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Jamie is just an ordinary girl, stumbling through life with her best friend Amy by her side. Nick, TJ, Stu and Reece are from a well known band, Deadly sins. Follow the story of Jamie when her life collides with the bands. Can she cope with four very different guys and their lifestyles? Sometimes life behind the camera isn't as perfect as you'd expect. The band needs her for their ultimate comeback, which complicates things when she's so camera shy. Sparks could fly, hearts could heal and lies will destroy everything.

Romance / Drama
Mel S-H
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I prefer being invisible.

I did not intend to still be living at home at the grand old age of 26, but as my 27th birthday looms closer, maybe I really should try and achieve my goals.

I grab my graffitied notebook and open it up to my goals page.

1. Get a full-time job

2. Move out!!!!

3. Get a puppy

4. Go on a holiday

5. Try some music festivals

6. Learn to drive

I look at my completely attainable goals, should I make the effort? I slam the book shut and fall back onto my bed.

Maybe tomorrow I will start.

As I prepared to cocoon myself in my duvet for the rest of the day, my mother's loud, aggravated voice echoes upstairs and my body instantly jumps up off the bed.


"I am." I reply in a playful tone that acknowledges that I know, she knows that I'm not really.

"Amy is here and coming your way"

"What? Why didn't you just start with that?" I yell complaining.

My door swings open fast and Amy wanders in.

"Ok, we don't have much time, I need your help for a few hours, but you need to be clean and well dressed. You go shower, fast! I'll raid your wardrobe for anything that might be put together enough" She gives me a look that screams 'hurry up' and I let out a sigh as I walk to the bathroom.

After a quick shower, I head back to find a couple of options on my now made bed.

"You know all of those options are funeral outfits" I say with a smile, which she returns.

"Oh, I know, but you have literally nothing else suitable." Amy's voice says it all, my wardrobe selection sucks.

"So, what's the deal? What am I doing this morning?"

"You, my friend, are making easy money. Some VIP'S have booked the conference room with an hours' notice. So, I need to head there and set it up. You need to grab the drinks and food on this list and bring it there as soon as possible."

"Anyone cool?" I can't help but ask nosily.

"Nobody you like, but they are paying us well, for the short notice so extra effort is important. Which means you need to be clean and smart. No time for make-up or you will be late. I've got to go"

Amy hands me the list and hurries past me. I quickly dress and hunt down my smart black shoes and then pin my hair back into a bun.

With thirty minutes to spare the temptation to put a little make up on is playing on my mind, but I also know if I am late, she will not get me anymore jobs, so with a heavy sigh I head out to the best coffee shop in town.

Within ten damn minutes my feet are bloody killing me in these shoes. I miss my trainers.

Once in the coffee shop I hand over my order and wait patiently, checking my appearance on my phone's camera.

Typical, I am catering to a VIP and I can't even dress to impress.

Amy is a natural beauty and she knows it. She requires hardly any effort when it comes to clothes, hair and make-up.

Her figure is one you would kill for; despite what she consumes it never sticks to her. Her hair rests perfectly over her shoulders and is naturally straight and her skin.... I have spent so much on moisturisers and make up and she just wears lip gloss and has people falling over themselves just to talk to her.

And then there's me. My love of food shows and my hair is pretty much always tied back because it requires the least amount of effort that way and make-up, I have a ridiculous amount of it and despite a lot of practice, it still looks like I have put it on in the dark, with my toes, whilst suffering major leg cramp.

Once my name is called, I grab my items and head straight to the conference rooms at the leisure centre and knock.

Amy opens the door looking rather flustered, her eyes are straight on mine as she pleadingly whispers,

"I need you to come in and hand them out"

"I can't do that, I don't actually work here, and have you seen the huge spot on my face?"

Amy pulls me in regardless and announces me to the room, not that anyone looks up.

"Refreshments and breakfast have arrived gentleman." A couple of the guy's snicker as they hear the last word.

I start wandering around the room looking for name tags or name cards but there is nothing. One of the younger guys looks up and smiles. He looks so familiar, but I just can't place him.

The guy who just smiled at me grabs the cups and starts quietly passing them around the table, I mouth 'thank you' at him and then head to Amy, who is busy setting up some wires for the huge screen.

"They look so familiar, who are they?" I couldn't help myself, I had to ask.

Amy looks at me stifling a laugh and smiles as the screen turns on and loud music suddenly blasts through it.

"FINALLY! Let us get this meeting started!" The annoyed tone gets my attention straight away and I turn, pissed that he spoke to Amy like that. But I soon realise that his annoyed tone is at the other guys sitting at the table who are still ignoring him and messing about, except for one.

