The Fighters (Book 1)

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Lilly a eighteen year old high school senior ready to start her life over. Always having to hide her true identity. Lilly isn't popular to say the least, ultimately having no friends. Lilly does whatever it takes to prove she can do things on her own. Her mother hating her existence and avoiding her fathers grasp since thirteen. Thrown back into the life she tried to avoid for so long. She tries to keep her head high but when two future leaders make their feelings for her clear will she be able to make a choice to love one and let the other marry her sister? Neither man letting her go courting her for her hand in marriage. This story will have detailed violence.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Lilly Anne Rubio!!” I hear my mother yell from downstairs.

I jump out of bed and look at my radio seeing the time. I panic for a moment and run to my door hearing my mom rushing up the stairs now.

“I’m sorry I’m up!! I’ll be down in a minute!” I yell down. I run to my dresser and slip on my uniform a loose black button up collared shirt and old red and black checkered skirt with dirty black sneakers and red jacket.

I pull all my hair up into a messy bun. Quickly rush to the bathroom and brush my teeth.

“I swear if you are not down here in five minutes I will drag you down the stairs by you hair!” My mother yells.

Just like that I grab my bag tossing it onto my shoulder and head down the stairs. My mom grabs my arm and yanks me out the door to the city bus stop. Just barely making it in time.

My mom gets off before me as I finish the loop to school. No one from my school rides the bus which is great for me honestly.

Montisque academy prep

My personal hell. I only got in by having a high testing score on the entrance again granting me finacial aide and scholarships. My mother would never pay for me to go here. We are fairly poor not accepting my fathers money. She has made it clear she doesn’t care for me that if she could she would have put me in foster care but my father wouldn’t allow it.

As soon as I walk onto campus I dart to my locker. Throwing my bag in it and pull out my books for my first lesson of the day, AP italian.

The halls quickly fill people talking loud and rushing bumping into me. I look around and head straight to my class.

I wait by the door before the bell waiting on the teacher to open the door. No one speaking to me as people gather around the door for class.

Once we get into class I head to my seat by the teachers desk and window. After five minutes the finally bell rings and the doors shut.

“Buongiorno classe. Oggi abbiamo un test. Non su carta verbale da quando ho preso diversi oSe hai imbrogliato l’ultima volta.” The teacher immediately tells us about a test he will be conducting.

“Lily dimmi cosa dici a qualcuno se ti chiede di descriverti?” He asked me raising an eyebrow.

I sigh and think for a moment. How would you describe me?

“Sono molto tranquillo e riservato.” I say tapping my pen. He nods and continues asking other students to describe themselves or features going over the basics.

School goes by so slow. Most of my classes are advanced placement so it’s less I will pay when I go to college. If I even go honestly. My dad wants me to join back into his business one day.

It finally becomes lunch and I head outside to the courtyard and head to my normal spot under a tree and pull out my fathers old mp3 player and headphones.

“Aww look its the schools charity case again.” I hear Noel mock me.

Noel is the schools queen bee. A cheerleader, dating the quarterback, perfect body, ice blonde hair, and blue eyes. Oh and rich. Carry is pale with dark brown chin length hair with big lips and lots of plastic surgery. While Ariel is mocha skinned with braided black hair and green eyes and hour glass body.

“Tell me when will you understand you just don’t belong here? I mean you have no friends, no social life, no money or family.” Carry adds.

The trio of woman laughing at me. I just sigh trying to ignore them. As if I could they wouldn’t leave until I either cry or snap.

“Come on give her some credit the teachers like her. I heard Mr.Coleson wants to tap it. That’s why she stays late with him most days.” Luca laughs walking over sliding his hands to Noels stomach.

" Non vi sopporto tutti. Giuro che ti prenderei a calci in se non fossi sospeso" I roll my eyes and put my book away getting up. They all look at me confused none speaking Italian fluently.

I turn and see a group of people watching me clearly understanding me laughing and talking amoungst themselves.

"So pathetic, how about you go back into hiding you troll." Ariel scoffs at me.

I head to the stairs and put my headphones back in. I sit on the side and flip back open my book. I hear the group still talking about me then a party tonight.

When school was finally out for the day I head to Mr.Colesons class and sigh sitting in front of his desk.

"Another hard day?" He asked grading papers not looking up.

"As always, Why can't they just leave me alone? I do nothing to bother them but somehow I am always ridiculed for being myself." I say as he passes me papers to help him grade.

"Because you have what they lack. Think of it Rubes, you are extremely smart. You go into this school with no help from anyone. Plus you are very pretty just tend to seculde yourself off making you unapproachable." He says leaning back in his seat.

"Why would I want people to talk to me when I know it just leaves room to be treated horribly again." I say honestly.

"You can't push everyone away because who your dad is. I get you don't talk to him or have much to with him but if people knew you would be the queen bee here. Instead you live in the housing apartments and refuse help from him." Mr. Coleson says serious now.

"Please don't tell me I need to hear him out. You know why I can't last we spoke he wanted me to live with him and his new wife and their children. I don't want to be a burden on them or give them the satisfication that I need him to live." I say not looking up.

"Then why is it you train still?" I look up at him and cock my head sideways thinking.

Mr.Coleson works for my father. He is like a guard for me my father hired. We both know I don't want to go back there or home. I want to leave off to college if I can get a grant though it seems hard. My father often tell him he wants me home eventually.

"I have to. I may not like him or his family but I am a target when people learn of me." I say leaning back.

"Fine, You want to go to the gym?" He laughs helping me up and putting the papers away. With that we head out and head to our gym.
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