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Chapter three

I could not sleep a wink,was too excited about my first day at my new work.

"Wow" I said to the mirror me as I buttoned up my shirt.

' I look pretty' I thought to myself,I am dressed in a maroon long sleeved silk shirt tucked into black midi pencil skirt. I spritz and combs out my curls and puts it in a bun,took my phone and my bag from the dressing table and made my way down stairs.

Ife outdid herself with the apartment,it is a renovated warehouse which has now been divided into apartments, it's height is five metres give and take,it has a suspended space which is the bedroom and I sooo love it,the living room,kitchen and my work area are on the normal has two toilets,one down and the second one up with the bedroom.

"I should get going" though I am not at home,sherry's high pitched voice is still ringing in my brains about punctuality.
"My keys!"
Yeah there they are,right on the kitchen counter by my bag, that's me, always looking for 'not lost things'.

I was locking my door when a voice said
"Good morning, you're the new neighbor?" Questioned,the smooth elegant voice.

The voice matches the appearance cause this guy be dressed to the nines!.

"Hi,i'm Noah" my neighbor says

"Queen,yes I am" i answered his question.

"Yeah,got that from the keys" he joked.

I smiled 'oookay'.

"Well,I have to go but nice meeting you "

"You too"

7:38 am

Well that's insulting.
The receptionist asks for my name the fourth time.
"Queen odufah" I said tensely.
I got impatient and came to the side of her desk and damnit!!.

"That's my name!"

She calmly scrolled past it,is something wrong with her?

"You are supposed to be there" she points to the the front of the desk.

"Look you asked if I have an appointment,I said yes and also my name is there,since you have been checking your computer for the umpteenth time....
She cuts in.
"Are you telling me how to do my job?" She queried

'query is not the only thing I want to do'

"I'm not telling you anything but I have to keep up with the time for the appointment and my name is on your computer or is there a secret screening I have to pass through?" I asked in an annoyed tone.

"Let me re check. Ooh it seems you are the new receptionist,but I have to checked you in with one of the boss cause you will acting as his secretary also"

Ooo,she thinks i'm here to collect her job,she is going to be happy.
"Come with me"

Greens architectural firm,a mix of brilliant minds,it will be challenging but am not looking for a joy ride. We climbed up the stairs and passed through the corridor,the right side was a glass wall and the sights of FCT ,the left side was the offices,she was about to enter one..

"Ouu,who do we have here?" A male voice asks
He is about 5'6,a Caucasian male with blonde hair and brown eyes,attractive but the way he is looking at me,nahhh,I am not a juicy steak,thank you.

"Brad,It is the newbie" the receptionist answered

I don't even know her name well that's not my fault,she didn't exactly rolled out the welcome mat.

"Mary,bring in your new friend" a voice from inside the office called out.
Woah!! it's a sausage fest in here and the only being that has tits also is "mary"!!.

There are 15 guys in the office plus the one at my back,who by the way is making me uncomfortable.

"So you are the new receptionist"
A man in a blue suit with stripped tie states.

"Mary will not be the center of attention anymore" Another dude on skin cut with sweater on says, which made the room erupt in laughters and smirks,the only beings not finding this funny is me and Mary.
"So what's your name?" Someone asks.
A deep baritone answered from behind me.

"Her name is Queen Odufah and you should show some respect to the first female architect of green architecture"

The look of shock on every one's faces.

'Play nice,boys'

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