Bed Of Thornes

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Chapter Six

We pull up, the exquisite beauty of this structure takes my breath away every time I see it. The historic hotel is more like a palace, an elegant masterpiece of twenty one floors, luxury pouring throughout every inch. As we enter, I notice Adrian's eyes widen when he takes a look around.

"Charming, isn't it?" I nudge him, assuming from his fascination that he's never stepped foot inside. "It's been named the most beautiful building west of Venice. I'm in love with its European sophistication. I come here when I need inspiration to get back in touch with the artist in me."

Adrian smiles, "The beauty of this place was enhanced once you walked in."

"That's very sweet of you, thank you." I smile at him and walk over to the front desk to check in. Adrian stands over by a statue in the front lobby, admiring the decor. I pay to get the best room available and walk back over to him with the keys in my hand.

"Ready?" I ask with my tongue between my teeth, subtly teasing him.

I take his hand in mine and lead him to the elevator. We step inside once the doors open, both of us silent. I'm positive his thoughts are intruded with trying to accept that this is really happening, that it's not just a fantasy or dream. I glance over at him, standing to the side of me, he looks like he's about to pass out.

"Hey, Adrian, if you're too tired to do this . . ."

"I'm good, just trying to mentally prepare for what's about to happen between us. I mean, I pictured it a little, but definitely not to this extent." He nervously admits.

"Well I know you've had a long day, and an even longer night, I'm sure you're ready to rest."

"No, it's not that. I'm awake, I wouldn't be able to sleep right now anyway. I just want this to go right, you know." He finally looks over at me, he's been facing forward this whole time.

The elevator is nearing our floor. I turn myself so I'm standing in front of him and put my hands on both sides of his face. I pull him in and kiss his delicious lips. Our kiss lasts until the elevator stops. I step back, grab his hand, and pull him out of the elevator. We enter the hallway, turn to go down to the room, getting a look from someone walking past the opposite way. We reach the room, I let go of his hand and unlock the door. I push the door open and step in, Adrian follows me inside. We're both in awe of the room, it's stunning and quite welcoming.

There's a king size bed in the middle of the room covered in crisp, white bedding. I walk over to the bed to sit down and watch Adrian looking around the room. He stops and stares at a picture on the wall. I walk up behind him, wrap my arms around him, running my hands up and down his chest. I start kissing his neck, nibbling on his ear, and he begins to moan lightly. I walk over to the light and switch it off. The room darkens, besides a dim light coming in through the peaks of the windows. Adrian walks up to me. He's shaking, like a nervous puppy enduring a thunderstorm.

"You'll soon be bored of me, Veronica. What fun can it be to have to teach me everything? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of your own enjoyment?" I can tell he feels embarrassed about his inexperience.

"Teaching you my ways is half of the fun, to see the excitement you feel as you learn . . . that's pleasure in itself, baby." I purr my words to him as though he's my prey. My darkness is on the prowl, there's no more escaping.

I let my hair down, pull my dress up over my head and toss it over on a chair. My breasts are full and nipples erect. I step up to him, pressing my body against his, running my hands down his arms leading to his belt. After undoing it, I slide it out of the loops and hang it freely around my neck. I grab the bottom of his shirt and slide it up over his head, throwing it to the chair. His chest is exposed to me, his breathing heavy. I reach down and unbutton his pants, pull them down and he steps out of them while removing his shoes at the same time.

We stand there looking at one another, him in his boxers, me in my thongs and stilettos. I go over to my purse, pull out my phone and turn on some music. Sounds of R&B float through the air. I set the phone on the bench in front of the bed and see that Adrian's looking at me with intensity. I bite my lip and slowly approach him. He looks so good standing there in the glimpse of light that's coming through the window, highlighting his abs and part of his chest, his jaw and eyes streaked with dim lighting. The sight of him makes me flush, my insides ache, needing his touch.

I decide to myself, before I make it back to him, that I'm going to go easy on him this time. I know he's worried about how well he can please me, though I have no doubt in my mind he can handle just that. I step up to him and take his hand, placing it on my chest, bringing it over my breast to cup it and massage it in his palm. His touch excites me and awakens every sense.

I look him in the eyes, "Relax." I softly say.

