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It had been an hour since I had ran away from the cafe. Melissa kept calling me on my cell like crazy and I had to eventually shut it off. I wasn't in the right state of mind to talk to anyone.

Melissa might assume that i am over reacting but she can never understand how hard I have tried to forget about Arhem. There was no guy I liked again after him. For him to cut off all contacts with me for 3 years was too much for me to handle.

After an hour, I started making my way back to the cafe once it started to snow again. An hour was enough for him to leave and im sure seeing me run from the cafe like that would be enough to make him realize that things aren't the same anymore and he should simply leave.

I was back around 7 and saw the cafe had been closed down. Strange. The cafe has never closed this early. I got a creepy feeling up my spine and my mind started to race. I started panicking for Melissa... Was she okay.

Without wasting any moment, i rushed inside with a duplicate key Melissa got me for the cafe incase she wasn't there. Once inside i saw Melissa seated at the right end of the cafe. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Getting closer, i noticed her strange posture. She seemed off. As if someone made her sit down and keep quiet.

"Pareesay, Im sorry... But i don't have a choice."
Melissa's voice was filled with fear and my heart went out to her.

"Whats wrong Melissa? Did he do or say something to you while i was gone? Where is he?".
I was on my tip now. My voice was filled with anger.

What did he do or say to my friend. My friend who has never been afraid of anything is now sitting glued to her seat with fear in her eyes.

As soon as I turned around to look for Arhem assuming he was still in the cafe, strong arms circled around me and held me in a tight grip. I wrestled back but he was too strong.

I couldn't move an inch with his tight arms coiled around me but i whipped my back to look at him and curse him.

Before i could get anything out of my mouth, I saw his eyes turning a strange colour. The black in his eyes was now turning into a shade of crimson red. I was frozen to my spot in his arms.

I spoke slowly trying to ask him what's going on.

"Forgive me. I will explain it all soon."
He spoke in a grave manner before turning my head sideways. I felt his lips near my neck and after a sharp pain, i plunged into darkness.


Bright light swept through the curtains and illuminated the room.
A small yawn escaped my lips and i forced myself to get up. I had been sleeping for god knows how long. My eyes took time to adjust to my surroundings.

Luxurious blue carpets were sprawled across the room, heavy golden curtains were drawn together only to allow little sunlight to escape through. The room was filled with heavy and expensive decoration items. Some very expensive large medieval paintings hung on each wall. The room itself was large and i was covered in satin sheets... And a night gown.

A night gown.

I woke up with a jolt and once more assessed my surroundings with now a more clear mind. All i remember was that i was in the cafe with Arhem and then nothing fits in my memory after that.

A manly voice forces me to look at the main doors of the room.

It was Arhem. He was dresssed in a silk gown with his hair all messed up.
He walked towards me and i took a clear look at him.

Gone was the boy i once knew. Now, standing infront of me was a grown, muscular man. All the innocence from his face had vanished. He had a sharp jaw line and his complexion had become quite pale.
His eyes had no emotions. They almost looked empty.

I finally found the courage to bring my voice and ask him about where i was.

"You're in my home".
He replied back and sat beside me near my legs.
I immediately became uncomfortable and positioned myself a little further away from him.
He clearly noticed that and raised his left eyebrow with amusement.

"I never knew you had such a beautiful house. Where is it located?"
I was hoping he would give me some directions and maybe perhaps i could call Melissa up and ask her to come take me.

"Its located away from the village. It's quite high up in the mountains. The elders of the village know about its location but the locals and the people from the town don't. This place will have a heavy snowfall in the coming days and no one ever dares to go further than the village. "
He seemed quite amused at the situation as if deep down he finally had something to enjoy with. Although his eyes were still empty.

"Where were you all this time... Why did you bring me here. Why did you stop writing to me Arhem. Did you drug me in the cafe and is that how you brought me up here. Please tell me if Melissa is okay?"
My questions came one after another and I couldn't control.

I needed to know all the answers.

Arhem chuckled slightly and shaked his head.

" You will know. For now, please freshen up. Then join me in the main dining hall below. I will send in a helper".
He got up and i immediately grabbed his arm.

He looked back at me with a warning in his eyes telling me to let him go.

"Arhem, give me answers".
My desperation was now on the surface and i couldn't help it.

"And i will... Soon."
He had now loosened my grip on his arm and walked out of the room leaving me clueless and afraid.

It wasn't long before a kind faced woman in her perhaps late forties entered the room with a dress and a tray in her hands.

"Miss Pareesay. I have been waiting for you for quite some time now. Master has always been talking about you since his arrival back to home. You are quite a pretty lady. No wonder Master has a keen interest in you".
She spoke while motioning me to walk towards her.

"Whats your name? What does Master say about me?"
I hoped maybe this woman could tell me something.

"Oh well, my name is dorothy. And master always spoke about how he had a childhood friend and that he made a promise to her about something."
Dorothy was now taking off my night gown and slipping on the dress she brought in with her.

My heart tugged when she mentioned about the promise.

He remembered...

Dorothy was done with me in five minutes and she told me to have a look at myself in the long mirror at the room's end.

I was dressed in a dark purple silk gown that hung to my hips and was loose from my shoulders. The straps on my shoulders kept the dress up and the dress was till the floor length.

It was a stunning dress and i had never worn anything so luxurious.

"Dorothy, why am i dressed so formal?"
I couldn't help asking so many questions especially when this all was so strange.

"Ahh miss, the dinners at this house are always a formal occasion. Sometimes guests from other areas join us too. You never know"
Dorothy seemed a bit scared when she mentioned about guests.

Before i could ask her more questions, she pushed me slightly towards the door and asked me to leave. I quickly brushed my hair and they hung just below my waist.

Once outside, i was greeted with the most bizzare scene ever.

There was a blonde woman with blue eyes wearing a red dress that almost put every part of her body on display to the person watching her.

She was stunningly beautiful. A very exotic type of beauty. Her eyes met mine and i saw curiosity fill up in them.

Before she could speak, Arhem walked in and they both had a strange eye contact.

None of them spoke a word and what happened next almost ripped my soul out of my body. The woman walked upto Arhem, locked her arms around him and they both shared a passionate kiss right infront of me.

I felt like i was about to faint. I held myself up and placed my hand on the nearest table for support. My mind was rushing now. Why did Arhem bring me here... To witness this.

My heart was breaking into a million pieces and i couldn't breathe.

My pathetic state finally caught the two lovers attention and they looked at me.

Two beautiful people were now staring at me while i tried to get a grip on myself.

This was a nightmare.

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