll work. Speaking of color, I need to get shoes for tonight that will go with the dress. I have nothing. We have time to stop at the shoe shops before tonight?"

"I know the perfect spot to get them." She gives me a thumbs up and a wink. Jenna's always on top of her shoe game, any fashion for that matter, I can trust that she will supply the demand.

We sit down to have our manicures done. I'm so relaxed from the massage and now this pampering. I'm not very talkative at this time, but Jen carries on enough conversation for the two of us to the nail techs. After our fingernails are shining with fresh polish, they have us sit at the pedicure stations. I prop my feet up and the tech places them into the warm water to begin soaking them. My phone shows a text alert.

'Enjoying your time this afternoon?' It's Adrian. I smile uncontrollably . . . he has that effect.

I reply, 'Yes, but I'm sure I'll enjoy tonight even more.'

'You will, I'll make sure of that.'

'What are you up to?'

'Setting up some things at the spot, getting ready for the night.'

'Where are we going? My curiosity is killing me.'

'You'll see when we get there.'

'Is it a club?'

'No it's better than a club, urban mixed with class . . . it's nice . . . you'll like it.'

'Well I can't wait to be there, with you.'

'I can't wait to see you in that dress.'

I pause, thinking about the fantasy I had while getting my massage, I can't wait to be out of the dress. I want to text that to him, but I don't want him to know all my secrets just yet. Instead, I send him something not so from the gutter of my mind.

'You have good taste in dresses, Mr. Montez.'

'That's not the only thing I have good taste in, Ms. Thorne.'

Hell, even when I try to veer the conversation from the gutter, he brings it there for me. I swear there was a wink after that comment, I sure did visualize it. He's past asking for it.

'See you in about 7 hours.' I hit reply, leaving him hanging from his dirty thoughts.

'Be ready, I'll be there on time.'

Without a doubt, I'm ready. Maybe not my appearance quite yet, but my body is beyond ready. I put my phone beside me on the arm of the chair and rest my head on the back. The nail tech is almost finished with the soaking and scrubbing process, about to dry and polish my toes.

"Who was texting you?" Jenna asks, grinning like she already knows.

"Adrian, of course." I giggle at her widening grin.

"Oh yeah? What's stalker-boy talking about?"

"Jen, he's not a stalker, stop it." I laugh. "He just asked if I was enjoying my afternoon, that's all."

"Awe, how sweet of him." She jokes all mushy-like.

I just smile and lay my head back, enjoying this day from head to toe, literally. To top it off, they bring us a glass of wine. I take one happily and have a sip before I can even get the words 'Thank You' out of my mouth. I needed a drink, it's the cherry on top of all this relaxation.

"To your night with Adrian." Jenna holds up her glass.

"To a night of new beginnings." I hold up mine, half empty already.

"I'll drink to that . . . cheers!" She toasts her up glass in the air and I do the same, connecting them in a clank.

We down the wine, and look at one another, laughing. This is so wonderful to have this time with her, I've taken so many things for granted, I miss this.

After our mani/pedis are done, we get facials together before having my hair and makeup done. The facial almost put me to sleep after all of the calming sessions I've already had in combination with the wine. I take a bathroom break after my facial, suggesting to Jenna that we go by and pick out my shoes before having the remainder of my makeover finished. I need to get out and walk around, to wake back up. We head down the street to the shoe store. I walk inside the shop, and in no time spot the perfect stilettos sitting inside of the glass display case at the checkout desk. I'm drawn to them, it's as if no other shoe existed.

"How much for these?" I ask the lady behind the counter, who looks like she has more money than she knows what to do with.

Apparently she's the owner, at least that's what I gather from her tag on the silky black collar of her business suit top. She has on a matching skirt, frame flattering and professional. Paired with her outfit are shiny black leather heels. Her hair is a deep auburn red with one stripe of blonde at the front of her bang area. She's draped in diamonds, with red lipstick and all.

"Those are custom made from France. There is no price tag for a reason." She, so properly, says.

"Are they not for sale?" I ask, eager to find out how much it'll take to own them.

"They are for sale, just not in your price range." Her snob just showed its ass.

"Oh? My price range is low because my hair and makeup isn't done, and my three thousand dollar dress isn't on me yet, is that right?" I ask, wanting to throw the stiletto at her face, aiming right at her eye. Bitch doesn't know me.