I take the belt from around my neck and fold it in half, holding it in one hand. I lead him over to the bed and step in front of him. I pull my thongs down to take them off before kneeling myself onto the mattress, sitting in an upright position with nothing but my stilettos on. I reach behind myself to grab onto him and pull him closer. He bends into my grasp and starts kissing my neck and licking around my ear. His hands reach around me, leading from my waist up to my breasts. I arch my back in pleasure and let out a soft moan. My hand makes its way up to his hair, caressing every inch. I get a handful of his soft, short curls and slightly pull towards me, making his kisses blend into me.

I lean forward and turn my body to face his. Placing my hands on his stomach, tracing his muscles down to his waist, and slide them down to remove his boxers. My first real look at his cock, and I am captured for a moment by the victory of finally revealing what I've only imagined up until this point. I bask for a short minute, and wrap my hand around the thick shaft. The color of it matching his caramel tone skin, smooth and formed beautifully. The veins start to show more with my touch, as it becomes harder, extending in length. The head is of delightful size and shape. I admire every detail before leaning forward to taste it.

His eyes meet mine as I look up at him while leaning in to place my lips on his erection. He's biting on his lip, making me want to fuck the shit out of him. I kiss the head of his rock hard dick, licking and sucking on it as I go. Wrapping my lips around it, I move down the shaft, using my tongue to swirl around it with each motion. I feel him tighten and grow as I taste him. Not wanting him to blow his load just yet, I pull back and sit upright. The belt in my hand has left an imprint in my palm where I've been tightly clenching it. I lay back in front of him, spreading my legs wide and telling him to come here with the curl of my finger. He kneels onto the bed and hovers over me. I bite my lip, looking into his eyes.

"Any limits?" I ask.

The look on his face is priceless, I can see that he wasn't prepared to list anything he isn't okay with. I can't help but smile and let out a chuckle. There's what may be the look of fear in his eyes. I haven't even done anything yet, I can't imagine what he'll think when we really get into the swing of things. I pull the belt in between us, bringing it to the space between our faces. The smell of leather heightens my adrenaline, making my blood rush. He looks down at the belt and back at me.

"What do you plan to do with that?" His question is adorable.

"I want to use it on you, but I don't know if you're ready for that tonight." I grin. "You can use it on me, though. I'm a big girl, I promise you won't hurt me." I wink at him.

He leans up from his military position above me, sitting upright on his knees. I sit up in front of him and hand him the belt. He takes it, looking at it like it's foreign. I turn myself around, getting on all fours, and push my ass into the air. I look behind me to see Adrian frozen.

"Keep it folded." I tell him. "Spank me with it, as hard as you want. Don't hold back."

He looks up from his trance of the belt and gives me a look of uncertainty. Just when I think he is going to jump up and put his clothes on to run away, he folds the belt in half and raises it up to the side. He swings, nipping me in the ass with a swift lick. He can do better.

"Harder." I demand. I put my head down and wait for the belt to connect with my ass again.

I feel him pull the belt back to swing, he brings it down with a whip across my behind, the sting sends signals to my pussy that makes a loud moan escape me. His hand rubs over where the belt just struck. I push my ass back towards him, wanting more.

"Again, Adrian." I whine. "Don't stop unless I say so."

He takes his hand away and swings the belt, causing a painful shock to jolt through me. He swings again, and again, each swing changing sides. Striking me with the belt again, I cry out a moan and put my hand behind me to stop him. I slightly lean up, my ass cheeks burning from the leather blows, and grab the belt from him. I slowly stand up from the bed, feeling every lash of the belt on my red skin, and walk behind him.

"Bend over." I instruct. Fuck it, my consideration of taking it easy has fled from my mind.

He's hesitant at first, but bends forward to get on all fours. I rub my hand across his sweet, tight, round ass and give it a smack. His body jumps from being startled, not knowing what's coming next. I run the tip of the belt across his ass cheeks and down his left leg, then back up his inner thigh, grazing his ball sack with it. His balls tighten up from the touch. I pull it away and fold it in half. I give him one solid whip of the belt across his ass, he groans. I unfold the belt and wrap it around his ankles, pulling it tight, bringing his legs together.

