The Irresistible Love

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BUT her rage was *sigh* ಥ‿ಥ

"What the hell is this?" An angry voice sounded in a conference room. The pressure in the conference room felt heavy. The design department was under tremendous pressure. Lindsey, the Ice Queen had asked for a design and they give her another thing and that was not even what angered her. What angered her was that they went ahead and made batches of the dress without her consent. When she was angry, she changed from Ice Queen to Demon Queen. The head of the design department was apologizing with his head low while praying that he doesn't get his ass fired. The other members felt pity for him cause they could clearly see the beads of sweat on his forehead but pitied themselves more because every single one of them were in hot seats. Lindsey was about to speak up when her phone rang. The name "Nonno" (which means grandfather) popped up on the screen. When she saw this, her expression softened, she picked the call and walked towards the floor to ceiling window in the meeting room.

"Tesoro, how are you?" (Tesoro, Come stai?) An elderly voice spoke through the phone in a soft tone. [ P.S: They spoke in Italian but I am going to give the translation to make it easier for other readers but the Italian conversation will be at the side(◍•ᴗ•◍), also Tesoro is the name her grandparents call her. It means treasure]

"I'm good and you?" (Sto bene, e tu?) She asked in a soft voice.

"I am not good at all, my granddaughter has refused to come see me" He said in a grim voice. (Non sto per niente bene, mia nipote si era rifiutata di venire a trovacami)

"Nonno, that's not it. it's because I was very busy, you know what, I'll come visit you at home today" (Nonno, non équesto. È perche ero molto impegnato. Sai una cosa, oggi verro a trovarti a casa)

"Ok, I will tell your Nonna (meaning grandmother). We are expecting you." His voice became cheerful in an instant. (Ok, te lo dirò Nonna. Ti stiamo aspettando)

Lindsey gave out a light chuckle and said "Ok, i will talk to you later. I have to deal with something" (Ok, ti parlerò piú tardi. Devo affrontare qualcosa.)

"Ok bye" (Ok, Ciao)
Lindsey hung up the phone and her expression was once against neutral as if nothing happened. She then faces the man who was standing still like a statue for fear that just a movement of his finger would anger her. He had his head hung low and as if sensing her gaze on him, he immediately got tense and drew in a sharp breath.

"You better fix this mess or else get ready to get that ass of yours fired" Lindsey said as she glared at him the walked out of the conference room with her PA and Secretary trailing behind her.

"Yes ma'am" The head of the designing department said as he let out a breath he never knew he was holding. He was thanking God for saving him while trying to calm his furiously beating heart.

--- At the Armani Villa ---
In the evening, Lindsey went to see her family as promised. She told her driver to go home and drove on her own. Her car drove in front of a huge gate and since the gatekeeper knew who she was, he bowed respectfully and opened the gate. Once the gates were opened, what greeted her were the perfectly trimmed grasses around a path where cars could drive on leading to the main mansion. As she was driving, right in the middle of the path, there was a fountain that poured out crystal clear water. The water glimmered under the rays of the moon. This fountain caused a roundabout in the middle of the path so she drove around the fountain and stopped in front of the main mansion. Lindsey got out and walked up on a few flight of stairs leading to a huge door made of oak wood. As if on cue, the butler opened the door, all smiles.

"Welcome back Young miss" The butler said.

"Thanks, where is grandpa?" she asked with a slight smile.

"The Old Master is in his study, he told me to tell you to come to his study when you arrive" the butler said.

"Ok" Lindsey said as she made her way towards the study. When she was in front of the study, she knocked lightly.

"Come in" She heard behind the door and opened it. She saw her Nonno sitting behind his huge office desk. It had a desktop on the left paired with a keyboard and a wireless mouse. On the right were some files. In front of the table was a Vintage cross White Marble desk set with a 12k Gold filled pen.

"Nonno" She called out with a smile on her face.

"Tesoro, here you are. Oh my God, it's been so long since I saw you. You can't even come and visit your family anymore" Luis said (Tesoro, eccoti. Oh mío Dió, é passato cesì tanto tempo de quando ti ho visto. Non puoi più nemmeno venire a trovare la tua famiglia.)

"Nonno you know very well that that's not the case, I am just very busy, besides am I not here" Lindsey said. (Nonno sai benissiomo che non é così, Sono solo impegnato, inoltre non sono qui)

"Fine, go take a bath and come downstairs for dinner. Your Nonna and your Fratello (meaning brother) are in the kitchen" Luis said with a doting smile. (Bene, Vai a parti un bagno e scendi a cena. Tua Nonna e tuo Fratello sono in cucina)

"Ok" Lindsey said as she left the study.
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