She smirks, "I like your attitude." She takes the shoe from me, sets it on top of the display case and pulls out the other one to set next to it. "$1500" She says looking straight at me to see my reaction.

"That's all you had to say." I pull out my credit card. "Thank god they're my size." I say handing her my card with a sarcastic smile on my face.

The snooty bitch gladly swipes my card and boxes up the stilettos, handing me the receipt. I rip the receipt and hand it back to her, "I won't be needing this, I own these now and they won't be returning." I smile and walk away from the counter.

Jenna is standing near the front of the shop, staring at me, she must have heard the whole thing.

"Ready?" I ask her.

"Uh, yeah, sure." She says.

We leave the shop and start walking to the car to head over to the salon.

"What was that?" She asks me.


"You owned that bitch in there. I'm proud of you, Ronni." She says with a smile.

I shake my head and smile.

"Hey . . ." She says as we get into the car, "Is that dress really worth three thousand?"

I chuckle, "I don't have a clue what it cost, he paid for it and I asked no questions. I just wanted to shove it in the snob's face that I'm not a starving artist and that I can afford anything I want. I don't even act like that, and I make more money than that shop will ever see, she's full of herself."

"You know it." She turns to look at the shoe box in my lap, "I didn't even get to see the ones you got, I was too worried about what you had to say to the witch in the shop." She laughs.

I open the box and pull out the stilettos. Jenna is in awe, and so am I. Smooth red suede, same shade as the dress. Roses made of high quality silk surround the top of the back. Thorns wrapping around the heel from top to bottom. These stilettos scream sex, my kind of sex at that. I am in love with them.

"Holy shit, Ronni, these are incredible!"

"I know, it's like they were made just for me. They're from France, custom made. Worth every dollar." I tell her while we both stare at the beauty of them.

"You're getting laid tonight." She says with a serious face.

"I'll be wearing these the whole time, too." I say with a wicked smile and wink.

"Yeah, you obviously need some, sounding like a damn fiend." She chuckles.

"Shut up." I laugh. She's right though, she'd be shocked if she knew just how much I fiend for sex. "Take me to get this face of mine together and my hair done, I look like a mess." I laugh.

"Freak." She says and laughs as we pull off and head to the salon.

The evening hits. Jenna drops me off at home, giving me a big hug and luck that the night goes well. I love what she had done with my hair, the up-do has my dark and highlighted strands of spiral curls cascading down in just the right places. My makeup is more than I normally have it, not so subtle, but it's fitting for a night out. I had such a good day with her, I almost wish it hadn't ended. However, I'm more than ready to get this night started with Adrian.

I look at my phone as I step inside the house, I still have about an hour before he gets here. I go upstairs and freshen up before slipping the dress over my head, it falls over my body like a delicate sheet that is gracefully capturing my curves. I put on my black diamond necklace. Wanting to keep the focus on my dress, I don't bother with any other jewelry. I walk out of my bedroom and start heading downstairs when I hear the doorbell, followed by a knock.

He's early. Knots of butterflies hit my stomach like a punch to the gut. I get to the bottom of the stairs and open the door. He's standing on my porch, dressed in a fitted red t-shirt that showcases the muscles of his arms and a pair of black cargo shorts with black and red Jordan's on his feet. He looks good, young and urban. Clean cut face to go with his look. I feel weak in the knees.

"Mr. Montez, you're early." I smile at him.

"Ms. Thorne, you're breathtaking." He stands looking up and down at every detail of me. "Damn. You know how to make a man melt."

I blush. "Thank you. You look really good yourself. I like it." I blush harder.

"Thank you. Are you ready to go or do you need a moment?"

I look down, "My shoes, just let me grab those and I'll be ready. You can come in if you want." I invite him to step inside while I gather my purse and shoes. I slide into the stilettos and walk over to him where he's standing by the front door. He looks down, I swear I can see him mentally coming.

"You like?" I ask him, knowing damn well he does just by the look on his face.

"I don't even have the words to describe how much I love them, they look so sexy on you."

The blood runs hot through my veins, knowing he's enticed and possibly even turned on by me, has me quite worked up. Calm down, Veronica, we have a whole night to make it through. I remind myself.

"I'm ready to see this place and watch you perform. Plus, I could use a drink." I grin.