"Turn over to your back." I tell him. "Grab the headboard with your hands and don't let go."

His body stretched out, I straddle over him with my back to his face and slide down onto his fully erect cock, pushing him deep inside of my wet pussy. I reach forward and grab onto his bound ankles. My stilettos rest against his hips. I slowly bring my ass up to where the tip of his dick is right at my entrance, then lower myself back down. I let out a breath of pleasure as he moans. I sit upright and rock back and forth, moving my hips while grinding down so he is deep inside.

My body is in complete ecstasy, the feeling of him in me, I want this to never end. I lean forward again, grab onto his ankles and ride him up and down, my ass bouncing faster. This shit feels so good, my mind leaves my body in the heat of it all. I sit up and place my hands behind my back, placing them on his stomach. My breasts are forward, dancing around as I grind faster, my climax quickly climbing. His hard cock is so deep, rubbing against the tight walls of my pussy, my clit throbbing. I reach one hand around in front of me, rubbing on my clit, moving down to his balls that are tight and ready to release.

My moans and whimpers are stronger with each penetration. His breathing is fast-paced, his body tensing up, I can feel him climaxing. He moans and jerks around beneath me, then stills as he reaches the peak of his climax. My body reacts to his climax and joins in, I rub on my clit to stimulate myself faster so I can come with him. He lets out a loud moan, almost a yell.

"Mmm, ohh, yes!" His voice is deep and fierce.

I clench up and begin pulsing with an intense orgasm, sending shocks of pleasure and chills over my skin. "Fuck, yes!" I cry out. My pussy snaps around his hard cock as his hot cum rushes out, both of them throbbing from the release. Our rapid breathing begins to slow as I lay back on him. He lets go of the headboard and reaches his hand around my waist, kissing my shoulder. I roll off of him and lay on my side on the bed, facing him. I feel as though I've just taken a drug that has me on a really good high.

"That wasn't too bad, was it?" I ask him.

He takes in a deep breath and releases it. "That was fucking amazing." He says and turns to face me. "Seriously, that was mind-blowing, I've never had such an intense orgasm. I think I'm still twitching." He chuckles and puts his hand on my cheek. "God, you're incredible." He breaths out.

"You're quite incredible yourself." I grin at him. "I tried to be easy on you this time, I didn't want to be too harsh." I smile.

"That was being easy on me?" He asks with a laugh, "If that was being easy, then I don't know what to expect, I wouldn't think it could get much better than what just happened."

"You have no idea." I bite my lip and grin. "I can't wait to get there with you, I have so much more I want to share . . . but like I said, I'm trying to take it slow and build up to that."

His expression changes, "Let's hope I can live up to that expectation of yours."

I sit up to check the time on my phone, it's near three in the morning. I feel exhausted. Adrian turns to his back and I lay back down, resting my head on his chest. My eyelids are heavy, I can't hold them open any longer. I glance up at him, his eyes are closed. I lie here, watching him drift off to sleep, barely keeping my own eyes open.

This moment . . . I don't want to let go.

I slept for four hours before the sun shining in through the windows catches my eye and wakes me. I'm still on his chest, we were both so worn out that we hadn't budged. I look up at Adrian, he looks so peaceful. Not wanting to disturb him, I sit up and get out of the bed as quietly as I can. I step into the bathroom to wash up and get dressed. I walk back into the room, find my purse and dig through it to find a pen and paper.


Had to take care of something.

Text me later?

- Veronica

I put the note on the pillow next to him and sneak out through the door. I get to the lobby and let the front desk know to ring in a wakeup call to the room in time for check out, in case he's still asleep come then. I pull out my phone and call the local taxi service to have them take me to the gallery. On the ride there, I replay last night in my head. The thoughts of it turns me on. I need more, so much more.

I arrive at the gallery and go straight to the studio in the back. The triple 'R's are just around the corner, and I have too much to get done to put anything off. I get all my supplies set up and get to work. It's nice to be painting again, it's only been a few days, but it feels like a lifetime to me. I start where I left off Thursday night, finishing the piece within an hour of starting. The music is blaring, as usual, and my thoughts drift when a song comes on that played last night. The mental picture of Adrian takes over my mind.

