The She-Wolf - Wolf Riders MC #2

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Grace Carlson didn’t earn her nickname ‘Pitbull’ for nothing. Fiercely protective of her friends, loyal, and a bark loud enough to wake the dead, calling her Pitbull is more than justified. Steve ‘Prez’ Kroger has no intentions of ever claiming another woman after his disastrous marriage with Halley – despite his cock’s interest in the tall, curvy nurse. But when Grace becomes a witness and the next target for corrupt cops and doctors alike, he’s more than willing to take on the responsibility to be her guardian. Question is, how long can they deny the thing between them when sexual desire is at an all-time high?

Romance / Action
Tamar Leo
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Chapter 1

Grace’s POV

“Relax!” Prez said gently and took the beer out of my hand. “They’re already dead, it’s not like you can bring them back.”

“Easy for you to say!” I exclaimed, my arms flailing widely as he closed the computer. “Someone, where I work, is killing people to get to their organs! That’s like horror movie level of terrifying! No! Scratch that! It’s the worst slasher plot I’ve ever heard!”

And what does the hot biker do? He laughed! A laugh that sounded sexy as fuck and had my core warming up like molten lava…

“What’s so funny?!” I snapped, ignoring what his smile and body did to my insides.

“You are,” he replied – and didn’t even sound the least bit sorry about it. “You’re cute when you freak out. And hot when you’re angry…”

His eyes raked over my body and--- shit did that make me body-conscious! Now, I wasn’t into body shaming, nor did I have a problem with the way I looked.

Everybody else – however – did!

I was curvy, had been for my entire life. And people couldn’t seem to not pass me by without making me aware of it. That I was tall, but not a beauty model. Giving me tips on diets and asking if I was pregnant. Now usually when it was a woman talking to me that way, I’d give her the middle finger and tell her to fuck off. If a man said that---

Hell, I dated that jerk!

And let him crush my confidence into nothing! It took me two years to leave that guy and ever since then, I’d taken myself off the market! I’d regained some of my confidence, but having Prez look at me like that – all hot and lust-like – made my heart skip beast and nervous sweat break out across my skin…

“Are you flirting with me?” I snapped, digging in deep for my inner bitch. But for some reason only found my inner slut and boy--- she wanted to throw herself at the big bad biker!

“Now? Seriously, when we’ve just found out that---!”

I raised my hand to slap his arm, but he caught it. And it happened just like that! Our eyes met and something passed between us. It was a total movie moment if there ever was one. My eyes dropped to his lips and involuntarily my tongue traced the edge of my lips. As if that was the cue he’d been waiting for, he pulled me down on him. Helpless against his strength, I was pulled into him, and his lips crashed against mine.

Freaking sparks!

I moaned into the kiss, unable to help myself. He tasted even better than I imagined and when his tongue came out brushing against my lips, I eagerly opened up and gave him entrance. And he didn’t just go in and out as some guys did. He took his sweet time sampling me and in return gave me a good taste of himself. It whispered of forbidden promises and of what he wanted to do to me…

For a split second, I remembered what he and his brothers had done to Cracker and what she’d been through. I shouldn’t be sleeping with the enemy, but---

Fuck that!

I needed this! A distraction from all the bad things that had been happening around me. I hadn’t had sex in almost a year and Prez just ignited something inside of me, something primal and savage and--- and I wanted it!

I didn’t even think but moved closer. And when his hand came around my ass, I silently followed his command. Without breaking the kiss, I straddled him and--- and groaned, when the huge bulge in his pants rubbed perfectly against my pussy.

As if feeling my need, he gripped me tighter and pushed us closer, fucking me through our clothes. His mouth left my lips and trailed hot lingering kisses down my throat and shoulder. He generously appreciated my round soft mounds, kissing and licking the sensitive skin. He had me moaning and riding him, seeking that blissful pleasure that – at this moment – only he could give…

“Fuck,” he suddenly groaned. “I need to have you!”

Yes, yes, and yes to that! PLEASE!!!

We broke apart, as he came up and eagerly put me down on the couch. I’d barely gotten comfortable, when he was on my jeans, unzipping them. And that’s when I suddenly remembered!

“Fuck, I’ve…” I said, panicking as my hands tried to cover the already exposed skin. Instantly Prez stopped what he was doing and his confused, hungry eyes met mine. I blushed hard with embarrassment and had to fight to get the words out.

“I-I haven’t--- shaved… down there,” I mumbled, almost wishing I’d thought of that before it got to this point. But to my surprise, he let out an annoyed grunt and a curse. And when his eyes met mine, the passion and lust burning in them were enough to melt away any hesitation I had…

“Like I fucking care at the moment!” I growled and as he spoke, he pulled off my shoes and threw them on the floor. A second later my jeans and panties got the same treatment. And hell, the way he looked at me, he made me feel like I was freaking Aphrodite herself! His gaze traveled over my body like a predator watching his prey. His muscles were tense as if he was trying to hold himself back and failing miserably at it!