"I got you." He says with that sexy grin of his.

We walk out to the car and leave out. He explains on the way there that he likes to arrive early anyway to do mic checks and have a drink or two before hitting the stage. We pull up, the city lights are glowing like a symphony. He gets out to open my door for me and hands the keys to the valet. I step out and turn to see the building, the parking lot full of vehicles.

"Welcome to the Candleroom." Adrian says in my ear from behind, which sends chills up my neck.

I've heard a lot of nice things about this place before, from a friend or two, but never been here myself. Speaking of which, I see a couple of my friends that I haven't seen or spoke to in a while, due to busy lives. They spot me and hurry over.

"Wow, Ver-on-i-ca!" Keysha says. "Girl, you look amazing! Where have you been hiding?"

James, her boyfriend and an old friend of mine, chimes in before I can say a word, "Are you here with Adrian?" He asks.

I look over, Adrian standing beside of me smiling. "Yes, I am." I proudly reply.

"Oh shit, that's what's up!" James says and shakes Adrian hand. "I've watched you perform many times man, mad talent bro."

"I appreciate it." Adrian says to James.

"Yeah, and Veronica, she's been a friend of ours for years . . . since we were young." James continues.

Keysha leans in for a hug from me, "It's so good to see you and to know that you're doing well."

"Thanks, Key. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch in so long, life gets in the way sometimes. We all should get together soon, though. I miss you all."

"You got it, we'll get in touch for sure. Has Jenna quit work yet?" Keysha and James chuckle.

"No, she's doing well, she hasn't gave up on me. Actually, there's so much we need to catch up on. But let me get inside, Adrian has a few things to handle before his show tonight. I do want to get caught up with you two, though, I'll call you soon." I give them both a big hug.

"It was nice meeting you personally, Adrian, we really enjoy your shows and glad we made it tonight." James tells him as he shakes his hand.

"I'm glad to have you here tonight, too. Hope you all enjoy the show." Adrian says.

"Thanks man." James says with a nod.

I take Adrian's hand and we head inside. This place is gorgeous. The bar is the first place he takes me to.

"What's good, Vince?" Adrian says to the bartender. "Hook the lady up with anything she wants, put it on my tab for the night."

"No problem, A, I'll take care of her for you." The bartender says, his voice deep and gruff. He's dressed nicely, his silver chain sticks out to me; and his short, gray streaked, dark hair.

"Appreciate it." Adrian says to him.

Vince looks over at me, "What's your poison?" He asks with a warm smile.

"I'll have a Shady Lady, please." A drink that is made up of X-Rated Liqueur, Cointreau, and Champagne.

"Coming right up." He says.

Adrian leans into me, "When you get your drink, step over to the lounge area and make yourself comfortable. I have a seat reserved in front for you, you'll see your name on the table. I'll meet you over there after I talk to my manager real quick."

I nod at him and smile, "Okay."

He walks off and I turn to watch Vince mix my drink. He hands it to me and smiles. "Hope you enjoy, just let me know if I can get you anything through the night."

"Thank you." I take a sip. "It's delicious."

He nods and I turn to walk over to the lounge, I notice the stage as soon as I walk in. There are round, white tables placed all around the floor; each of them dressed up with glowing votive candles in the center. The chairs are white cushioned. There's a dim candle chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room. The stage has blue and violet lights shining down on the center of it. The lounge is very modern and clean looking, fresh and up to date. This lighting really sets the mood.

I slowly walk around the room, checking everything out, looking for my name on the tables in the process. I come to the front, there it is, written in bold capital lettering. VERONICA THORNE. I pull out the seat and set my drink on the table. Just as I sit down, I hear Adrian's voice over the speakers. I look around and then I see him step out on the stage from the back.

"Mic check, one two, one two." He says over the microphone. "Check, check." His voice echoes through the empty room. He walks up to the front of the stage and looks down at me, squinting from the lights. "Swear you got me where you want me." He sings out a line that must be from a song he knows or of his own. Damn, his voice melts me on the spot. I may not make it through the night after all. How do the ladies resist tackling him right on stage?

"The mic and the sound system's good, Jimmy." Adrian says, looking off to the distance. He looks back at me, "Jimmy's the sound guy." He says into the microphone. His voice, vibrates right through me, it's like a sexy melodic tune you want to keep on repeat to hear it over and over again. "Come up here with me." He says, holding out his hand.