As famous guys go, he is rather good looking with hair just covering over his eye, despite that, he has gorgeous eyes that suggests that he is the kind type.

Amy and I head to the end of the room and wait until we are needed again as they start their meeting.

At first, it is mostly lecturing, then it turns to percentages and news headlines and then their fan base comes into conversation.

The angry voice returns and this time the guys are all paying attention.


"Isn't that what your job is? To know this stuff?" I can't help but smile at the smart mouthed response as a dark-haired guy speaks and sniggers.

"Don't start with your smart mouth, not today. We need a plan, a single, followed by an album and a god damn video that gets more views than a kitten playing with a fucking penguin".

Then it clicks; I know who they are. Now that I know, I am a little disappointed. They are not a band I am remotely interested in.

That is not to say they are rubbish. They used to have a huge fan base but, over the years, when they started making less effort and it was noticed, fast.

Amy and I wander around collecting the recycling and rubbish and quietly listen to their opinions and feelings on what fans want.

I don't even realise I am doing it until the dark-haired guy snaps at me for shaking my head and grinning and I look up shocked at his outburst.

"What's your problem coffee girl?"

"Excuse me? My name is Jamie, and I don't have a problem."

Amy races over, pulling me away and gives them an apologetic smile. Then another voice speaks,

"Jamie? You were shaking your head; can I ask why?"

I turn towards the voice. It's the cute blonde guy who smiled at me before and I suddenly become speechless and nervous.

"It's just, you don't know what your fans want because you've been less active with them"

The angry voice from before speaks but this time there is no anger, more curiosity.

"Go on. Jamie is it? He smiles and the band stares at him shocked.

"Well from what I remember, like most bands you started off strong and then after your second or maybe third album you started to make less appearances. I think some of you were in the papers more for random headlines then for your actual music talent. So, if you really want to improve your fan base and popularity then you need to make more effort with the people who put you there in the first place."

The dark-haired guy appears annoyed by what I have said and turns to Amy.

"We made it clear we didn't want any fans allowed in here".

Amy smiles and shakes her head amused by his words.

"Oh, Jamie isn't a fan. She is the safest person I could have to serve you. I had to pull her in as she is our temp."

"I'm sorry, what? She is not a fan, like at all? What the hell Jamie?" The drummer of the band speaks and his amused face says it all.

"It's not that I hate your music. I just choose not to buy or listen to it but, I mean, if nothing else was on the radio in the car, and your song was playing, I guess I'd consider listening to it."

"Can I ask why?" The blonde guy again, I do love his eyes.

"Surely you guys remember that feeling of following a band and loving their music and obsessing every time their videos come on.... going to a concert and believing that maybe they will spot you in the crowd and fall in love with you and the disappointment when it doesn't play out that way? Your videos are mainly just of sexy, skinny girls and you guys making out with them. That to me, isn't the sort of band I want to follow."

"I like this girl Amy, good job. She is honest and has not fallen for their crap. Can I just ask you ladies to leave us for a moment to have a brief private meeting as I discuss some possible next steps?"

Amy and I politely smile as we nod and leave them to it.

Once out of ear shot, we burst into laughter at what I had just said to them.

"I can't believe how polite you were! Normally you'd have ripped their lack of talent to shreds" Amy giggled.

"I could never say that to their faces. I mean despite their odd music; they are all cute.

"ONLY cute? I'm offended, I got hottie with the best booty three years ago."

We both turn speechless to the blonde guy and he smiles.

"Jamie, this is TJ, he is a guitarist and singer"

"Hi, booty of the year huh?"

"Want to see it?" he offers jokingly.

"Not even a little bit......" I smile.

TJ nods, "Any chance we could get some waters in the meeting, please?"

"We will bring it right in, cold with ice?"

"Sounds perfect. Thank you ladies"

TJ heads back into the room. Amy grabs the water and I find the cups and ice.

Amy heads in with the water and I linger outside bored. After an hour or so the dark-haired guy storms out and slams the door behind him. He passes me and gives me an angry glare. A moment later the door opens again and Amy holds it for the rest of the band and smiles at me excitedly.

"They would like to see you" she smiles.

"Oh god, why?"

"Just go in and for god's sake, say yes!"

"Say yes? To what?"

Amy pushes me through the door and the bands management team stares at me and offers me a seat.

The not so angry guy looks at me and places some paperwork in front of me as I sit.

"We have an offer of employment for you that we would like to discuss."

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