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The Fear of Falling

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Gavin’s hands wandered over the curves of my body. His touch lingered over the front of my sweater before settling his grip on my jaw. God. He deepened the kiss and with a flick of his tongue, I was a puddle on the floor. _____ Megara Sykes wants nothing more than to salvage what is left of her college experience, but when her newly assigned roommate turns out to be a snarky stranger, those hopes are quickly dashed. What's worse? He's her class TA. Falling for charming Gavin Airos may be the easiest thing Meg has ever done; but will he catch her?

Romance / Erotica
Jane Ann Darling
Age Rating:

Your Dream Cum True

This is the story of how I died; well, my sanity at least.

Megara Sykes.

Welcome to The Fear of Falling, a continuation of the Pink Cherry series, where all your filthy fantasies will come true.
Want the revised version with exclusive steamy chapters? Sign up for my Ream. The link is in the chapter notes and in my bio.

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