Falling For Mr. Wrong

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They met in a strange situation and cracked a deal. Darius Delucia; a playboy who changes his girlfriends more than his clothes. A self claimed sex god who found himself caught in a critical condition. Rubel Johson, a simple smart girl with only one aim in her life, A loving husband and a big family. What will happen when two different personalities will collide? He challenged her, and her presence changed him. But who is going to win this deal and who will lose?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Rubel

“Do you think I look desperate enough to have him in my life?”

Standing in front of a long mirror, I glanced through the reflection, sharing my manipulative, possessive thoughts with my best friend.

“Or does he feel the same way?”

She inhaled the minute particles from the cancer stick, held it in her lungs, and extended the rolled nicotine paper towards me.

I rolled my eyes, glared at her.

“You know I don’t do this.”

“Then you should; it will stop your horses of intelligence running after Marcus,”

She smiled, pulling back her fingers, stuffed the stick back in between her lips to get another suck.

I turned towards her, keeping my hand over my chest, fixing my deep cleavage line.

She released those white clouds from her lungs, making me cough a bit, but now I am addicted to being the passive smoker.

“Anna, please. Tell me, do you think he would propose to me today?” I bit my lips.

“He’s throwing a surprise party and invited all his friends. What do you think the surprise will be?”

Thinking of the man I am in love with, the butterflies started to flutter in my tummy,

“I think, yes,” she supported me.

It made me jump at my place; the happiness of getting a marriage proposal from the most handsome man excites me.

Marcus Menon, my one true love; we found each other a few months back, and I didn’t take time to tell him my heart’s desire.

I fell in love the instant I saw him,

Indirectly I told him how much I liked him,

Yeah, yeah, I know in most cases a man used to propose to a girl.

But a girl like me who doesn’t believe in wasting time told him everything. Not to mention he hesitated, but later on, he decided to go with the flow.

And today after ten months, I am super excited to think he is about to propose to me for our marriage.

For my whole life, I was called the weakest link of the house.

All my brothers and sisters are good-looking humans.

My financial status is good because I am working as an HR head in one of the finest marketing companies in MANHATTAN.

But my siblings always make me feel vulnerable about the way I carry myself.

They think I am a plain girl with no sense of fashion.

My chocolate brown hair comes from my mother’s side, which is most of the time wrapped in a bun.

I like to wear glasses because I think it gives a mature look and for my long-distance vision.

When it comes to the clothes I wear, I always get scolded by everyone. I am a person who likes to wear loose clothes.

Call it my insecurities or lean body that makes me feel awkward in front of everyone; I don’t think I have that X-factor in me to lure a man with her moves.

And working in a marketing firm made me more conscious about my looks.

Honestly, I have no sense of fashion, but why accept the fact when you have a person like Marcus in your life.

I think he loves me the way I am,

Today, Marcus is going to propose to me; I will declare a victory over my siblings.

I will tell them it’s not about looks; it’s about your heart.

A smirk played on my face thinking of all these moments playing one after another like 90′s cassettes,

“Why are you smiling?” Anna assisted my dress zip.

“Because Marcus is the most handsome guy any girl could think of, And today the world will bow in front of me, I want to see those jealous eyes looking at me to have a handsome man wrapping my waist possessively,”

Anna shook her head,

She is my best friend and totally opposite from me.

She is smoking hot, likes to change her date every week. I don’t know how she managed it, and here I didn’t get a man who fell in love until I met Marcus.

Her fashion sense is super awesome;

Last but not least, she loves me and doesn’t want to change me.

“You should wear a short sexy dress,” She arched her brows.

“If he is going to propose to you, you should wear hot smoking clothes” She assisted the zip, closing my exposed back.

Guess I was wrong on my last line; she wanted to change me.

“Why? what’s wrong with this?” I replied.

“If this is your big day, then you should look super sexy,”

I gave her my signature stare,

“At least open your hair,”

“Fine,” I replied.

She immediately brought a curler and made my long strand into a stylish wavy hairstyle.

“Let’s go.” I thanked her with a cute smile,

Coming out of the apartment, we hastily walked towards the elevator.

“I don’t want to be late, and the traffic ugh...”

We live in Manhattan; the name itself completes the introduction.

A dream place for the girls like me, who want to achieve something in their life.

The closed metal door of the elevator reminds us to give a final look towards each other.

“Don’t stress yourself, Scar,” Anna read the wrinkle lines on my forehead.

“I am still not believing. All my dreams are about to be completed,” I bit my lips.

“You deserve this, babe.” She squeezed me in her arms.

We came to the hotel lobby asking for the exact area,

the receptionist directed us in the west direction,

My heart thudded against my chest like a drum.

Suddenly the butterflies inside my tummy settled as my warm breath changed into the cold breeze with nervousness.

My waxed hand is still showcasing the leftover goosebumps of cold blood flowing through my veins.

We entered the hall, which was decorated with white flowers and candles.

He loves me. That was the thought that hit me again.

I grabbed my clutch against my chest, trying hard not to faint with excitement.

