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Ace's Secret Addiction (18+) ☑

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18+ This is an gay erotic romance. It is a standalone spinoff from the Distorted Windows Trilogy. Ethan "Ace" Wright has struggled his entire life with his identity, hiding in the proverbial closet. He excels in all aspects of his life from sports to high school, to post-secondary at Harvard University. However, there is one aspect of his life that he has failed miserably at: his love life. Derek Moore is a master mixologist. It was something that he turned from a hobby into a career. With a heart of gold and a level head, he is always there to give the perfect advice to his friends. Yet he can't seem to take his own advice, he is a proud gay man who has pined after the one who got away for over ten years. After Ethan graduates from Harvard, he takes over his great uncle's hotel chain, inheriting billions and a title of power. What happens when these two men meet in the unlikeliest of places after 5 years of not seeing each other? Will they be able to move on with their lives or will those pesky things called 'feelings' get in the way? Follow along on a journey of self-discovery, intense sexual chemistry and explosively charged moments! Excerpt can be found in the introduction.

Romance / Erotica
Zondra Allison
Age Rating:



“Good morning, Ace.” I felt my heart pounding furiously in my chest as Derek Moore, our track team’s captain greeted me. His bright blue eyes were shimmering in the morning sun and his red-orange hair was lit up as if it were on fire.

“Morning.” Mumbling, I kept my eyes on the ground avoiding any and all eye contact.

Chuckling lightly Derek walked up to me and slung an arm over my shoulder. The contact alone was enough to send a shiver down my spine. “Not a morning person, huh? I always pegged you for an early riser, eager to start your day.”

I was a morning person. I was up before the sun every day, even on the weekends. That had nothing to do with my current mood.

“Ready for this trip? We are going to make nationals this year, man. I just know it. With an Ace up our sleeve, there is no doubt in my mind.” Derek guided my body toward the bus, taking the tiny duffle bag from my hand and handing it to one of the other guys before pushing me toward the steps.

I hurried onto the bus, taking a seat near the front and keeping my head down as my teammates trickled in. Derek was the last to board, doing a quick rollcall before taking a seat on the bench next to me. Looking around, I noted that there were several empty seats on the bus.

Why had he chosen to sit next to me?

Butterflies swarmed in my stomach as his muscular thigh brushed against mine and I quickly looked out the window, trying desperately to calm my racing heart and wandering mind.

“Here.” I looked over to see Derek handing me an earbud attached to a cord. When I didn’t take it, he held up his phone to show me the movie cued up on his screen. “We can share and watch it together.”

Not wanting to be rude, I forced a smile on my face and took the bud, popping it into my ear and settling back in my seat. It was a six-hour bus ride and if nothing else maybe it would distract me from the places that my mind was threatening to go.

An hour into the movie I realized just how wrong I was.

So, so fucking wrong.

Had he chosen this movie on purpose? Why?

My eyes widened as I watched the two men on the screen kiss passionately. Shifting uncomfortably in my seat, I peered over at Derek in my peripheral. His eyes were on me. Not the screen.

I had dreamt of kissing him nearly every night since I had met him. The dreams were confusing, playing with my mind. I had never had a girlfriend, but I knew that I wasn’t gay.

My gaze flickered down to his lips, and I watched in awe as his tongue darted out, sliding over his lower lip. My breathing hitched, my hands clasping at the soft sweat pant material that was covering my thighs.

His own gaze lowered but it went much further than my lips. I felt my cheeks heat up as I realized they were now settled on the very obvious tent in my grey sweatpants. My hand flew up to cover it, the friction making me grit my teeth and bite my lip.

Even with the sound of the movie playing in my ear, I could hear the deep shuddering breath that Derek released. I quickly pulled the bud out and handed it back to him. “I’m going to try to get some sleep.”

Turning my head, I rested my cheek on the cool glass of the window next to me and squeezed my eyes shut. The heat radiating from his body next to mine was warming my body from the inside out.

We had a track meet in Stranville the following morning and were travelling today, staying in a motel when we got there. I pretended to sleep for the rest of the trip but couldn’t ignore the sensations rippling through me as his thigh pressed tightly to mine.

When we reached the city limits, Derek stood up holding a clipboard in his hand. “All right, settle down and listen! I want each of you to choose one person from your roommates to come to reception to check in. The other will be responsible for unloading and carrying the bags of both teammates. I will call out your names, so you know who you are staying with. Lewis, you’re with Carpenter. Reeds you’re with Johnson...”

He continued to list each person and I fidgeted anxiously in my seat. I had a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Wright, looks like you are bunking with me tonight.”