Needing a break before I continue on to the next project, I put my brush down and am instantly reminded. How rude of me! I never thanked Adrian for the personalized paint brushes he left on my doorstep the morning before. With the excitement of his show and being consumed in our session late last night, I didn't remember to show my appreciation for his gift. I pull out my phone from my purse to text him, hoping he'll see it as soon as he wakes up this morning, if he hasn't already. I don't want him to think of me as ungrateful.

'Thank you for the beautiful gift you left for me yesterday morning.'

I hit send and wait a minute to see if he replies right away. Nothing. He's probably still sleeping. He'll be awake in the next two hours for sure, checkout is at eleven. I set my phone on the stand next to my purse. I look over at the full length mirror I have sitting by the far wall. Here I am, still in my red dress and rose stilettos. In such a hurry to get back to work, I didn't even take the time to change. If I had my car, I'd go home to shower and put on some clothes I can work in. Hopefully the car won't be too bad when Jenna and I go to check it out tomorrow at the shop.

I turn away from the mirror, shrug my shoulders . . . so what if I'm a workaholic, I can't help that I have passions that I don't easily give up on. Passions for my art, and sex. Forgive me if I sound selfish, but I go for what makes me happy in life. I believe everyone should, it's unfortunate that so many put their passions on hold. I can understand certain reasons, but most just don't go for what they love due to lack of belief in themselves. Not me. If I enjoy something, I'm all in it. There's nothing that will stop me. I walk back over to the canvas, needing to get it done before the end of the day. I would like to complete all of my client's requests this week, before my birthday weekend, that way I can have some free time for once. My phone buzzes.

'Gift?' A text from Adrian displays on the screen.

I reply, 'The paint brushes, they're to be cherished. I didn't get a chance to thank you yesterday, I love them.'

A few minutes pass and another text comes in:

'I know I just woke up, and drank a lot last night, but I'm confused. I didn't send any paint brushes.'

Now I'm confused. I wonder if he seriously forgot about it or what the hell?

'You had a note attached and everything. Are you sure you just don't remember?'

I hope he's not that forgetful.

'I think I would remember that, especially something that seems to be so special to you. Was my name on the note?'

Oh shit. He didn't forget. I'm the one who didn't think twice, and forgot that there wasn't a name. I just assumed it was him. I mean, who else would it be? This is awkward.

'There was no name.'

'Secret admirer, maybe?' He quickly texts back.

'Funny. You're just messing with me, right?'

'Veronica, I'm not trying to mess with your mind. For real, they aren't from me.'

Alright, someone is fucking with me. If it's really not Adrian, then who? The brushes are very personal, and cost a good penny I'm sure. Who would put that much thought and money into a gift and not let it be known where they came from? Somebody needs to 'fess up, this will drive me insane until I find out. I can't handle that right now, there's too much on my plate as it is. Plus, I'm feeling pretty stupid telling Adrian thanks for something that isn't even from him. There's no telling what he's thinking.

'Where are you?' He texts.

'At my gallery.'

'I'll be there shortly.'

I get instant butterflies and reply 'I'll be outside.'

I walk outside to wait for him and sit on the bench by the front door. About twenty minutes later, he pulls up and gets out of his car to come meet me on the bench. He greets me with a hug and tells me he woke up thinking about last night.

"I have to say, Ms. Thorne, I've never done anything like this before. I'm not positive that I can please you the way you need to be pleased. But I want to, I want it more than you know." He says with a fire burning in his hazel eyes. It was those eyes that fueled my desire even more, as if it could get any hotter. If I've never known infatuation before, I possess the definition at this point.

"Adrian, I've already told you, call me Veronica." I smile at him with a return of intense fire burning in my eyes. "It makes me feel old when you say my name so formally. I'm not a cougar, you know, I just like what I like." Shrugging slightly and flirting with my words as I slide closer to him on the bench.

The sun is fiercely beaming down its golden rays. I don't mind, it only makes his Puerto Rican skin glisten with perspiration that I can't stop gazing upon as tiny drops of sweat slide down his muscular arms. It's the details about him that really turn me on. His hands, strong and manly, but clean. The veins that raise the skin in just the right places. I've had many fantasies about those hands, the parts of me that they can grasp so perfectly.

