The Irresistible Love

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Have you ever heard that opposites attract? Well not in this case. Our FL is a very strong-headed woman and our ML is a very arrogant man. What happens when these two clash. Will be create an explosion or will they create something harmonious and beautiful. Join me as we experience this rollercoaster of emotions. Exercpt: Their eyes met, she could feel it and she was so sure that he could too. That little tension, that feeling...yes, that shock that she felt go through her body. She quickly withdrew her eyes and concentrated on what she was doing. She was the CEO of Flair, a fashion designing company, one of the top in the world. She was currently giving a speech and even when she withdrew her eyes, she still felt his eyes on her. It was like he was burning her with his intense gaze. 'What is this feeling?' She didn't know him and he didn't know her, so what was that feeling? Two strangers, one look. That was all it took for her life to transform. Chat me up on my discord, if u have any ideas for my novel Group: For ideas about novel : Vampire_Fangs#1487 Written on Wattpad, Inkitt and on Webnovel and lightreader.

Romance / Erotica
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Character introduction

This chapter is just to introduce the characters. Of course, not all the characters will be introduced as there will be new characters as we go on but the characters i will be introducing are the main characters you might see often. Let's get to it.

Lindsey Armani: CEO of Flair, a fashion designing company, Italian-American. (The FL)

Antonio Guiseppe: CEO of Royal Empire, a company with chains of restaurants, hotels, casinos and many more, Italian. (The ML)

FL's friends:

Andrea Luz: Director at Flair, Mexican.

Gift Okeke: Founder of African Delight, a restaurant specializing in African delicacies, African-American.

François Albert: Actor, French.

ML's friends:

Arthur Carins: Model, German.

Carlos Sánchez, Professional photographer, Spanish.

FL's family:

Mr Luis Armani: Grandfather of FL, Chairman of Armani Corporation, Italian.

Mrs Racquelle Wen: Wife of Mr Luis Armani and Grandmother of FL, Asian.

Chris Armani: CEO of Armani Corporation and twin brother of FL, Italian.

ML's family:

Mr Vincenzo Guiseppe: Chairman of Guiseppe Enterprise and father of ML, Italian.

Mrs Martha Harlow: Wife of Mr Vincenzo Guiseppe, American.

Philip Guiseppe: CEO of Guiseppe Enterprise and brother of ML.

Sandra Guiseppe: Junior High School student and sister of ML.

Other characters that you might see but not often: (They might even stop showing, who knows ;) )

Ashely Brianna: Painter (not so famous but has a decent reputation), American.

Jasmine Lu: Model at Flair, Asian-American.

Any many more characters. Well that's all for now. Will soon start writing. See you soon (ʃƪ^3^).
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