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Conquering Bonds | Hellion MC #3

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Chains, for a lack of a better word, was a whore. He slept around and used women. It wasn’t like it wasn’t mutual. Of course, it was. He didn’t do commitments, didn’t do the whole drama of being with a person after seeing his two best friends end up dragging themselves for their old ladies. Don’t get him wrong, he loved that his friends were in love—it wasn’t just his style. Bat, for a lack of better word, was an icy bitch. She doesn’t like feelings. If it weren’t for the name already taken in their MC,Chains, for a lack of a better word, was a whore. He slept around and used women. It wasn’t like it wasn’t mutual. Of course, it was. He didn’t do commitments, didn’t do the whole drama of being with a person after seeing his two best friends end up dragging themselves for their old ladies. Don’t get him wrong, he loved that his friends were in love—it wasn’t just his style. Bat, for a lack of better word, was an icy bitch. She doesn’t like feelings. If it weren’t for the name already taken in their MC, she would have called dibs on it. She’s been through missions in and out since the moment she got her cut and she loved it. She was consumed by her work and didn’t care for the others. Both out of touch with the idea of love, they slept together, using one another. They just didn’t know that there was a possibility of it turning into something they both disliked but needed.

Romance / Action
Bella O’Brien
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Parties that were hosted by the Vipers were much cooler than what we do at Hellion. Maybe it was because of the women to your left, right, front and back everywhere you look. Maybe… nah, it was the women. Each one of them was dancing with tight clothes on. Banshee said that it was always like that whenever they had a party and fuck, did I want to just leave Hellion to be a part of their partying everyday.

At Hellion, women are available for you without a problem and I never complained about it but here at Vipers, women were everywhere and the good thing was, none of them were emotionally attached to us men that just came to party with them. Rouge said that it was natural seeing as this was an all-women’s MC and men were welcome for a limited time, especially when they help with the job and the time gets extended.

It wasn’t like I was complaining. If I had a chance to fuck a Viper, I would immediately take it. Hell, I’d even take another one. Two women at once? It sounded like heaven on earth.

“Hmm,” Another woman with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes with red lipstick went with her green dress. I wasn’t going to lie, the whole color set me off a little. It reminded me of Christmas but I wasn’t going to complain. She was as pretty as the girl on my other lap. “I like you. What’s your name?”

Right. The other girl covered the name and position of my cut and so she couldn’t exactly see that I was the VP. “Chains. What’s yours?”

They weren’t wearing cuts. They’ve already disregarded it once the party started and nobody ever said anything of the convenience of them to not ask questions of who they are because… we were men and thinking with our dicks who were able to stare at countless women wearing skin-tight dresses with spaghetti straps, chokers, or like a tube.

“Kitty,” she answered, her eyes glinting when they landed on the other girl, “and I see you’re already acquainted with my girl, Rosy here.”

Kitty and Rosy. Could their names get more fucking sexier than what they were wearing? Rosy was wearing a red dress that had a V neckline. It was plunging up to her belly button that I almost felt like one push on her and her big breasts would fall out and be displayed for everybody to see.

Before I could even speak and tell them whose room we were going to so we could get the real party started, Kitty’s hands went up to Rosy’s throat, pulling her towards her lips.

My dick was getting strained in my jeans. It was semi-hard just from the sight of these two hot women that were grinding and moaning on my lap, fully making out with one another sloppily. I continued to observe, dazed at the beautiful fantasy that most men would kill for playing in front of me.

I literally had no care if we were going to do it in front of these people or not. Grabbing Rosy’s face harshly, the brown eyes of hers stared at me with such a daze that I knew she was also as aroused as I was. Without waiting for anything, I leaned in to her and kissed her, tasting her saliva mixed with Kitty’s while I placed my hand on Kitty’s… kitty. I was on the way to pull them aside and test whether or not she was wet when I got pulled back by a sound of yelling and groaning.

It wasn’t of satisfaction, I knew that well. The loud music covered it up but a lot of people must have heard the first few shouts because when I parted away from the two women, a few heads turned towards the door before they just ignored it and continued what they were doing. Not that I blamed them, they were buzzed already so some of them weren’t thinking clearly.

Deciding to just check, I got Kitty and Rosy off of me. Both of them were pouting and if I wasn’t so focused in investigating whether or not someone needed help, I would have also whined. Soon as I reached the door, I heard a loud crash of a glass breaking. When I came outside, my eyes landed on two people that were on their feet. One had a broken bottle on one hand and the other was completely defenseless.

It was obvious that it was Dawson that had the bottle. He was a new prospect that went to us about three weeks ago. Hence why he wasn’t wearing any cut. Normally, the mission wouldn’t need them but because some of the guys were out with a deal with other MCs, prospects were recruited for the job in order to prove themselves that they weren’t completely worthless. Now, the man, in his five-foot-nine height and long greasy hair was causing problems to another MC member, one that has a cut.

The woman was in all black and whilst most everyone had combat boots on, her boots had heels and they were knee-high. Only a small portion of her legs were shown since she wore black shorts that tucked her black tanktop. Her cut was disregarded by the side next to the door which I knew was hers because I just saw how she threw it down as I was staring at them.

At her. I could only stare at the side of her face, making out the strong nose, the dark as night eyes, her dark pursed lips, her sculpted arms that were up in a protective stance with one of them filled with tattoos, and her long black hair that was up in a high ponytail. She was almost as tall as him but the only difference they had was that Dawson had a weapon and she did not.