The feeling of dread morphed into butterflies. I didn’t want to be excited about it, but my body apparently didn’t get the memo. Once we arrived at the motel Derek went with the other guys to check us in, and I carried both of our duffle bags from the bus to our meeting spot near the stairs of the outside of the motel.

“Alright everyone, hand out the keycards to your roommates and then go get settled into your rooms. You have three hours before we once again meet up for dinner. We will meet back here.”

Three hours. How was I going to avoid him in a motel room for three hours?

The rest of the team was already dispersing, some up the stairs and some along the lower row. I walked as slowly as I could without being too obvious. By the time I got to the door of the room I was staying in, it was shut and everyone else had entered their rooms. I didn’t get a keycard from Derek yet.

I stood outside the door, my breathing shallow as I anticipated knocking on the door. Just as I lifted my hand the door flung open, and I was pulled roughly inside. I let out a loud yelp, but it was quickly silenced by Derek’s hot mouth on mine.

My bag fell to the floor as he pushed my body against the door, his hands moving over my chest as his lips pressed to mine. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” He whispered breathlessly as his hands slid under the hem of my t-shirt, his fingers brushing over the bare skin of my stomach.

What in the fuck was happening?

I needed to stop this. This was wrong.

Why couldn’t I stop it?

I moaned when his mouth once more claimed mine and he took the opportunity to plunge his tongue between my lips. As his tongue tangled with mine, I moaned again into his mouth, his hardened length pressing against mine.

Reality came rushing back, slamming into me with force as I shoved my hands against his chest, sending him stumbling backwards.

“I’m not fucking gay!” I shouted the words, my fist flying forward and connecting with his jaw.

Falling backward onto his ass, Derek stared up at me with horrified eyes. “Shit. I’m sorry. I...”

I didn’t let him finish. Turning around, I threw the door open and ran from the room, sprinting toward the stairs and taking them two at a time down to the parking lot below.

I had just punched my captain in the face.

I had just kissed a man.

I had just felt his cock grinding against my own.

And I had fucking loved it.


I had skipped dinner, spending the afternoon and evening wandering around the city aimlessly. By the time I got back to the motel, my feet hurt, and my stomach was rumbling loudly.

It was past 9pm when I was finally knocking hesitantly on our room door. After a moment it slowly opened. Derek didn’t say a word as I brushed past him and entered the small room. I stopped short as my eyes fell to the bed in the center of the tiny room. Bed. Not beds. There was only one.

Derek came up beside me, following my gaze. “Every room is a single. The school is cheap. We are lucky we aren’t sleeping on the ground in tents tonight. We had to fight just to get them to put us into a motel.”

There wasn’t even a sofa in the room that I could sleep on.

“I was just getting ready for bed. We have to be up at 6am. You should get some sleep too.” Derek was undressing as he spoke and I was frozen in place, watching every movement. His jaw was now bruised and slightly swollen where I had hit him.

It shouldn’t have been a big deal. We changed in front of each other all the time in the locker rooms. But it was a big deal now. A HUGE deal.

He was wearing nothing but his boxers as he slipped under the covers, rolling onto his side so that his back was facing me. I hadn’t packed much and had intended on sleeping in my boxers as well. That was before I knew I was not only sharing a room with Derek, but I would also be sharing a bed.

I debated on sleeping in my sweats, but I knew I would overheat and sweat my ass off throughout the night. I had also been planning on wearing these pants tomorrow.

Taking a deep calming breath, I removed my t-shirt and pants, laying them on top of my duffle bag that was now next to the bed, before climbing in under the covers. I kept my back to Derek, lying on my side.

He reached over, shutting off the lamp on the nightstand next to his side of the bed and we were plunged into total darkness. I could hear my heavy breathing in the otherwise silent room.

My breath stuttered when I felt Derek rolling onto his other side so that he was facing my body.

“I’m sorry, Ethan. I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what I was thinking.” He whispered the words quietly, emotion evident as his voice shook.

“I’m sorry I punched you.” I mumbled the words as I laid on my back, my eyes open and staring up at the pitch-black void.

He chuckled and I felt him moving next to me. His foot brushed against the bare skin of my lower leg and my stomach clenched tightly. “You pack a mean right hook. Though I am not surprised. You’re kind of amazing at everything you do.”

“Is that why you call me Ace?” I had always wondered. At first, I thought that it was an insult referring to Ace Ventura because my hair could be wild and crazy at times when it was sweat soaked, and my hands were running through it.

He laughed again, the deep rumble making my heart flutter as the sound traveled directly to my dick, making it stiffen within the confines of my boxer briefs. “Well yeah. You’re a superstar, Ethan. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were chosen as valedictorian when you graduate.”

