Victim of his Adour

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Love of Mafia boss and young girl who was sold to him.

Romance / Erotica
Twilight Slayer
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Chapter 1


One girl is blindfolded and her hands and legs are tied by the rope. That girl is in an unconscious state. she laid down on the floor. that floor is very cold. She is shivering because of the floor's chillness. she comes to her consciousness little by little.

“where I am... why am I tied like this... I'm even blindfolded.. what's happening here...”, she was lost in thoughts.

She is Ellie Rose. She comes to her native to see her father who didn't attend her call for more than two days but she was kidnapped by someone.

she didn't offend someone or anything but was kidnapped. Her mind is in mess.

Ellie struggles to free herself from that rope. but no use. Her all struggles go vein. she is struggling for more than two hours. her wrist started to bleed because of the rupture made by that rope. she can't talk because her throat was dry and sore.

“I just come to my native to meet my dad but ended up being kidnapped by someone. what should I do... I have to find a way to escape from this place. I don't know where is my dad.”, she was really scared. The surrounding have no sound except the wind sound. It makes her shiver in fear.

That chillness in that room make her feel the pricking pain in her wound. She hissed in pain. Her face flushed.

crisp weather was not pleasant for her because it's cold and dry. biting wind makes her feel uncomfortable.

“my wound hurts.. this room is chilly. my body becomes cold because of this coldness”, she feels dizzy. Her vision becomes blurry. because she loses blood in her wound. That chillness is like it will kill people if they stay any longer.

“No... no... my vision has become blurry.l don't want to trap here... I can't stay here. I have to be conscious.”, she pulls up herself together to not faint. But she couldn't... Ellie started to loses her consciousness again. At last, she fainted.

She is in an unconscious state. someone enters that dark room and takes her in his arms. He walks out of that room with Ellie.

Ellie slightly opens her eyes. Silver moonlight shone through the warped coloured glass. She feels some warmth on her. she feels comfortable with that warmth.

She opens her eyes slightly.

“Where Am I?”, she looks around. Her eyes caught the window. She looks at the window

“it's already night”, the moonlight reflects on her pupils. her body covered with a blanket. her wound was treated. She was hella confused. The room was so warm compare to the room where she was laid. Of course it's look like a bed room of some rich young master, then how can it be cold.

“who treated my wound.. where am I? what's this place?”, she was scared? That time she hear some footsteps sound. that sound getting close to that room. Ellie gets up from the bed and covers herself with a blanket. some fear appears in her heart.

The doorknob turns and the door opens. she moves backwards. One person comes inside. he is devilishly handsome with scary eyes. and well built muscled body with a broad shoulder.

The first thing she noticed was how tall he was. Her eyes scaling up from his toned chest to his face. His head was cocked to the side slightly and his eyes seemed to be glaring down at her while walking towards her. His dark Obsidian black-coloured hair was cut short and his Garrus eyes were strikingly bright.

He has deep-set eyes and has pale skin. He is devastatingly attractive. That appearance made everyone trembles in fear. A gigantic figure with sexy curves makes him more handsome in every way.

Ari Cypress, The Mafia king of South America. He owns almost half of Brazil. He is the God of destruction. No one dares to provoke him.

In one word, the devil wasn't someone to be messed with. One of the most desired people in the Brazil city. Countless girls who throwing themselves at his bed to gain his favour and get married to him.

Under the exterior handsome and his brooding Garrus eyes, blood and death revolved around his life. His aura radiating power and can control everyone with one glance.

“How are you feeling Little Toy?”, his deep authorities voice make her feel goosebumps. He tucks his hands inside his pocket. He seems to not care about what is she look like or is she afraid of him. There was a single grin in the corner of his lip which shows that he won something which can't be won by anyone.

“Who... who are you... why... am I here...”, she questioning him with a cracked voice. He approaches her and stands near the bed. His tanned rough hand touched her cheek and slightly rub her cheek with his thumb. she almost startled when his rough thumb touched her soft rosy lips.

His dark Garrus eyes trailed over wounds on her wrist.

“is it hurt much...” he slightly touched the treated wound. His voice sent shivers to her body. Her body started to tremble without a reason. she turns her face to avoid his touch. She was scared to face him. His face was like that.

A smirk made its way on his sexy lips.

“You have no right to avoid my touch. My little toy”, he grabbed her wrist tightly. She hissed in pain.

“hiss... it hurts.”, she almost cried out. The wound on her wrist started to hurt because of his grip.

“Let me tell you one thing.”, his voice warned her. Ellie struggles to release her hand from his grip.

