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The most powerful mobster in all of North America is 26 years old and has to find a woman who brings his heir into the world. But what if he dont want to and keeps only coldness and darkness inside himself? Will this cold man be able to be changed by someone? You have to find out on your own... "It's beautiful to have you here." I smiled at him. "Would you really like me to be in the same room as you? To sleep in the same bed with you?" "You are the father of my baby, soo of course I want you here with me. I want to feel your warmth and your love. I want to see you touch my full belly and smile at me and I want to ..."

Romance / Drama
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The fear

Life is not always just gray, gloomy and black, but on the other hand it is not always pink, sweet and white. In life, everyone has to go through his sorrows and pleasures, and he has to overcome things for which he was not prepared. People often promise us that our dreams can come true, and no one has ever warned us that nightmares are a kind of dream too. Anger is said to force us to do things we do not want, and on the contrary, fear distances us from the things we desire. All of this is being confirmed in my life, and I could tell you something about it, because my story is full of fear and not rosy at all.
I sat on my comfy bed in my room and looked at the skirt I was wearing. When I think about where I will be in a few hours, my heart beats faster and I feel like I have needles. I prefer not to have lunch, but that doesn't stop my breakfast from having a party in my stomach, and I don't seem to be far from a nervous breakdown.

"Eleonor, come down, we're waiting just for you!" Shouted my half-sister from the hallway.

I got up of bed and my fear doubled. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and when I saw myself, it isn't any better. I am wearing a blouse that is covered with a gray sweater and a black A-line skirt that extends above the knees. My dark brown hair, which reaching my wais are tangled in a braid. My face remained untouched and the only thing that is marked on it are my light blue and big eyes. My nose is like a button and my lips are medium full. My skin is porcelain, my cheeks are almost always red, and it's not different now. I looked around the room for the last time, and all I had to do was take a few steps toward the door.

"Are you coming?" Her voice said again.

"I'm coming!" I call out and left the room.

My older, half-sister Mara was already waiting on the ground floor and, as always, she looked gorgeous. Her wavy blond hair and dark green eyes excite everyone. Her large and full lips are accentuated with red lipstick like blood and her eyes are beautifully paint in dark shades. She is wearing a fitted black, mini dress and high heels that knock on the floor with her every step. I like her, she is my sister, but behind her beautiful appearance lies a heartless interior.

As soon as she saw me, she rolled her eyes and went to the limousine where Dean, our driver, and Olla were already waiting for us. Olla is like my mother and has been taking care of me since I was a baby. I ran to the limousine and hurried into it.
Along the way to that place, I played with my skirt to calm down a bit, but it wasn't working. I looked at Mara, who was playing on her mobile and smiling. Her confidence pushed me to the edge of the limousine seat. Olla grabbed my hand, and when I looked at her, there was a sweet smile on her face whit which she wanted to calm me down, but at a moment like this, even her sweet smile isn't helping.
My leg can't hold my stres any longer and began to shake, as if a thousand volts were passing through it in one second.

"What are you afraid of again?" Mara asked boredly, looking at my shaking leg.

"I don't know." I told her quietly, feeling anxious.

"I don't know why we actually took you. It will be a scandal to show up with you, you don't even know how to talk!" she screamed all over the car.

"I can't get rid of it." I tried to defend myself, but it probably wasn't worth much.

"You're the only one to blame!" She leaned against the backrest and didn't even look at me.

Although it doesn't make me happy, I have to admit that Mara is right, but what do you expect from a nineteen-year-old girl without a mother. You hear well, without a mother. My mother died when I was a child. She was very ill and eventually succumbed to her illness. My father - a very famous mobster - loved her, like no woman before her. He didn't even love Mara's mother and left her for mine. Mara thinks our father prefers me because I look like the woman he loved so much, but I know he loves both of us equally and would do everything for us. After all, he does this thing only because he thinks it will bring us a fairy-tale life. Otherwise, he would never sent us to that place, especially me.
The reason I'm so scared is that we're going to the house of the biggest mobster in all of North America just so he can play with me and a few other women, and if we're so lucky, we can bring another Hydenson heir into this world.