He breaks into my brief drool-session of thoughts. "I don't see you as a cougar, Veronica. Although I'm every bit of seven years younger than you." He laughs.

"Seven years? Have you forgotten that my birthday hasn't arrived yet? I remain twenty nine as of today, there's a difference, young man." I say to him, defending my age. I'm not looking forward to turning thirty. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. I don't feel as though I should be retiring my twenty's yet. Honestly, I could care less that this man next to me is still fresh in his years. At the tender age of twenty three, but he's no kid to me.

"Touchy, touchy. Hey, it doesn't bother me any. I just hope my lack of experience doesn't have you rethinking anything." His self-doubt would typically be a turn off. The difference, however, is everything about him appeals to me.

"Your worry about being insufficient is quite adorable." I say with a wink. "Confidence is sexy, but you make even the opposite sexy."

He looks up at me from the ground, confused. "How is having low confidence sexy?"

"Don't you get it?" I question him as though he should know exactly how he makes me feel. He has no clue. He would soon find out, I'm just hoping it doesn't scare him off.

"You literally make me become the one thing I've always tried to hide, you bring out the side of me I've been concealing for too long. I have a secret, Adrian. There's something you need to know about me, and I can't stifle the urge to let you know any longer. I need you to know."

"Veronica . . ." He says with fear of what he was about to hear in his voice. "You aren't really a man, are you?" He nervously anticipates my response.

I can't help but burst out laughing. I didn't expect he would think of something so ridiculous. Maybe I was being too dramatic. Not intentionally, but the subject I want to discuss with him is serious to me, to share my deepest secrets with him. I stop. The fear of rejection makes me reconsider letting him in on my darkness. So I decide to keep it in the shadows a bit longer. He's not ready.

"A man? Really, Adrian? You thought I might be a man?" Laughing aloud again. "Am I that unattractive to you?"

"No!" He quickly replies, reassuring he's definitely attracted to me, a nice plus. “Though, you do realize there are tons of advancements in the medical field that can make even the ugliest men look as though they are a beautiful lady. But you – you're beyond beautiful, so I'm a fool for thinking any doctor could ever produce such a real woman such as yourself."

I think to myself, 'Smooth, Adrian, way to make up for that assumption of what you thought I was going to tell you.'

"So if you're not a man . . ." He chuckles. "Then what did you want to tell me? Nothing can be as bad as THAT!" He exclaims with a grin.

"When you're ready to know, we'll go there. Until then, no worries." I tell him, with shame that I ever brought it up.

"You're going to leave me wondering in suspense? That's unfair, Ms. Thorne."

I sharply look at him, "What did I tell you about calling me that?"

He teases, "You know you like it."

"I'll show you what I do like." I lean into him. "This is a start." I pull his face to mine with my hand on the back of his neck, and lick across the bottom of his top lip. "Just a taste." I whisper. I lean back from his delicious lips. "I have to get back to work for now. I'll see you tonight?" Asking him in hopes that my teaser will assure he comes back for more later.

"Tonight." He says and lightly bites his bottom lip.

It takes everything within me to hold me back from taking him, right then.

After Adrian leaves, I get straight back to work, hoping to finish at least one more project today. It's difficult to concentrate. My mom calling to talk about how my date went doesn't help. I keep the conversation brief, but let her know that I had a really great time and will be seeing him again. This pleases her, she's been hoping I'd find someone. Only thing I left out is that we're not trying to have a relationship, not the kind she wants for me anyway.

Once I get mom off of the phone, I turn the music back up and finish what I started. The hours fly by when I'm painting. I'm sure it's late now, but I had to get something done. There's been so many distractions lately, I just needed the day to accomplish all that I can. I put away my supplies and prop the finished canvas against the wall to dry along with the other I completed earlier today. I turn off the music and grab my purse, noticing my phone flashing on the stand it's sitting on. Missed calls from Jenna. She's probably eager to find out how things went last night as well. I call her on the way out as I lock up.

“You know, you could've called me sooner, Ronni, had me all worried. Where have you been all day? I've tried calling for the last few hours!” Jenna chews me out before I can slip in a simple 'Hi.'

