butterfly effect

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In which Magnolia moves from her hometown after something terrible happened and needs a fresh start. When she transfers universities she becomes roommates with an outgoing party girl Davina. Will they become better friends than expected or when Davina tries to get Magnolia to 'fly free' will she fly too far? Once you grow wings it's hard to stop fluttering. !!!contains mature and explicit content!!!

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Red hot flames. Bright and burning down my entire life. Everything I've ever owned or loved disappearing right in front of my eyes.

And there he is, my father slowly turning to ash before me. He wasn't even supposed to be home. Everything inside me was screaming as I stood on the lawn watching my home burn to the ground with my father inside.

He's a good man, he doesn't deserve this. He's always been there for me. I love him so much. I loved him so much. He was going to die there was no helping him. It was too late, and no one could save him.

With the amount of pain, I feel radiating throughout my body I thought I would be crying, maybe on my knees boring my broken soul for the entire neighborhood to see. But I couldn't. I stood there silently, slowly dying from the inside out.

"Magnolia we need to move. You need to go to the hospital and let someone check you out." I heard Rachel, my stepmothers' voice in the distance. I still didn't move; I couldn't stop staring at my family's home turning to dust. None of it seems real.

I keep silently wishing it's all a dream. Just a horrible nightmare.

A hand touched my shoulder and that's what finally brought me back to reality. I flinched when she touched me. She was crying, I could see the tears staining her shirt and her eyes were completely bloodshot. "Let's go, get in the ambulance." I stepped back from her not wanting to go anywhere. As if me staying here would bring my life and dad back. How could she want to leave?

"I'm fine I'm not going anywhere, Rachel." I huffed and turned back to the house as more firefighters flooded the area and attempted to put the fire out. It was out of control. All consuming.

Rachel roughly grabbed my wrist and tugged me to her gaze, "Magnolia Williams get in the ambulance right now. You're in shock, you've got burns on your arms. You need to be seen by a doctor!" She was raising her voice now, I hated when people yelled at me. But she was wrong I'm not in shock, I'm sad and I'm just not sure what to do with myself. I knew what was happening, I wasn't confused or not processing it.

It was real, all happening right in front of me. I just couldn't believe it and I couldn't hold myself back when I got heated right back at her.

"I don't need a fucking doctor. I need my dad!" My breathing started to falter, the panic and realization set in. "A-and he's d-dead...He's not coming back." I whispered and the first of many tears began to fall.

Rachel's face softened as she used her grip on me to pull me close. My entire body began to shake as I sobbed in her arms, I could barely breathe, and my lungs felt like they were going to collapse. Everything became a blur from then on.

Nothing will ever be the same. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. My life was gone in just a flicker of a flame.

authors note:

i know this was short but i hope you enjoyed the small sneak peak into magnolia and her life.
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