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Chapter two

'My butt is numb'

My butt is aching and tired of sitting down in a moving bus but the excitement of the journey had me tapping my feet to the song in my head,it relieves the numbness a bit.

I am on a bus going to Abuja,to a new job,a new home and a change of city and scenery is just what I need at the moment. The sudden appreciated changes in my life are welcomed with both arms and which by the way could not have come at a better time,a week after resigning from my job, whatever guardian angel I have is working overtime and deserves some awards.

My phone beeped with a message,I unlocked it and the sender was ife,she is my best friend and also resides in Abuja, so that is a plus. Cause it means I am not going to be alone in a new city.
She already helped me in making all the necessary arrangements since she is familiar with the city,got an apartment for me,collected my stuffs which I sent ahead and arranged it all,she is an amazing person which is a plus plus.

The lady sitting besides me gently snores while I mentally prepare myself.

'queen and the new city!,yeah!' I mentally whooped.
Finally the independent adult me,okay that is a laugh cause right now,i'm as giddy as a five year old on the promise of candy.

'act matured Queenie' I lectured myself,

"eeeeiiii!!!"I screamed out happily.

"Oh!,i'm so sorry,so so sorry" I apologized to the other passengers who all got startled by me,now throwing me a mix of annoyed and disgruntled looks.

"BUS STOP!!"the driver announced as the bus stops to allow passengers to alight from the bus.
'Thank GOD!' my muscles are so stiff from sitting down for a long time.
Excitement and chaos erupts in the bus as everyone tries alights from the bus while also searching for their respective their luggages and baggages,I only had my duffel bag with me so I made my way out of the bus.

"I can't wait to......"Kenny come back...."hello just got"...all the chatter mellowed as I took in the smells and views of the FCT.
I stood there and just gawked at the scenery before me,which was stupid cause I am coming from another big city.
"Wow!!" I gasped out,my brain cared less

A shrill voice screamed.

WTF!! she hasn't change,that's my best friend of childhood and counting.
she is a five foot,9 inches Amazon with caramel skin,I call ahead that's why she was already at the bus park waiting for me.



we did that weird thing girls do when they meet eachother after being departed for eons which is hugging, laughing and talking at once.

"I can't believe you're here"

"Jeeezzzz your skin,Ife you're glowing"

"See you,still curvy"

"Don't forgot to mention my brains also"

"You are still touchy about your curves,girrrrl you got it, flaunt it, though your brain is a plus "

she using the word 'plus' means she is still my ife and yes I am bit touchy about my curves though am a medium size 6 with helluva tits and a perky booty contained within a 5' 7 body.
'yeah I know I got the junk'

But having this kind of body is a distraction in the field I'm in.

"I missed you"

"I missed you too" I replied back

"Awwwn,since you are here now,we are going to get into loads of trouble"

"Halleluyah,sister!" I whooped

"Chicken,how are your brothers?"

brothers??yeah got four of those testosterone filled beings.

"They will be fine"

"You sure?,cause you haven't spoken to them in a week"

"They have been away on a project,no need to disturb them"

"To disturb them? Like telling them you are permanently moving city"

"It doesn't matter,they won't believe it anyways,They would probably think I am having a tantrum or time out"

"Because of the disapproval from them"

"How do you know that?, have you been talking to one of them behind my back" I gently questioned

"Chicken,you have me on speed dial"
"Yeah,sorry. I have been touchy lately"

We both have eachother on speed dial which means anything,I mean anything is reported to each other.
I guess I am just being touchy on my family's topic.

"Come on,let's go,you have to see the apartment,it is to dieee for"

We laughed at her attempt at a singsong.

"It better be,I used all my savings for that apartment" I grumbled

"You will see,welcome to Abuja,Queenie"

My new home.

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