“Calm down, crazy bitch, I'm fine!” I laugh.

“You're fine. That's it?”

“Yes, I'm fine. I've been at the gallery since this morning, working in the studio, trying to get some of the client's projects finished. Is that a problem with you?” I chuckle.

“Okay, so what about Adrian? How did things go with him?”

“His show was incredible, more so than I imagined it would've been.”


“And he has talent that astounded me.”

“Did you get laid or not?”

“Um, well! Straight to the point, are we?” I can't help but laugh.

She sighs. “Whatever, you know I need to know, just spill.” She chuckles.

“I didn't get laid. He did though.” I grin to myself.

“Okay . . . so . . . he got laid. By who? You, I hope!”

“Of course me!” I laugh at her blondeness. “Let's just say, he did the laying and I did the playing.”

“That's a good thing . . . right?”

“You sure have given me a good laugh with this call, Playmate. Yes, it's a good thing. It was fun.”

“Well, long as you enjoyed yourself.”

“We stayed at The Adolphus. It was a really nice ending to a wonderful night.”

“Okay, since you're sparing details, I'm getting off of this phone. You're no fun right now.” She chuckles.

“Details, really? You want me to describe how big he is and how deep he got in me? I mean, damn, Jen.” I laugh.

“Alright, never mind, I'm good.” She laughs. “Are you seeing him again any time soon?”

“Yes, tonight.”

“Mm-hm . . . I see . . . this is going to be a thing, isn't it?”

“I don't know what a thing is, but it is what it is.”

“All I can say is, don't forget your bestie in the midst of it all.”

“Never that, I couldn't forget your crazy ass if I wanted to.” I chuckle.

“Shut up. Bye, bitch. I love you too.” She laughs and hangs up.

I look at the time, six 'o' clock. I call the cab and get home so I can shower and change before seeing Adrian tonight. I realize I haven't eaten all day and I'm starving. Pasta sounds good. I get a glass of wine and sit on the kitchen counter while waiting for the water to boil. I get to thinking about how seeing him so soon may give him the wrong signals. I can't have him thinking that I'm wanting him around all of the time. I do want to fuck him all of the time, but he doesn't need to know that . . . yet.

I decide to call things off for the night, so I shoot him a text.

'I can't make it out tonight. Pretty tired from the day, think I'm going to call it a night soon.'

It doesn't take him long to respond.

'Spending time with your admirer instead?'

'Um, no, nothing like that. I just need some rest. Thought we could meet up another time.'

'What are you afraid of, Veronica?'

'Wait, what? I'm not afraid of anything. What do you mean?'

'I just hope you're not holding back from anything with me. You know, whatever that may be, I just want you to give me your all.'

'Look, Adrian, I told you I'm not looking for a relationship right now.'

'That's fine. Doesn't mean you aren't holding something back. Even sexually, I think there's more to it than what you've led on so far. I'm willing to learn, just show me. Give me a chance.'

'I am giving you a chance, tonight just isn't a good night.'

'Alright, whatever you say. Guess I'll see you later then.'

'Well I hope you have a good night.'

'You too.' He leaves it at that and I feel empty from our conversation.

I'm reminded about the paint brushes. I really need to find out who sent them. I throw the pasta in the boiling water and get the note out from the envelope attached with the box, reading it over again, trying to pinpoint any possible person it could be from.

'The world would be lost without you, and so would I. Thankful you didn't leave, I couldn't imagine such a lovely life gone so soon. Please accept this gift as a token of your first day at another chance at life.'

Nothing stands out to me, not the handwriting or the use of words. I'm clueless. I wonder if this person will ever step forward to let me know it was them who sent the gift. Maybe I can search online for some companies or local businesses that make gifts like the personalized brushes. That could be one way of finding out, ask the places about this particular brush set, it's possible they may know something.

My pasta is boiling over, I throw the note down and run to the pot. I clean up the mess and make my plate, sitting in front of my laptop to do some research on the mystery person. I find several online options, if one were to order and have it shipped, but I run into a couple local locations that offer personalization as well. I email each of them, asking if they can help me out.

