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Chapter four

"Follow me" the baritone commands,I bristled at his tone but since he somewhat save me,I follow.

" You took forever on climbing those stair though you came early...
"Sorry for interrupting but your secretary took forever on finding my name on the list...
He continues like he didn't hear me
"You arrived 7:30 but the clocking time is 8 o'clock,we are on a big project that's why you met your colleagues early,we all slept here. There is common room we make use of,but you are a female,we don't expect you to feel comfortable sleeping there" he said while raising one eyebrow.
How can a statement sound like a question.
" No,no special treatment for me,I prefer being one of the guys,if it is the common room then it's the common room"
He smiles at that.
"My name is Brian noah"
My boss.

It's been two weeks since I resumed work.
An hectic and chaotic two weeks but it was also fun. After the initial awkward meet with the guys,they have gone out of their ways to make me feel comfortable though now,it feels like they are trying too much.

"Queen!" Brian calles out.

My office next to his and it is the third to the last on the row and I share the office with malik.

Malik is a sober looking individual,he is a civil engineer. Greens architecture has mix of all the professionals in the construction field.

The first office has never been opened since I got here,too spacious to be a closet,not a common room and definitely not the conference room,hmmm.


"There is a document that need to be sealed and stamped on Mary's table,it was just delivered" he said while typing on his laptop.

"isn't Mary at her desk?.Okay,I will go get it"
I have been on secretarial duties instead of an architect's own.

"Where is Mary?" I ask noone in particular.

Well it's nice that she is not here. she is a conversationalist,that is a polite way of saying talkative and a gossiper.
Since she realized that I am not a secretary,she became way too nice,like offering me doughnuts...hmmm,no thank you.

"Hey you" an impatient cool husky voice call out behind me.

I turn back and dammnnn..

Who is this tall drink of water?.Ife is spoiling my thoughts,she is the naughty one.
This gorgeous drink is a Caucasian male of 6'4 ish height with a head of thick black hair and a jawline that screams power,cool green eyes to top it off and a nose which was once straight but now has a bump like it has been broken way too many times.

"Hello,how may I help" I ask politely.

"Sugar,you can do that by running upstairs and calling one of the architects for me"


I smile,an opportunity!

"No need for that,I am an architect"

"Look I don't have time for playing,give the secretary a chance at the big boy's job"

That is rude!,too bad,he is all beauty and chauvinist.
That was Soo on the tip of my tongue but he might be a big client,Especially the way he is acting.

"I know it is hard for you to comprehend but there are successful female architects" I reply in a sarcasm laced polite tone.
He opened his mouth but no words came out.
Brian just came down now,damn the file!.

"Queen,the file is missing or what?"

"Excuse me" I said to the rude man and walked over to brian.

"No sir,but it seems there is a lost neanderthal"

"Who?"He asks

"Brian" the rude man said from my back.

"What is this am hearing about she being an architect?" He questions.
I turn to look at the infuriating man.

"Raph!!" Brian gave the rude guy an handshake and a bro hug.

well you are doomed queen,cause they know each other and he is my boss's boss.

I am in my office hiding.'how will you not know the face of the major shareholder of the firm you are working for? Dumbass!'.i chides myself.



Malik stared at me through his glasses.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm okay"

"You sure?,well there is a meeting in the conference room. Attendance of all architects" he continues when I gave him a nod.

"A meeting?"

"Yes and it is only you guys" he meant only architects.


"Starting now"

I raced down the hallway in the manner,my heels allowed me.
Most of the guys were seated already.

"You came late" Brian stated.

"Sorry, I just got the message"

"Excuses" someone whispers, probably Brad

"Everyone be seated"

Most of the chair in front had been taken,so I had to go to the back.
Raphael walks in,stops and surveys,locked eyes with me.
I hope I am not going to get fired,what a lovely surprise that will be for my brothers and my dad.

"Is everyone here?.yes,well some new big projects came through".

That generated clapping,some of the guys turned to look at Raphael.

"We also have some new staffs who have not been formally introduce,we have one amongst us,miss queen?"

"Yes " I stood up

"She is a certified architect with some experience under her belt"

That made some murmurs,well it is seem some of the boys haven't done their certification exam.

"I will like if you guys treat her with the same respect,you Accord to each other" Brian continues.
I owe Brian some glazed doughnuts cause regardless of how nice they seemed to be,there are still the unwelcome flirting,the come-on's and chauvinist comments,
I sat down when he was done with introducing me.

"The people that are not on ongoing projects are just five" out of nineteen architects.

"There are four projects,the five are going to work simultaneously on all the four projects".

" You know how we do it,you all bring individual plans for the projects, And we select and then modify. Raphael is your supervisor for this"

Well damn..

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