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I blamed myself I know i shouldn't have but i did Is it crazy that i miss his stolen kisses ? His rugged touch burned my soul, scorched my skin. But the warmth, the heat it created Still lingers deep within He created me He made me who I am He built me up so he could break me That was his Master Plan. In an effort to save herself and others from a manipulative and despicable man Rielle fled from her home town in with no intention of returning. Fast forward six years and Rielle has built a career for herself and is a successful Photographer and Journalist. However , after her best friend disappears without a trace Rielle decides to head back home to try and find her and her 4 year old daughter. Easier said than done when your past is still haunting and hunting you.

Romance / Thriller
Tash Berry
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 -Old Well

My hands are shaking and I can’t get them to stop. The tighter I squeeze them together the more they encourage my entire body to shake. “Don’t panic Rielle. Breathe. In and out. That’s right. You got it. In and out. The only way you get out of here alive is if you remain calm, cool collective and quiet.” Footsteps are getting closer as more people come into the woods. Somehow it seems more eerie from way down here at the bottom of this old-well. I’m positive I sprained an ankle on my fall down.The water that’s now above my waist is definitely contaminated judging by its rotten egg smell, slimy feel and strange green color. I’m sure it’s the housing district of every creepy crawly insect from my worst nightmares. Yet, its nothing compared to the nightmares I’ll have if the Devil finds me. Jason Finch.Lucifer. My devil. Ironic how I once thought him to be my archangel, my saving grace and my protector. I have to fight the urge to scoff at myself.
I couldn’t stay after I found out what he was doing. What he wanted me to do. No matter how broken and beaten down I am. I could never do that to a fellow woman. Subject someone’s daughter to that life? Never! I’d rather die a thousand deaths.
Something wasn’t adding up. After I found out the truth I felt all the blood drain from my face and my body and pool at my feet. I felt cold, oh so cold, I was sick to my stomach he makes me sick to my stomach. I had a path to play in horrible, terrible, awful things. I threw up for 3 whole days, I thought I was pregnant for a minute and even took five tests to be certain. But it was him and his evil, sick, twisted ways that mad my belly burn with disgust. After that I had to get out I had to leave. I couldn’t stay.
Thump Thump Thump Thump
I hear at least a few dozen swift but heavy footsteps that pull me out of my reverie. They sound as if the people are wearing working boots. How many people does he even have helping him? Where’d he find at least a dozen people to help him search for a fleeing girl? At 2 am in the damn morning no less and how’d he know I was missing already? Does he have a chip imbedded in me somewhere? I wouldn’t put it past him at this point. He clearly thinks that people are merchandise. I swear I left everything behind. My phone, my car, my laptop that I scrubbed clean, my clothes. I cleaned out my bank account and cancelled my card.Everything.
Why do bad people always have a host of followers willing to complete every depraved task asked of them? It can’t be money.
“I think she went this way I see a shoe over here.” I hear a man say. I look down at my feet and curse myself. “Shit!” Fingers crossed “Sweet baby Jesus I am but your humble servant please don’t let the devil find me.”
“Rie baby where are you?!” The devil shouts and a shiver runs down my spine. Not the delicious shivers that you get in the anticipation of all night long love making. No this is raw and unmistaken fear.
A light suddenly shines down into the well. I try to back up into the wall and all the moss and grime that has accumulated over the years covers my hair and back . I know I will need a tetanus shot after this if I make it out alive that is.
“Boss why are you wasting time looking for this stupid bitch anyway? You have so many girls who are willing and waiting to attend to your every need.”
“Shut the fuck up and don’t question me.”
“ I’m just saying boss, she wasn’t even the nicest piece of ass anywa.” .
A gunshot goes off and a nanosecond later a body falls in the well and I bite my lips to stop my scream of terror.
Oh my god Oh My God Oh My God!
“I’m getting out of here, a few of you stay just incase she comes out of her hiding place. As soon as she’s found bring her to me unharmed. That little bitch is mine to punish.” Jason says and a chorus of “Yes boss” and then retreating feet of men.
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