The Irresistible Love

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Lindsey Armani

Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️: Any resemblance to anything living or dead is purely coincidental. This book is purely fictional. All places and things in this book are a fiction of my imagination. This book is an original.

In the middle of one of the most prestigious cities, stood a lot of magnificent skyscrapers. They stood tall and proud. Among all of these buildings stood Flair, one of the most renowned fashion houses in the world. It stood tall in all its glory, made of glass from up to down, containing about 100 floors in which 80 of them were the different departments, 15 of them were the meeting rooms and conference halls and the remaining five were the CEOs private space. Right in the front of this building, luxurious cars were lined up. Two in the front, one at the entrance and the remaining two at the back. Employees stood lined up at the entrance of Flair to welcome the prestigious figure in the car. The door of the first two cars and the last two cars opened up and three men in black, crisp suits stepped out of each car and put themselves in a protective stance. The driver of the car in the middle got out from the left side while another person who was the PA stepped out from the right side. the driver rushed to the other side of the car and open the door respectfully. A leg descended on the soft red carpet leading to the entrance, followed by the other leg before you could see the whole body. Everyone was mesmerized at the beauty they were seeing though they saw her like almost every day. She stood out amongst the crowd with her neutral, cold expression. She was dressed in a white crisp shirt and a red high waist pant that had little pleats and had a wide bottom kissing the floor. As she walked you could see her 6" black Louboutin shoes with red bottoms. Her hair was found in a sleek low ponytail that was held in place at her neck. Her makeup was simple as she donned little to no makeup but highlighting her lips with a red lipstick. She walked with class and as she walked, her clothes caressed her killer curves. She had curves that any woman would literally die for. This woman was Lindsey Armani, CEO and Founder of Flair. As she walked, an entourage followed her, her PA, the head of each department, the managing director, bodyguards and many more. Her secretary was updating her about the preparation they were making for Flair's 5th anniversary. Lindsey who was silent the whole time with a neutral expression give her secretary some instructions and made her way to her private elevator. She put her hand on a fingerprint scanner at the side of the elevator to give her access to it. It scanned her fingerprints and she got in. The elevator then took her to the top floor. She got out of the elevator and was greeted by her secretaries and gave a slight note before getting into her office. Before she entered the office, one of the secretary secretly clicked a picture of her and posted it in the company group. The photo immediately got a lot of comments likes and shares.

"OMG, she is so pretty"

"Goddess of my heart ❤️❤️"

"Our ice queen is so sexy"

This group had being specifically created to share photos of her. Everyone in the company practically worshiped her. She was the best boss BUT...
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