The Temp

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Romance / Thriller

What's Rightfully Mine (Grant)

The last image I seen as the doors inched closed was Madison’s bewildered expression; her mouth sputtering and incredulous, unsure of how to respond. Better she knows now rather than later that I’m a stone cold, bona fide dick. I may be hard to swallow at first, but she’ll learn to like it. Girls like her always do. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

Plus, you need to have thick skin if you want to work for me. Society wants me to play nice and be the wholesome, generous member of the public, but I’ve still earned my successes while being the complete opposite. I don’t play by anyone’s rules but my own, and I respect anyone who maintains that same lifestyle. An honest one. Why should I pretend to be happy all the time when life isn’t all bunny rabbits and rainbows. Life is fucking hard. It disgusts me when people are given things in life without effort. The privileged, silver spoon licking bastards, they could all kiss my ass for all I care. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t strived for it. I may have taken some shortcuts and done some things even I am not proud of to boost me up into the business world, but it’s all about the struggle, baby. I earned this life. It’s a fairly lucrative one, and by God, I’m proud of it. Many probably wish me dead; for me to choke on the air that I breathe, but the fact that I’m still walking tells me that there must be people worse than me out there in the world. God has enough on his plate; He has no time to smite me. I’m just the small fry, so at night, I sleep easy.

I whipped out my phone to distract myself, but not before catching a glimpse of her matte red lips as my eyes careened downwards toward the screen. The doors shut monotonously, followed by a dull silence, accentuating the eerie tone cast by the stifling, green glow of the elevator. I glanced up at the exposed fluorescent bulbs surrounded by endless pieces of duct tape holding wires and cracks in place and cursed to myself, wondering when they would fix the damn lights and finish the renovations. I extended my arm and pushed the button indicating the Main Floor, watching the “M” symbol illuminate a solid, cobalt blue, though dimmed. I shoved my phone back into my pocket and backed up against the elevator wall, relishing the cold, reflective metal against the back of my skull. I thought of her lips, stark red and luscious. That white blouse put her bustiness on show, barely contained, just like that perfectly round ass in that tight skirt. These young girls always act like they don’t want us to look, then show off their assets, begging for attention like a walking contradiction. I will look if I want to look, it’s my fucking right.

I imagined her in this elevator with me, marking my neck in red as we kiss ferociously; our hands tangled and tugging on each other’s hair, my palms gripping her tight ass and pressing my hardness against her as she begged me for more. I’d turn her around and press her breasts against the cold metal, watching her nipples perk up through her blouse as I reach around her and up her skirt, coaxing between her legs with my expert hand. I would watch her moan in the reflection, head bent back and resting on my shoulder as her cries turned me on. When she was sufficiently ready and pleading, I’d insert myself, snaking her panties to the side and taking her from behind.

I bit back a smirk as the elevator reached the main floor, dinging at its arrival. I stepped out, sauntering through the lobby and around the renovation notice, out the front door. I walked with purpose, joining the masses of working professionals, a content expression plastered on my face and pride etched into my aura. My next conquest. It was settled; I had to have her.

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