His foot brushed against mine and my body moved on its own accord, rubbing against it gently. I could hear his breathing becoming labored as I caressed his skin.

“I’m sorry I forced you to kiss me. I thought...” His voice trailed off for a moment. “I guess I read the signals wrong.”

He hadn’t. I knew I had been giving him looks all year when I thought he wasn’t looking. He had caught me on more than one occasion.

“Let’s just get some sleep.” I needed to shut this conversation down before I did something that I would regret. “We can forget it every happened, okay?”

I heard his head nodding as it rubbed against his pillow. “Goodnight, Ace.”


I was having the most amazing dream. Moaning, I pushed my hips forward, the rough friction sending shockwaves of pure ecstasy through my dick and my entire body.


My body froze as my eyes slowly opened. It was still dark in the room. A warm back was pressed tightly against my bare chest, my arm was wrapped around the muscular toned frame and his ass was pressed hard against my cock.

“Are you awake?”

He moved slightly, his ass sliding against my erection and my whole body shuddered as I moaned audibly. “Yes.”

“What are you...”

My hips surged forward, and Derek’s words died on his lips as his ass pushed further back against me.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I had no fucking clue. All I knew was that every time I did that, pure erotic bliss was taking over my entire body.

Our bodies began to move as one, grinding together as low moans filled the quiet room. My hand slid over his hard chest, sliding lower, each grove of his defined abdomen sending my head spinning into a lust filled haze.

My hand hesitated when it reached the waistband of his underwear, but Derek grabbed it in his, shoving both of our hands under the tight elastic as he released a loud raspy breath.

I allowed his hand to guide mine, wrapping my fingers around his hard cock and he held his hand over mine, gently pumping our hands up and down.

The feeling of his hard length in the palm of my hand sent a new wave of sensations through me and I groaned, squeezing it tightly. Reaching behind him, he pushed at the confines of my boxers sliding them down until my erection popped free before doing the same to his own.

Jesus Christ and all that was holy.

My precum that was accumulating coated his ass between his cheeks as I ground harder against him, my length settling between them as I pushed, desperate for friction. His warm skin surrounded my cock, and our hands began to pump faster around his shaft.

“Shit. Ethan...” Derek moaned my name as his cock swelled in my hand. He didn’t have to say it. I was right there with him.

I felt his warm cum coating my hand as my own release took hold, shooting out over his ass and back. The warm sticky cream quickly coated my stomach as I continued to move against him.

He didn’t release his hand around mine until he had begun to soften in our grip. Embarrassment consumed me as I jumped from the bed and scurried away from him, rushing to the bathroom and shutting the door.

Turning on the light, I stared at my reflection in the dingy mirror. My gaze slid from my bright rosy cheeks down to my cum covered chest.

I wasn’t gay.

I wasn’t fucking gay.

*Fans my face to dry the tears*

Oh lawdy, I can’t believe we are here! Book number 7! Whaaaaat!?

This is one story that I am beyond fucking excited for! We are finally going to see Ethan and Derek’s journey!


There will be very explicit sex scenes between two men. If this is not your thing and you are going to hate on it, get the fuck out of here now.

To be very clear, I will not tolerate any homophobic comments and I will block your ass, report you and possibly hunt you down and pull a Marco.

Alright... now that the serious part is over...


THIS BOOK IS RATED 18+! If you are underage and reading this, hit that little back arrow. I will not be blamed for ruining your innocence... and trust me, I will fucking destroy it.

There will be graphic sex scenes (A LOT OF THEM), vulgar language, a couple of homophobic slurs that do not reflect my own personal opinions but are part of the story, as well as a recount of bullying that may be triggering for some readers. (These parts are very few and far between and the story is not centered around it).

Once again, I will give the warning... NSFW, NSFW, NSFW. If you risk reading at work, Johnny two shoes will most likely notice the flush on your skin, the lust in your eyes and the obvious waves of horniness you are emitting. Read with caution!

This book is a spinoff from the Distorted Windows Trilogy but CAN be read as a standalone. However, I do recommend reading my other works first. It will give some great insight to the other side characters in this novel.

Recommended reading order:

The Devil’s Looking Glass

Angel’s Silhouette

Double Reflection

The Rise of Raven

Lusting After Lucian

His Shy Sphinx

Ace’s Secret Addiction

The Desires of Diablo - Coming soon

This novel will have updates every second day guaranteed but hopefully I can keep up with my daily updates as per usual.




For my long time readers, there you have it! The first encounter between our beloved Derek and sexy Ethan 😉

Let me know your thoughts! How many of you are as excited as I am for their love story?

For my new readers, please tell me how you found my book! I would love to know ❤

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