Not expecting to get up on stage, I freeze for a second. His adorable chuckle goes through the room and right through me. He jumps down and approaches me, takes my hand and leads me to the stage stairs. I walk up, my knees shaking, hoping I don't fall in these stilettos. I make my way onto the stage and he jumps up onto it from the floor. He makes his way over to me and grabs me by the waist. He puts the mic up to his mouth and smiles at me, his eyes shining in the stage lights.

"Don't be nervous, mami, it's just you and me." His sexy grin convinces me and I relax my body. "I just want to show you what it's like up here, the stage is a big part of me, so it means a lot to share this with you." My heart grows a size bigger in my chest, he's sharing a special part of himself with me. I feel so good in his presence . . . he has to be the sweetest man alive. I just stand still, staring at him, looking into the captivating eyes of his.

"Thank you for giving me this experience, Adrian."

"I wouldn't want to give it to anyone else." He softly says into the mic and winks.

Okay, I'm about done mentally warning him. If I wasn't afraid of all the people that would catch us, I'd fuck him right here on this stage.

"Almost showtime." I look at my phone that I'm holding. "Take a pic with me?"

"Of course." He winks. Damn it, Adrian. Fuck.

I shake off the wink, last warning, I'll let him get away with it this time. We get close, I turn the camera on as we lean our heads together, and take a picture of us up on stage. I bring the phone down to my side and turn to face him, as close as we are I can smell his scent.

"I'm going back to my table, before everyone starts rolling in." I say at almost a whisper.

"Go get another drink before the show starts, I don't want you missing anything." He smiles.

I walk off the stage, and head to the bar to get another drink while I finish my first one. Already feeling the beginning of a buzz, I drink my second one halfway and have Vince make another to take with me back to the table. I decide to use the restroom before the show starts, that way there's no interruptions. On my way to the ladies room, I pull out my phone and call Jenna.

"Hey, is everything okay?" She answers with worry.

"Yeah, it's all good, I just wanted to call and thank you for being there for me today. I really enjoyed having some time with you, I know it's been too long since the last time we had time like that together."

"I love you, Ronni, you're my girl. I had a great time today too. Of course I looked out for you, you deserve it, you've been through a lot."

"I was thinking, why don't you come through tonight? I mean, it's a public venue, you could come chill with me while we watch the show."

"Nah, I'd love to and all . . . but look, this is about you tonight. Adrian wants to have some time with you and this is his way of getting that. If he wanted me there, he would've invited me out. Not saying he didn't invite me to be rude or whatever, but I'm sure he'd rather you focus on him than be distracted by me being there." She chuckles. "I appreciate the offer though, maybe next time."

"If you say so. Next time then."

"Now go have a good time. Make sure you get that before the night's over."

I laugh, "You're something else. I do plan on it though, I'm not even gonna lie."

"I knew you were, shit I don't blame you!" She laughs.

"All right, let me get back out here before it starts then." I tell her.

"Where are you now?"

"Going to use the bathroom, these drinks are running through me." I laugh.

"Oh wow, well take it easy baby girl, you know that liquid courage will get you pregnant." She laughs hysterically.

"No, not me!" I laugh. "That's why I stay protected anyway. I'm not trying to have any kids yet, not ready for that curve ball."

"Well be you tonight and don't hold back, you need this." She says before we say our good nights and hang up.

I rush in to the restroom so I can get back out to the lounge. I get myself situated at the table and look over to see Keysha and James sitting in the back, I wave them over.

"I'm all alone at this table, if you want to join me, you're more than welcome." I offer them.

Keysha looks at James, "We don't want to intrude since he had this reserved especially just for you." she says to me.

"No, you won't be intruding, he probably has me sitting here alone because he didn't think I'd know anyone here tonight. I really don't think he'd mind. Come on, grab a seat. It's a better view anyway." I smile wide, hoping they'll accept and accompany me so I won't feel so awkward sitting alone.

James smiles at me, "Sounds good, let us go grab some drinks and we'll be right over."

I nod at him and feel relieved. The room continues to fill up with people, fans of the man that I'm here with. I've never felt something like this, it's pretty amazing to see all these people that like to watch him perform. Music starts and the lights begin changing.