I sit back and think about how I canceled on Adrian tonight, kind of regretting my decision. My mind starts wandering with thoughts about what we talked about yesterday, where we stand on what's going on between us. What we have is damn complicated, actually. I feel like I'm running with nowhere to go. Hell, I don't even know why I'd want to run. Pushing anything away that scares the shit out of me . . . I try to hide from my own emotions.

I go back to my laptop to begin research for my next client's request. I find myself staring at the screen for a couple of minutes, tapping next to the mouse with my black and red lace manicure. I begin thinking again. He doesn't know me at all and yet he gets me. It's like he can see through my soul. I just want to touch him. I want to feel his strong hands gliding across my ass from behind me.

A text breaks into my warm thoughts before I can finish them:

'It's like you're a drug that I should be avoiding, but you're the dope dealer and you keep me coming back for more. You're my beautiful bad habit that I can't get out of my system. I need to come over.'

I reply, flush from his words, 'You have a way of making me feel you with your words. Like you're right here next to me, speaking them into my ear. How do you have these powers?'

As I await his response, my body starts to clench with anticipation. Fuck it.

'Come to me.' I rush a text and hit send before I can think twice.

A knock on my door startles me from my phone. It's pouring rain outside, I can hear it beating on the windows. A flash of lightning strikes just as I get up to answer it. I jump. Damn I need to relax. I hurry, realizing whoever it is must be soaking wet from waiting on me. I crack open the door and look to see who it is before opening it completely. It's him. He's here, standing on my porch, dripping wet.

"Damn." I manage to quietly breath out, since I suddenly lost all ability to speak.

"I told you I need to come over." He pushes open the door and slowly approaches.

"I literally just texted you, how did you make it here so fast?" I ask as if it matters, but couldn't care less. I have what I want standing right in front of me.

His look is intense, taking away my breath. He didn't come to discuss mindless matters. He has no words. I can tell he wants to take me, here and now.

"Adrian" I whisper as he takes another step closer to me.

He slightly shakes his head to one side with a sexual grin and licks off the rain from his bottom lip. In this instant, my body turns completely flush and I can feel my blood flow hot through my veins.

"You're not fooling me, Veronica, I know what you want to do with me. I know what you've woken up thinking about and the thoughts that you've fallen asleep to. I know the dreams and fantasies you have running through your seductive mind."

I believe I'm red in the face, blushing like he just exposed my naked truth to the world., but it's just the two of us. I know now that he can see right through me. I know he gets me.

"Since you seem to know me so well, what is it that I want?" I ask to verify that he would answer the way I already know he will.

"Me. All of me. On demand." Perfect. I never really doubted him.

"And what do you want?" My skin tingles with excitement from the thought of his answer.

"For you to do everything you've been desiring to do with me. I want you to let out what you've been hiding from me. I don't want you to tell me, I need you to show me." He grabs me by my waist and pushes up against me. "I'm yours to use as you please, no more holding back."

I look into his eyes, reach my hand to his hair and begin running my fingers through his curls that are tightly wound to his scalp from being wet. I pull his face to mine, softly bringing my lips to his, enveloping my lust into every lick and kiss. His hands cup my ass, bringing me into his erection as close as possible. With each motion of our tongues, my temperature grows hotter, my blood boiling with the heat of sexual intensity. I pull back, grab his shirt by the bottom hem, and lead him outside to the back deck.

"I want you in the rain."

It's dark, only lit by the moon and subtle flashes of lightning in the distance. He takes off his wet white tee, I catch a glimpse of his chest and abs in the flash of lightning as he raises the shirt over his head. Damn, this is absolute perfection in front of me. He tosses his shirt to the ground and leans back from me a bit to unbuckle his belt.

"Wait." I stop him as he starts taking it out of the loops. "Don't lose that, we may need to use it." I see him crack a smile.

Mmm, his smile and luscious lips that gorgeously form with his grin, the corners of his mouth that curl so beautifully. He's the only one with this smile. His voice, his touch, his personality and mentality. Those details are what makes him special, the only one I want to have me. I watch the rain run down every inch of his body as he slides off his jeans. I have my personal fantasy playing out before my own eyes. I'm the luckiest woman on earth. Nobody has what I have. I have him.

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