I looked towards Anna, who was giving me her Colgate smile.

“It’s beautiful, babe; Your man is a hotshot,” she winked,

We walked inside, where I saw the man of my dreams.

“Marcus,” I hugged him.

“Hey, Rubel. I am happy you came,”

Well, that was low-class humor, which I needed to appreciate.

I smiled,

“You know, I will never say no to you,” I pretended because I knew he brought the ring from the same jewelry shop we went to last month.

Last week I went to the jewelry shop to fix my bracelet chain and he told me Marcus bought a ring.

He introduced me to other friends, saying I was his friend.

Well, I know he likes to tease me like this,

I settled myself at the corner round table, waiting for other people to come.

“Babe, why did he introduce you as his friend?”

“Oh! Come on, Ann, he likes to tease me like this,” I replied,

As the people came, my bladder started to tease me with pain.

All the nervousness turned into water that wanted to come out.

“Excuse me,”

“Where are you going?” Ann replied, looking towards the stage.

“I need to pee. I can’t stand in front of everyone holding my excitement like this.” I replied.

“What if he calls your name?”

“Tell him to wait; his bride will join him soon.” I winked and sprinted towards the restroom.

I was looking back, wishing he should not announce anything in my absence. I don’t want to miss a single word of love coming from his mouth.

I was lost in my thoughts when I bumped into someone.

Suddenly I could feel the wetness in the left side of my stomach and thighs,


I looked up, that sculpted face looking towards me.

I looked down at my beige color dress, which was now, turned a shade darker because this stupid man spilled the red wine on it.

“What the heck did you do?” I literally wanted to slap him.

But he was calmly looking at me.

My nostrils flared with anger, the fire coming out from my nostrils; I wanted to burn him through my dragon flames.

“Can you remove your glasses?” He husked.

My brows squeezed together to understand his words.

“Remove... glasses,”

Is he mad or what?

I jerked my neck, scanning him properly, shifting my glasses up on my nose.

“No, never,”

What a shitty reply,

He chuckled,

“Are you alright, miss?”

Am I alright? No, I was excited, happy enjoying myself, and now my dress is ruined because of you, you idiot.

“You spoiled my dress,”

“I didn’t mean to, but you were the one looking back and walking ahead,”

Look at the guts of this man,

“You know what, I don’t want to waste my time here with you. My boyfriend is about to propose to me for marriage, and I don’t want to spoil my mood talking to you,” I snorted.

“So, excuse me,”

I dashed towards the restroom and released my anxiety,

Tried to wash my dress, but it didn’t help.

“Seriously,” Came out and saw the same man talking to a lady; our eyes met for a second, and there I cursed him under my breath for spoiling my dress.

While I was walking towards the hall, I heard people clapping for something.

I could hear Marcus’s voice cracking some jokes.

I entered and saw he was on the stage holding Mic, spilling his charm on everyone.

“So here she comes, the queen of my dream.” He released the words and, there the spotlight fell upon me,

Oh! God, Oh! God, I was about to die; everyone was watching me.

I shadowed my eyes with my palm to get a clear view of Marcus,

He stuffed his hand in the court pocket, took out a red velvet box.

Yes, yes, he was walking towards me.

I licked my lips twice to make them look glossy; I didn’t want to ruin my picture.

He was walking towards me and I lifted my dominant shivering hand towards my chest.

Once he came in front of me, he gave me his killer smile,

“Excuse me,”

He crossed me, walked towards the door.

He must be mistaken, no no, Marcus, that was the time to play.

I turned and saw he kneeled in front of another girl, holding her hand in his.

She nodded her head, agreeing with his proposal.

Suddenly I felt the saltwater covered my pale cheeks,

I am sure nobody noticed my tears as it was beyond my glasses.

I tried to smile as the audience cheered them; I wanted to be a good person, but why does it hurt me so much?

Suddenly a hand touched my shoulder; I knew it was none other than Anna.

I wanted to stretch my lips east to west to showcase my fake smile, but all I could do was rest my head on her shoulder.

Marcus looks happy,

They walked towards me; he wanted to introduce his girl.

“Hey Rubal, meet Kiara. My..”

Anna gritted her teeth as her hand turned into a fist,

“You serpent... I..”

I grabbed her hand immediately,

“Congratulation, Marcus,”

After having three unexpected breakups, I trained myself to muster a smile in front of these men,

He crossed me,

“Rubel, why? Why didn’t you tell him anything.” Ann replied.

“Because it was me who loved him, he never said he loved me. I misunderstood his care and affection as love.” I replied.

“I will be back in some time,”

I ran towards the restroom; my chest was paining, the heart stopped pumping the blood to my veins.

All I could see was blurry; once again, my heart broke into thousands of pieces,

I am sure I am an omen carrier; I am the biggest loser when it comes to failing a relationship.

“Hey, how’s your proposal?”

Once again, that stranger caught my focus,

He looked at me and then my finger, which was definitely not carrying the expensive ring.

Great, now strangers are also making fun of me.

I didn’t say anything to him, came into the restroom and burst into tears.

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