Bed Of Thornes

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Chapter Nine

“Veronica, I don't know what I'm doing with any of this.” Adrian's eyes are wide.

I chuckle. “I've told you before, I don't mind teaching you, that's all part of the fun. Showing you a new level of pleasure. Come over here.”

I lead him to the dresser and open each drawer, pulling out what toys I want to use as I go. I glance at his face, he looks pale compared to his normal dark complexion. I don't want to scare the boy. I close the drawers, holding a leather flogger and a ball gag in my right hand. I asked him his limits before, I wonder if he's reconsidering them now. I walk over to the table that's in the center of the room, the mahogany wood glimmers between my shadows as I walk past.

“Come.” I tell him and he walks over to meet me where I stand. I put the ball into his mouth and strap it around his head. “I'm going to show you what you're going to do to me, then you can take over. Get onto all fours on the table. Don't worry, baby, I won't hurt you.” I smile behind him.

I take the flogger in my hand and tease his back with the tips of it, smoothly running it over his skin. He squirms a bit, tenses up as I lead to his ass. The fringe flows over his ass and I bring it back up, snapping it just enough to make him jump. Again, I run the ends of the fringe over his skin, snapping it against his ass harder this time. I see his dick harden under him, and my pussy begins to swell. I strike the flogger against his ass once more, making him moan loudly but muffled from the gag. His balls tighten. My turn.

I grab him by the arm to pull him upwards and take the ball gag off of him. I put the ball into my mouth, holding onto the straps of it and turning to have him fasten them together behind my head. I kneel onto the table, the wood is cold but inviting in a seductive way. I turn to hand him the flogger then get onto all fours, pushing my ass into the air. He begins to run the flogger across my skin, the tingling sensation rushes through my body. He teases me, allowing the ends of the fringe to touch every inch of me. Bringing it back towards my ass, I can tell he pulls it back. It connects with my skin in a swift snap. I moan and push my ass back up further, asking for more.

After a few more strikes of the flogger, my skin stings and my pussy is wet from the pleasurable pain he's inflicted upon me. I take the ball out so I can tell him to get inside me from behind. He slides in and starts fucking me as hard as he can, my tits bouncing fiercely below me, my nipples touching the cold wood of the table. I'm not done with him yet. It feels so good, but I pull away and get up from the table. I walk over to get some ties, a blindfold, and a cock ring. I push him to a lying position, so he's flat on his back. I roll the cock ring onto his erection and tie his hands together.

“Get on your knees.” I demand.

He obeys, getting into a kneeling position. His cock's so hard that I can see every vein popping through his beautiful caramel shaft and the head bulging. He's breathing fast from the climax he was reaching while he was fucking me. I plan to finish him off with an extreme orgasm.

“You want to come?” I ask, whip in hand.

He nods.

“I can't hear you. Answer me.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want to come.”

“Ask me nicely, ask me to make you come.”

“Please, please make me come.”

“I don't believe you . . . beg me . . . or I'll leave you like this.”

“Please Veronica, I need you to make me come. I want you to make me come.”

I walk behind him and snap the whip against his ass.

“You don't want to come.” I tease.

“Yes, please, please make me come.” He whimpers and I can hear the ache to release in his voice.

I walk back in front of him and trail the fringe of the whip down his chest and over his hard cock. I set it aside, put the blindfold over his eyes and get onto my knees, reaching my hands down to his dick. I start stroking his shaft, playing with the head in between each stroke. His hands tied, he tries to reach for me, but he can't touch me. I make him spread his legs open wider and I slide down to lie underneath him. My face under his tight balls and rock hard cock, I begin licking and sucking him as I play with my clit. He moans and breathes heavily. I play with the cock ring, his balls tighten to the maximum. I milk his cock with my hands as he thrusts forward and back with each stroke. His body twitches and jerks above me. He lets out a loud moan and an explosion of come. The sight of it sets my climax off and I come along with him, my pussy snapping and throbbing from the intense orgasm. He continues to twitch and groan, I watch his balls pulsate from the release.

I scoot out from under him and sit up. My pussy touching the cold wood, sending a chill through me that makes my swollen pussy lips tingle with delight. I remove the blindfold from his eyes, he's panting from the high of pleasure. I take the ties off from his wrists and his body goes limp on the table.

“That was incredible, Veronica. I've never come as hard as I did just now.”

I smile at him and lean forward to kiss his full, quivering lips as he breathes.

“I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I came pretty wickedly too while watching you come.” I wink at him.

“So hot, I can't believe what I've been missing all of my life.”

“Just imagine, that's not the only thing we can do in this room. The possibilities are endless. Something new to try every time, keeps things from being vanilla.”

“Vanilla?” He asks with one eyebrow raised. He stands up to stretch his body.

“Yeah, you know, plain. I don't do boring sex, I told you and I meant it.”

“You're not kidding. That was far from vanilla.” He chuckles and I join in.

“You hungry?” I ask him. He looks shocked that I can simply go back to normal after such a sexual event.

He gives a crooked smile. “Yeah . . .” He says as he nods.

“Let's order some Chinese.” I walk out the door and he follows close behind, leading down the stairs and into the living room.

He smacks me on the ass when I bend down to get my phone. I turn around to face him and he gives me a wink.

Yeah . . . this is definitely just what I need in my life.

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