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Connor "Blade" Richardson, the serious and quiet V.P didn't expect much out of life. He has his own problems to deal with on top of his rank. A random work morning and a pair of chocolate brown eyes changes everything. Creative input from C.C. This story is © copyrighted.

Romance / Drama
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“Hi mom!” Dylan had the phone on speaker as she drove to her interview.

“Hi honey! Did you have your interview yet?”

“I’m on my way there now.”

“I’m so excited for you Dyl...I love you and I’m so proud of you for spreading your wings and moving out!”

“Thanks mom, I’m here...wish me luck!”

“Good luck got this!”

She hung up the phone and checked herself in the mirror before making her way into the lumber store.

Dylan was nervous as she sat in front of the large man that was interviewing her. She tried not to fidget and put her hands in her lap. He looked at her sparse resume and frowned.

“When can you start?”

Woody was in desperate need of help at the lumber yard.

Dylan’s hands started sweating from nerves. “Tomorrow?”

“Perfect. Can you be here at six?”

“Yes sir.”

“I’ll get you a couple of shirts, wear jeans and good running shoes or boots.”

“Yes sir.” Dylan felt relief flood her body, she was finally employed in her new town.

Woody looked back at her. He wasn’t sure if hiring her was a good idea or not but he needed the help. Her good looks were bound to cause some issues. She was a little shy and had the potential to be an easy target for some of his regulars. He grabbed the smallest size t-shirt he had, which was a medium.

Dylan took the stack of logo’d shirts from the large man. “Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity.”

“You’re welcome.” He grumbled at her. “I’ll see you tomorrow, bright and early.”

She stood up and stuck her hand out to shake his large calloused one. She quickly scrambled to get to her car. The drive back to the small house she was renting was quick, her commute would be fifteen minutes.

Woody sat back at his cluttered desk, thinking about his new hire. He sighed and drank the rest of his cold coffee, his stomach churning from the acid. Her first test would be if she could make a pot of coffee that didn’t burn a hole in the trash can.

This story is © copyrighted.

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