“Your dad is addicted to gambling right....” he said with his deep and hoarse voice. His fingers lassoed around her wrist and tugging her closer. She was shocked

“how... how did he know about my dad? I and my stepmother only know about that. no one knows about this secret.. but he...”, she was terrified.

She struggling to release herself from him. but his grip getting tighter whenever she started to struggle.

“your dad lost you in gambling to me.”, He glances at her. “'s not true.. he is not that..kind of person...who bet a daughter on gambling...”, her voice is cracking. She can not believe that. She knew her dad is a gambling addict. But she didn't think he will do like this.

“It's true My little toy... your dad lost you. now you are my little toy. I'm your master.. you have to obey my words.”, his tanned rough hand touches her cheek. She jolted in fear. Ellie's dark greenish-grey coloured eyes widened because of shock.

“no... my dad... he... he... won't do that... kind of thing... he... he loves me a lot...”, her voice cracked and the tears coming out from her eyes. She can't control her silvery tears. she is heartbroken.

“you have no right to cry in front of me.. and I didn't like when my thing cry in front of me. got it...”, he orders her with his ordering tone. His ordering tone makes her jerk for a minute.

She even can't believe that she is sitting in some stranger's embrace. and he is telling that she was his toy or a
slave. Her simple, happy life turned into a dark and bloody hell within a second, she came to meet her father, who heartlessly bet his daughter on gambling.

“Today... I won't do anything. because you hurt yourself. but remember.. you are no one's but mine now.”, his tone makes her shiver. His words are full of obsession.

“why my life ends up like this.”, she cursed her fate. Ari touches her soft and rosy lip's with his thumb and slightly rub them.

“you know what Little toy.. this is the first time I saw the delicate girl. but you look kinda sexy. I like the way how you are. I like your delicate body. It's kinda hot too.”, he licks his lips seductively.

Ellie doesn't utter any words because if she opens her mouth to speak, it will go in the wrong way which is dangerous for her. She kept silent.

“Take rest. ok...”, he orders her again with an ordering tone. Ari gets up from bed and walking towards the door but he stops walking suddenly. He turns and sees Ellie, she cuddled with a blanket and thinking something and after that Ari left the room. Ellie is thinking about the day before she got kidnapped.


“Melita... I called Dad. many times.. but. he is not picking up the phone.”, Ellie was worried about her father.

“Maybe.. he is busy with his works. don't worry too much. you have final exams next week. go and Study...”, her friend consoles her. Melita Williams is Ellie's friend from Canada. They got to know each other after she enrolled in university.

After that, they become best friends.

“No Melita. he will pick up my calls.. even he is busy. but recent two days. he is not picking up my calls I don't know why... I'm worried”, her heart is restless.

she didn't feel like that before. Her intuition telling her to not go home but she can't stop thinking about her Dad. even though he fakes his care, she still cares about him a lot.

“Your stepmom and your step sister and her brother are with your father. so they will take care of him ok. You don't have to worry about them. You have to worry about yourself, Ellie. We have exams, Ellie. Think about our exams. They knew how to take care of themselves.”, Melita tried to convince Ellie. But seems like Ellie wasn't convince at all.

“I know. but... I can't stop worrying about him. I'm going home no matter what. My father is my first priority and after that, only my exams are next whatever it is.”, she was determined.

“Are you kidding.. next week you have a final exam. now you are telling me that you want to go to the home”, Melita becomes furious.

“I already to you, My dad is more important than my final exam. I won't care about my exams... I just want to see my dad right now...”, she was worried. Her worried tone makes Melita speechless.

“you are stubborn Ellie”, Melita almost shouts at her. Ellie kept silent. Melita sighed. “ok... go and see your dad. but come here before examinations.”, she can not let her worry about her father anymore. So she agrees with her friend.

“sure...”, Ellie jumped in joy and hugs Melita.

After that, Ellie comes to the city from abroad to see her dad. When she comes to her house, no one is there. It's like no one lived there for some days. Not even a servents. She can not find anyone. she already had a bad feeling about that.

“Ha. why isn't anyone here...”, she was confused.

“Dad... where are you... why are you making me worry about you...", she was worried as hell when she couldn't find anyone in the house. she went into the house and checked the house, it looks like locked for more than two weeks.

The dust is covered all over the place. It's dusty and covered with spider webs in the corner of the walls. she is in a daze.

She didn't have her stepmother's number Or her Daughter and son's number. so she decided to leave the house. when she was about to cross the road, some men in black-suited kidnapped her. They gave chloroform to her. when she opened her eyes found herself laid on the cold floor already.

It's the end of her past.
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