When my lips parted to shout at the prospect to stop, it was already too late. Dawson managed to swipe at her arm while she spun in front of him and elbowed his face, knocking him down on the ground. The beer fell and broke into a million pieces while she placed her foot on his chest, her lips curled upwards in a snarl.

Never have I seen someone so fucking sexy.

“Never touch a woman without her consent again, boy,” she hissed, raising her foot and digging her heel down on his chest.

He groaned, practically admitting defeat. Finally deciding to make myself known, I grabbed the leather on the ground and walked up to them. Her dark eyes met mine and I took a sharp breath, my insides twisting at the beauty that was in front of me.

Reaching her cut to her, she took it without ease, lifting her foot off of Dawson who was already staring up at me in fear. My eyes narrowed at him, seeing that aside from the broken nose, he already had a black eye. “You’re fucking lucky Snake wasn’t outside to deal with your shit. Go inside and don’t cause anymore problems, Dawson.”

Slowly nodding, he pulled himself up. He was about to take off when I grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. “What the fuck do you say?”

The tense on his shoulder and glare at the tanned beauty in front of us showed the obvious hatred he had already developed for her. It wasn’t as if she was at fault, he was acting like a fucking asshole and he got beaten up by it. Once he mumbled out an apology, I pushed him towards the door, causing him to stumble a little before he got his footing back.

When I turned around to apologize properly on his behalf, I found her rolling her eyes at me and throwing her cut on one shoulder. Her left arm was sliced. It wasn’t deep enough to need stitches but it was enough for blood to drip out.

“Hey, do you need—?”

“Thanks, but no.” She hissed. “Don’t need anything from anyone. Pretty sure I can wrap a bandage by myself.”

“I was only trying to help.”

Her perfectly shaped brow arched, showing me exactly how she didn’t believe everything I said. “Go away, whoever you are. I didn’t need you to come in and interrupt, I didn’t need you to give me my cut, and I most certainly didn’t need you asking if you could wrap up the wound that one of your guys did. I don’t need your help. So fuck off.”

Then she left, walking inside.

What the actual fuck was that?!

It was hot but totally bewildering.

Woman was icy like the north pole.

I didn’t know whether I should be aroused at her fierceness or angry because she was rude and nasty to me.

If it were any other woman, I would have walked away and decided to pay no mind to it. Just go back inside and get back to the two ladies who were probably having fun without me in the middle. But, there was something about her.

Something about her that made me run inside and follow her. It was easy to spot her with her being taller than most of the women and the distinct long black hair was a dead giveaway. She was going straight to their kitchen and I, the manwhore who never liked to chase women, followed her like a dog. Once she was there and me being still a few paces behind, I watched when she opened up a cupboard and took out what looked like a medkit.

She had no problem opening it up and grabbing the bandage but when she was about to wrap it around her, she was losing her hold to secure it around. I didn’t even know why she hadn’t disinfected it yet or placed a cotton cloth to clean it up.

Sighing, I was finally beside her when I took the medkit out of her hands, grabbing my handkerchief and soaking it in the alcohol I found inside. I ignored her glare at me and took her arm, facing it to me.

“I will break your nose like I did for your prospect,” she grunted out when I started wiping the blood away.

Taking a cotton out of the plastic, I also soaked it in alcohol and started cleaning her wound. When she didn’t hiss, only finched a little, I took a peek at her and found those obsidian eyes just burning a hole right through me. “If you wanted to break my nose, you wouldn’t be warning me.”

When she didn’t answer, only clicked her tongue once, I knew I won.

“Chains,” she whispered out and let me tell you, I had never heard something so melodic when my name rolled out of their tongues until now. For some fucking reason, my heart was speeding up just at the close proximity and how she was saying my name. “That’s fucking stupid for a name. You guys always pick out names that are blatantly obvious?”

Most would have been discouraged by now but to me, I wasn’t at all. I absolutely liked that she was being nasty to me, making me wonder if she had the same attitude in bed.

Fuck. You’re helping her, Chains. The woman already hates you. Don’t fucking get a boner.

“I’m not creative,” I said roughly. It was obvious to me by how my voice had gotten a tad lower and raspy that I was getting affected by this woman.

Focus on her wound, you manwhore.

“Sure seems like it.” I saw the slight smirk she had on the corner of my eye while I patched up the slice on her arm and wrapped a bandage on it. Once I finished, she wore her cut fully and rolled her eyes at me again. “Put it all back where you found them.”

Cocking a brow at her, I crossed my arms. “What? No thank you?”

“Didn’t fucking ask for your help now, did I?” She snarkily replied.

My eyes landed on her name. “Bat. Too obvious for your whole get up, isn’t it?”

“Oh, Sweets,” she chuckled and instinctively, I stepped forward. Even with her looking up at me, she wasn’t at all intimidated. “You haven’t even scratched the surface of why I’m called Bat.”

Walk away, Chains. It was obvious that she had much deeper shit than I had that got her to be this fucking rude and she had already proven to be more trouble than I even thought.

But I couldn’t. My feet wouldn’t move. I got lost in her eyes, in the deep darkness in them that could hypnotize just about anyone.

Fuck it.

With my hand on her neck, I pulled her to me. Once our lips met, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my torso. The semi I had was now a ranging one and it already needed to be let out.

“Upstairs. Fifth door on the right,” was all that she needed to say and I carried her up there. To her room.

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