I hear the DJ tap on the mic, "Warm Candleroom welcome to everyone tonight. How's everybody feeling out there?" The crowd reacts to his question with a loud response in unison. The DJ gets the crowd hyped up for a minute or two, then he introduces the man I'm waiting to see on the stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, make some noise for Adrian Montez!" I see Keysha and James getting through the crowd, making their way to my table.

Adrian steps out onto the stage while the first track begins playing. "What's good, Dallas? Thank you for having me here tonight!" The crowd shows him their welcomes by clapping and shouting. Adrian continues, "Let me introduce someone to you all real quick before the song starts . . . this very special lady accepted a night out with me tonight, and I just want to thank her for giving me a chance – Veronica Thorne, this show is dedicated to you." The crowd applauds and hollers. I'm frozen in time, blushing, but I manage to throw a wink his way and mouth the words 'Thank You' to him.

The music hits the bass in the speakers and Adrian begins singing, the beats have me feeling it, plus this drink has me loosened up. The first song ends and another one starts right up, this one slower and more soulful. His voice puts a spell on me, I'm captivated by his talent, and his lyrics are mesmerizing. I'm in love with his music, it's like love at first sound. I can't get over how good he is, I wouldn't have been able to imagine this. He looks at me often throughout his performance, singing to me with the connection of our eyes, catching my glance every chance he gets. Some of his songs are so sexual, it's like we're fucking through his music. I love every second of it.

The room is hot, the crowd is worked up, and the waiters are bringing drinks to the tables. I lost count on which drink I'm on, but I know I'm feeling really good at this point. Adrian announces that he's on his last song for the night and gives some shout outs to his band and other members of his team, he points at me and starts singing. 'I can see through your soul --- Baby, you ain't foolin me.' He locks his focus on me through the entire song, performing straight from his heart, making me weak and vulnerable to him. I feel hypnotized, he's everything that I find attractive in a man, but I can't let emotions rise. All I want from him is to fuck, nothing more and nothing less. I need all of his sexual attention. Only condition, no catching feelings, I'm not looking for that . . . my career won't allow it, I'm just too busy for love.

I shake the thoughts, too deep right now. I try to remain attentive to the end of Adrian's performance, giving him my full attention and soaking in his vibe. When he finishes, he exits through the backstage. I look down at my glass, empty. I figure I should go get another before leaving, I want this buzz to continue as long as possible tonight. I head over to the bar and let Vince know I need one more to top it off, he grins and gets me together. I have to admit, I'm zoning and I know my guard is down more than normal, but I want to be open with Adrian tonight. Alcohol may not be the answer, but being an uptight person lately, with recent events and all, I need the extra push to loosen up.

I take a sip of my last Shady Lady, and I see Adrian coming over to the bar. His sweat glistens in the lights. He looks the opposite of tired from performing, he actually looks pretty pumped. He comes up to me and grabs my drink from my hand, turns it up in his mouth, emptying my glass in one swallow. He sets the glass on the bar and motions for Vince to make another. I look at him with my hand on my hip, about to ask if he enjoyed my drink.

Before I get a word out, he puts his hand on the back of my neck and pulls me face to face with him. His breathing is hard, the passion in his eyes sends his message directly. He puts his other hand on the side of my face and leans in closely. He places his lips to mine, his thumb trails down under my jaw, kissing me intensely. I don't refuse his passion, my body is taken by him and I follow his lead. His lips are soft, they taste sweet from my drink still lingering on them, I suck his bottom lip and pull it between mine. He's caressing my back as he pushes into me, his tongue massaging mine, his mouth moving to my neck.

My heart's racing, blood pumping fiercely, skin sensitive to his touch. Every kiss he places on my neck sends electric sensations through my entire body. I ache for him, I need him inside of me. My pussy clenches at the thought, he licks and sucks on the side of my neck before moving back to my lips. I return the passion in my kisses, wanting to fully take him in. His grasp on the back of my neck has moved to the back of my head, grabbing my hair and gently pulling. His other hand moves to my back, holding me closely. He slows his kisses and his breathing is long and deep. I open my eyes as he pulls his face away enough to have space to speak, his eyes lock on mine.

"Veronica, I don't know what came over me or what the hell I'm doing, but I couldn't hold it back. You taste so good." He kisses my lips again before I reply to him.

