I Need You

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After the death of her mother Ava Carter was left alone with her abusive father, but everything changes when Ashton Grey steps in her life. He saves her from his abusive father and loves her so much that she feels complete. He is suppose to be her knight in shinings armour. But what happens when he breaks her to a point that she loses her hope to live? Read more to find out about Ava and Ashton in their journey of love, guilt and hope. Where secrets will unfold and hearts will be broken. But in the end as they say love heals all wounds will Ashtons love heal the broken Ava or will she slip away in the darkness of her past......

Romance / Erotica
Funny Bunny
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Ashton smirked and walked towards me, their was this intensity in his eyes that I couldn't help but back away, soon I was leaning against the wall with Ashton towering over me.

"Ashton W-what are y-you doing",I stuttered.

"Shush baby girl I'm giving you answers, isn't that what you wanted, huh" Ashton said placing his finger on my lips and caressing my lower lip.
I shivered from his touch.

I dared looked up in his eyes to see his eyes hooded with lust.

"You know Ava how hard I've been restraining myself from not fucking you? How hard it is for me to control myself around you when your looking so ravishing, like a sexy goddess you are. And now seeing you like this I don't think I can contain myself anymore".

With that Ashton crashed his lips on mine in a hungry kiss full of passion.
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