Bed Of Thornes

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Chapter Seven

The rain is warm, inviting, and giving me sensations I've never felt. My biggest fantasy has always been to fuck in the rain, Adrian's the only person worthy of finally making it happen. He rips off my clothes and worships my body with his fingers. His touch is like flame to a candle, warming my skin. Placing his hands all over me, caressing my inner being, I arch my back as we stand facing one another. He kisses my neck, down to my breasts, sucking the rain off as he goes.

My hands run through his hair, down the back of his neck, and all over his strong back. The rain falling upon us is creating a wet blanket on our skin. He holds me up against the outside of the house and I wrap my legs around his hips, crossing them behind him. Our eyes meet as he pushes inside of me, bringing a full on rush of blood throughout my entire body. I hold onto his shoulders, and he pushes deeper into me until I moan out of pure pleasure. His hard, thick cock is the best feeling ever. I feel like I'm pouring out along with the rain that's falling from the dark sky.

I put my legs down and he kisses me passionately. We move to the grass and I grab the belt on the way. I wrap it around the back of his neck and bend over, holding onto the wet leather, pulling him close. He leans in and shoves his cock inside of me as deep and hard as he can. I pull on the belt, it's holding him in place, making him fuck harder and harder. His balls slapping against my inner thighs and clit, I yell with pleasure as he slides in again and again. In and out, each penetration bringing me closer to climax.

He stands from his kneeling position, and wraps the belt around my wrists, bringing it under me with the end of it at my pussy. He grabs it, pulls hard, and my face meets the ground. My wrists are under me, the belt rubbing against my clit and in between the walls of my pussy. He holds onto the end of it, and hunches down in a squatting position, lowering himself to my ass. His wet dick slides into me and he begins to pound as I whimper from the climbing climax he's bringing me to. He tugs at the belt and it hits against my clit as he plunges in again. I release everything within me, my body shaking and jerking from the ultimate orgasm. He moans and comes hard, making my come that much more intense. I look back at him and he releases the belt as he stands up, reaching down to help me up.

“I told you that you have nothing to worry about.” I breathlessly say to him.

“You liked that, huh?” He grins wide, breathing hard from his orgasm.

“Fuck, I loved it. I knew you had it in you, fast learner.” I wink.

We wrap up in each other, letting the rain wash away the dirt and grass from our bodies. His embrace is comforting. I need more.

“Lay down.” I demand and point at the rug on the deck.

He listens like a good boy and lies flat on his back, his naked body exposed fully for my pleasure. I walk over to him and kneel down at his feet. My hands start at his ankles, moving up his legs and thighs, over his semi-softened cock. I move my body up further, caressing his abdomen and chest. I move up further, until I am sitting on his face and feeling his hot breath between my thighs. I take his hands and place them on my breasts, having him grab them, pulling me down onto his lips.

I lightly bounce up and down, grinding and moving my hips. I reach back behind me, grabbing his dick, stroking it while I ride his face. He becomes hard as a rock and the rain slickens my strokes. I go faster, harder, forcing an orgasm for both of us. I want it rough, I want him to fucking moan and come all over. I near climax, grab onto the head of his cock and tighten my grip as my pussy snaps from another mind-blowing orgasm. I stroke his cock until the hot come seeps out and his dick throbs from the release. I roll off and lay beside him. We both breathe heavily, the rain starting to let up some. Our bodies shaking from pleasure. I turn to him, breathing him in. I want more, but he looks beat, so I leave it where it's at for now. My orgasms were enough to please me, I just can't seem to get enough of him. He turns and looks at me, smiling.

“Anything else I can do for you, Ms. Thorne?” He snickers, knowing now that I hate when he calls me that.

I playfully smack him and sit up, hovering over him to kiss his glistening lips. We both stand up and run into the house, laughing and breathing hard from the excitement of what just happened. I grab some towels and we dry off, standing there naked, taking in all we can of one another. The moment is sexual, making my woman hood arouse once again, but I hold back. I bite my lip and toss him a wink.

“You look so sexy in the rain.” I tell him. “You look sexy standing here right now, too. I'd never let you get dressed if it was up to me.” I grin.

“Is that right? Well you're sexy every time I look at you, and you definitely looked extra hot in the pouring rain. That was literally the best sex I've ever had in my life.” He grins back.

“It'll only get better.” I assure him.

“I don't know what could be better than that, but I'm willing to find out.”

“Stick around me and you will.”

“Oh, I plan on sticking around as long as you allow me to.”

“Good, I like that.” I wink.

“I guess I should head out, let you get that rest you wanted to get.” He looks like he doesn't want to go, but I can't get myself to let him stay.

“Yeah, I've got some more work I need to catch up on tomorrow morning. Then Jenna and I will be heading over to the shop to see what's going on with my car.”

“Oh . . . okay. Well I hope you have a good night then.” He wraps the towel tightly around his waist. “Mind if I borrow this? My clothes are soaked.”

I chuckle. “Yeah, go ahead, keep it.”

I can tell that he doesn't want to leave, he's probably hoping I'd beg him not to. I just can't let that happen, I know what staying the night leads to. He should know that's not where we stand, but his disappointment says otherwise. He gathers his things and heads for the front door.

“Thank you for tonight. I'll see you later, Veronica.” His lips meet mine for a delicious good night kiss.

“I'll call you tomorrow.”

He walks off, short with his words, I know his feelings are hurt by my pride.

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