"I'm glad you did." I breathe out to him, our faces still close and eyes locked. I should break the intensity a bit, since the public is probably staring us down, so I finally ask, "Was my drink good?" I smile and wink at him.

"Not as good as these lips of yours." He smiles wide. "I almost didn't make it through my show, I just wanted to jump off that stage and kiss you."

Damn, I have that effect on him? At least I know the sexual pull between us is mutual now. I lean in to give him one last kiss before he loosens his hold on me.

He looks into my eyes, "I just wanted to be face to face so I can feel you."

I bite my lip, and grab the drink that's been waiting on the bar. I drink half and look at Adrian to take in the sight of him, then I down the other half and place the glass back onto the bar.

"I loved your show, I'm happy I got to watch you tonight." I tell him.

"It wouldn't have been the same without you, I'm just thankful you were able to make it." He smiles gently at me.

"Me too." I smile back at him.

I look over to see Keysha and James walking towards us.

"That was one of the best shows we've ever seen of yours, man." James says to Adrian.

"Thank you, glad you came out tonight." Adrian shakes James' hand.

Keysha smiles, "Yes, we really enjoyed it, we'll be attending the next one for sure."

"I hope to see you there." Adrian smiles at the both of them.

Keysha comes in for a quick hug from me. "It was really nice seeing you, Veronica, I'll hit you up some time to get together."

"That would be great girl, it's been too long. I'm so glad I got to see you all tonight, too. Maybe we can all have dinner or something soon." I smile at them.

"No doubt, that sounds nice." James says. "We're gonna head out of here, try to enjoy the rest of the night together, the kids are at the babysitter tonight." He winks at us.

"Uh oh." I chuckle. "Get that in, y'all!"

Adrian grins, "A night of baby making music, you might want to be careful, you'll be adding to the family!" He laughs.

Keysha chuckles, "You sure know how to set the mood."

We all have a good laugh, say our good nights, and they head out of sight.

Adrian looks at me, "Ready to get out of here?"

I nod, "Yeah, I'm ready."

We start out the door and a young guy comes up to us. "Adrian! What's up bro? You heading to the after party?" He asks.

Adrian shakes his head, "Not tonight, man, I'll catch you another time."

I feel uneasy in that moment. My mind wanders, thinking about the life he leads as a singer. Clubs, after parties, groupies. It makes me sick to my stomach. I try to shake it off. I don't even want to know. In reality, what's it my business anyway? I don't have a reason to be jealous either, at least I shouldn't.

We walk off and head to his car. When Adrian gets in, I wait for him to start the engine, but he doesn't. He sits there quite for a moment. I don't say anything to him, thinking maybe he needs a minute to gather himself after the show he just performed. He's looking down at his hands. It's silent inside of the car. I watch the people pouring out of Candleroom, heading to whatever destinations they have for the night. I wonder if maybe he wanted to go to the after party, but was afraid that I wouldn't want to join him or something. The thoughts pour through my mind.

After what seems like ten minutes, but was more like five, he looks up straight ahead. He pauses for a second then looks over at me, his face is serious and has a look of concern on it. I look at him with confusion, wondering what's going on with him, what he's thinking about. He takes my hand in his.

"Veronica, I don't know what we're doing, or why. I don't know what you want out of this, whatever this is. I don't even know what I want. The only thing I know right now, is that I'm really feeling you. I've never felt such a strong connection with a woman. Shit, a real woman at that. I'm only twenty three, and I know I don't have a lot to offer. I'm not as experienced as you might think, in a lot of areas. You know, I just live life to the fullest, but there's so many things I have yet to try or whatever. Look, I have no clue where I'm going with this. I could go on forever trying to get to my point . . . but . . . my question is this, what do you want to happen between us? Be real. Be honest, I'm not looking for sugar-coated bullshit. I just want to know, to see if we're on the same level."

I pause, just for a split moment, to take it all in and answer the way I really need to. I need to be honest with him, let him know just what I'm feeling. I would also like to let him know about other secrets of mine, but it may be too soon or a bit much to lay on all at once. I gather my thoughts and let him have it. He wants real, I can give him real.

