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Queenie is done with domineering men in her family,choosing to leave home for a new start and also a new job. The new job and the hot boss. Queenie finds herself in a male dominated field and the top male is intrigued and fascinated by her. Independence just gotten,is it to be given up again?or will Rapheal learn to love a strong willed woman??

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

I am running late.... My alarm did it's duty of waking me up late,as usual.

Rushing out of the shower,I dragged a dress from the wardrobe with one hand and searched my drawer for undies with the other.

"There you are!"I exclaimed to my black set of underwear.

I hurriedly puts it on and wore the floral dress I picked.

Puts on my sandals,I didn't bother to cream or oil my soon to be crusty body.

"You are going to be late" my sister sherry yelled from down stairs.

"I'm almost done!" I yelled back.

Where is my bag,you never find that bag when you need it.

"Deodorant!" I took the cool deodorant from my vanity and rubbed it on and continue the search for my bag.


"I'm coming!,i'm coming!"

Spying my bag under the bed,i grabbed it.

'Thank God I had the foresight to arrange it yesterday's night '.

I took one last glance of my room and sighs as I close the door,Narrowly missing the balustrade,I waddle down the stairs with my unbuckled sandals and made my way to the kitchen.

"May you not miss the bus" She glared at me as she packs some snacks for me.

I dropped my bag on the tiled floor and bend to buckle up my sandal.

She kept murmuring until she couldn't stand the silence from me,she asked

"Do you really have to do this?"

"Don't ask me to stay,sherry. You know I have to do this" my voice got distorted by the bent position I was in.

"Okay but the house is going to be silent without you"she sighed

Still bent on buckling up my sandals 'who makes buckles as tiny as these' I groaned in exasperation.

"Are you in any way saying you will miss me?"I joked

"Who will miss you?, definitely not me" she scoffed

'ha ha!,tiny buckles defeated' I did the victory dance in my head as I straightened back to an upright position and teased her.

"You forming hard love is fun to watch but unfortunately I have to go"

I hugged her and grabbed the snackbox and my bag.

"Don't worry,I know you love me" I kiss her cheeks as she burst into laughter.

"Chicken" her warm brown eyes stared into mine with love.

'I know she doesn't want me to leave and she is trying to be very supportive of my decision'

"Love you too" I cut the gaze before one of us starts getting teary eyed and made my way to the back door

"Don't forget to call" she reminds me.

"I dare not" I promised as I unlocked the door.

Turned to wave goodbye to her with a smile,I stepped through and closed the door at my back. Walked pass the garden to get to the gate where my taxi was impatiently waiting for me.

I stopped once I was outside the gate and turned back to look at the cream coloured building,the only home I ever knew.

"Goodbye" I sighed.

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