“Fuck!” was his last words, before he roughly pushed my knees apart and lowered himself between my legs. I couldn’t contain a shudder as his hot breath fanned over my exposed clit. And gasped, when his tongue playfully flicked over it, as if testing my sensitivity. He did it again and again, just before he closed his mouth over it and sucked…

My back arched off the couch, gasping and mewling from the intense pleasure. I didn’t know if I wanted to move away or push him closer, but I wanted more. I was desperate to come. My body felt on fire, my core clenched painfully on air and the inferno he started was spreading through my body, making my toes curl…

“Oh god,” I cried out. “Prez! Please!”

Answering my plea, I felt him trace my entrance with his finger and pushing in slowly. I moaned even more, not wanting it slow and gentle. Without thinking I moved on his hand, desperate for his touch. In the morning I could be embarrassed at how wanton he made me, but right now, I was frantic to reach my release!

Prez murmured something incoherent that sounded suspiciously a lot like a chuckle, before he curved his fingers and--- I screamed as he relentlessly attacked my G-spot, sending me tumbling over the edge and into an earthshattering orgasm.

I panted, slowly coming down from my high. Prez gave my clit one more tug, making my legs tremble before he lifted off me. When I could finally see straight again, I watched him undo his jeans and his long, big – very long! – erect shaft jumped out. He’d somehow gotten ahold of a condom and was rolling it onto the beast. And I realized that I was panting in anticipation. He was definitely bigger than any guy I’d ever been with and hell, I didn’t even know how half of that could fit. That’s when he suddenly started laughing. And I realized that I’d spoken out loud…

“You know what to say to make a man feel good,” he snickered, lowering himself over me. I blushed but couldn’t help but return his smile, as I locked my legs around his calves.

“You know how to make a woman feel good,” I replied, hoping I didn’t sound corny as shit, and kissed him. He returned my kiss, using his one hand to guide his erect shaft to my opening. I shivered and moaned into the kiss, when he rubbed the hard length up and down my pussy, coating himself in my juices. And as he pushed inside, I felt every steely inch of him, as my walls gave way to fit him. He was so big, he stretched and rubbed every oversensitive place I had and when he moved, I was already halfway over the moon.

“Oh fuck,” he grunted, thrusting all the way in again and again. “You’re so fucking tight!”

“That’s because you’re so fucking big,” I gasped back, throwing my head back in sheer pleasure. “Oh god! YES! Harder!”

He grunted and moved faster. And just then---

“Fuck!” He growled as he suddenly slipped all the way out. Suddenly the warmth of this body on mine was gone and I could hear him curse again. Surprised and confused, I sat up on my elbows and watched him run a hand down his gorgeous face. He was sitting back on his haunches, looking a mix between pained and frustrated.


“What?” I asked, worried that the condom night have broken or something. Not that I was worried about getting pregnant since I was on the shot. But biker boys and their clubhouse whores were infamous…

He--- blushed?!

“I haven’t had sex for almost 5 years,” he confessed with a red face. “I’m a little too worked up right now.”

I tried to mask my surprise, but--- yeah! That’s a long time to go without sex! And--- you know what?

Fuck it!

I’ll process it tomorrow!

“Take me from behind!” I told him, already turning around. He looked surprised but growled in appreciation when I presented my ass to him. He stood one knee on the couch and one leg on the floor. Easily slamming home again, his cock found its way between my fold and the new position only intensified the roaring need that was building in my core.

“Play with my clit!” I ordered and with that, his hand came around and his fingers easily found my nub, circling it. “Oh, fuck! Yeah, just like that!” I cried out in a mixture of moaning and mewling. His reply was a shallow grunt as he picked up his paste and rocked into me harder. The sound of our bodies coming together only added to the erotic sensation that washed over me, and just like that, my climax was upon me…

“Prez, fuck… I’m---!”

I cried out, when the orgasm overtook me, shaking my body until it threatened to collapse. Prez pushed in one more time and---


He roared out his release and I moaned even louder, when every twitch of his cock sent electric shocks of pleasure through me, prolonging my own release and milking him even more. He let out a strangled cry of joy and ecstasy, thrusting in one last time, before pulling out.

I more or less collapsed right then and there, barely having the strength to roll over and face Prez. He was carefully taking care of the condom, throwing it on the floor somewhere. His gaze met mine again and--- and there was something there that I’d never seen in a man’s eyes before. Fire, lust and---

Some emotion I didn’t recognize…

Whatever it was, it made me smile. Feel good, like I was the only person in the world he gave that smile and I felt like I was a goddess in his eyes.

“That was…,” I panted, a wide smile splitting my lips. “Amazing.”

“Yeah?” he teased, reaching down and gently brushed his lips over mine. “Wait until I’m back in shape. Then I’ll show you incredibly.”

He gently nipped my lips, before deepening the kiss and reminded me, that before this, he’d gone down on me, blowing my mind twice tonight.

He moved to lay beside me, pulling me into him and I didn’t fight it. Resting my head on his arm I nuzzled into his chest and closed my eyes for a while, enjoying the orgasmic afterglow. Because I knew the second it was gone, the annoying question was coming up…

What did this mean?

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