"Straight up?" I ask, he nods at me. "This is where I'm at . . ." I take a deep breath, hoping that I don't say the wrong thing that'll scare him away. "So . . . I'm in love with my career, I have a relationship with it that requires a lot of my time and attention. I spend the majority of my life doing what I love, painting. I'm an artist, I work on projects for major companies and business owners. I've worked hard in my life to get what I have. I can't afford to throw it all away. I lost my father so many years ago, and he taught me to always put what's most important to me first. I'm not going to get into a relationship right now, I'm not saying I never will, but right now is not the right time for me to invest in a relationship. I would feel guilty, that I'm not spending enough time with the person, or giving enough attention. I just can't handle that on top of what I already have going on in life."

I pause to see if he's following. He looks like he's anticipating my end answer to his question, so I proceed;

"Moral of everything I just said is that I'm not looking for love. I'm not good with emotions. I don't want someone who is going to get too attached. What I hope for us? That you accept me for who I am, what I do, and so on. I accept you for all you are and so on as well. That we can have a connection without catching feelings."

He stops me, "So what you're looking for from me, or us, is . . . friendship?"

I shake my head. "Well, no, but yeah, I mean . . . friendship is a good base to have with anyone, but that's not it."

He looks confused. "What is it then?"

"Adrian, I want sex. Full on, crazy, hot, uninhibited SEX." I express. It took all of that to get to this, just putting it out there. Why is it so hard to tell someone this? Does it have to be complicated?

He looks slightly shocked, but possibly happy at the same time. "Sex?" He asks and has a crooked smile on his face.

"Yes, sex. I want the kind of sex that makes all other sex look weak." I grin with a short chuckle. "I want to know that you and I can fuck on a regular basis, without feeling some type of way, if you get what I'm saying. But I don't mean mediocre sex, I'm talking my kind of sex."

"Is that right? Just what is your type of sex?" He curiously asks.

"I can show you better than I can tell you." I wink at him with a flirty smile.

"I like the sound of that. So let me ask you this though, what if I can't live up to what you need?"

"It can be taught, if you're willing to learn." I say without thinking before I speak.

"I didn't expect this to be your answer, Ms. Thorne, I'm definitely surprised. I mean, I could tell you're attracted to me as I am you. There's a reason we're drawn to each other, I just had no idea that it was this."

"Are you disappointed?" I ask.

"No, not at all. I just never had a woman to be to so direct with me . . . and in the category of sex, it's not something I ever imagined would happen to me. You know. I'm used to girls about my age, that have no experience, and me only having so much under my belt. It's a little intimidating. I don't mean that in a bad way, though. I'm just letting you know, I don't really know what I'm doing with you. You're not the typical fuck, I can already tell." He awkwardly grins.

"Don't worry about all of that, it's not even relevant to me. I like to be in control, so having someone who isn't so controlling, works for me." I smile with intensity.

"What happens if you don't like what I have to offer? What if you find another that can bring you exactly what you need? Do I get thrown to the curb?" I can tell he's concerned. I get the feeling he's already a little attached, which is what I didn't want to happen.

"Adrian, let's not get into details about something we haven't even tried yet. I'll put it this way, I don't see you as someone I can just throw to the curb, our friendship should seal that. As far as the sex goes, if you follow as I lead, you won't disappoint. No worries, just give yourself the benefit of the doubt."

He nods as if to agree. I can see he's somewhat uncomfortable. Maybe it was too intense or straight-forward for him. He did ask for it. I could have laid it on even thicker, but I think he's had enough for one night. I smirk to myself.

"All right, so what do you want to do tonight? Or are you ready to go home? Whatever you want." He licks his bottom lip and I raise an eyebrow. I can think of better things than going home, that's for sure.

"I'd like to put these expensive stilettos to good use." I grin and bite my bottom lip.

"What you got in mind?" His curiosity peaks.

"Well . . . as much as I love this beautiful dress you got for me, I'd like for it to be laying somewhere . . . and me with just these on." I point to my feet. His attention is all mine. "You know where The Adolphus Hotel is, right?" He nods. "That's where we're going." I instruct.

He doesn't hesitate to start the car and pull out of the parking lot. The ride to the hotel is silent, I imagine his nerves are at an all-time high. I keep quiet, let him think on what's happening. My own thoughts are flooded with what I'd like to do to him. I've been waiting for this moment for long enough, I'm ready to have him the way I want him.

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