The car stopped and everything in my head began to rumble. My two legs began to shake from fear even more, and my head remained tilted down. What am I going to do? Am I really ready for something like that? I never saw the man, not to mention that he is seven years older than me.

Seven years older...

It began to fog before my eyes, but a loving voice pulled me out of the stream of my dizzy thoughts.

"Come on. We can't come there without you. "

As if taken from a trance, I looked at her with frightened eyes.

"Your father promised him both of his daughters, soo only one really can't go inside." She nodded in the direction, where was Mara.

I looked at Mara, who was watching and admiring the beautiful villa, which can't even be compared to ours. It looks like a small personal lock or mansion. It is huge and all white with ornamental stones. From almost every window, of which there are not a few at all, a balcony leads and I was fascinated by the largest one, which is right in the middle. The front door looks like an entrance to another dimension and there is beautiful greenery everywhere, which is certainly taken care of by a gardener. In the middle is a fountain with the theme of the Greek gods, and at the very top is none other than the ruler of all the seas and oceans Poseidon.
Mara must be excited about all of this and I'm sure she can't wait for her time with a man, who scares me even though I've never seen him. I have heard that he is very manly, elegant, incredibly rich, powerful and, above all, cruel, but this villa does not look like the home of such a cruel man.

"Come on Eleonor, because I swear, I will enter even without you!" She shouted in anger.

"We don't want to make her angry, right?" Olla asked me with a smile and I shook my head. I accepted her opened hand and nodded. Dean looked at me with regret, what made me even sadder. Will it be so terrible night?

Olla, Mara and I stepped on porch and rang the bell decorated with ornaments, and in a few minutes an older lady opened the door for us. She could be in her forties and she looked very serious.

"I brought the girls to see Mr. Hydens," she pointed at us, "Mr. Bold's daughters."

"Of course, he's expecting you and waiting for you." She invited us inside and took us to a beautiful hall. The walls of this hall were decorated with beautiful paintings from different centuries. I wanted to look at them, but my fear held me in one place with my head bowed. Mara stood beside me straight and proud. She for one hundred percent can't wait to meet an unknown man of her dreams.

"I will give him a son and live like a queen!" Mara said confidently.

"I hope it's as you say." I whispered quietly, as quietly as I could. Olla looked at her and rolled her eyes, but the woman who greeted us looked at me intently and feeling her stern glare I bowed my head even more.

"The driver will take you to a hotel where you will spend the night." The woman, who had been looking at me a moment ago pointed to be followed.

"You said he was expecting us." Mara remarked arrogantly.

"I didn't say where." She shrugged calmly and still very seriously.

"Pff, she'll see." Mara muttered under her nose.

"Olla, where are they taking us?" I asked her on the way in the car.

"You and your sister are not the only one who wants life like from fairy tale, and this is a very easy path, that all young ladies from the surrounding families want to use."

"I don't want anything Olla."

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." She looked calm, but I had the feeling that she didn't believe it herself, and I didn't believe her word for hunderd percent.

The car stopped at about half an hour and we got out of it. A woman whose name I still don't know took us to a luxury hotel, and when we went upstairs, I was in great shock and in my inside was griping uncertainty and fear.

"All these girls stay here if Mr. Hydens wishes." she explained, and there have been about six maybe more girls.

"Is that man a Sultan? Here are as much women as in a harem." I whispered in Olle's ear, and she laughed.

"Here's your room, Mara, and Mr. Hydens will gifted you with his time in any moment." She opened the door to Mara's room, which looked truly luxurious and modern. Mara must now feel like in seventh heaven.

"Oh, I'd better get used to this. I'll definitely spend many long nights with him." she rejoiced.

"You're leaving after this night. You won't be back until Mr. Hydens lets you know." the mysterious woman interrupted her.

The way Mara's face turn sourly, amused me a little, but I didn't show it.

"He will call. He will definitely call me after tonight." One corner of her lips rose confidently.

And so Mara disappeared behind the door of her hotel room. I hope she can capture attention of this man so much, that he won't even think about me.

I was waiting to see what will happned with me and where this woman will take me, but when she turned in the direction, we had come in, Olla and I were looking at her in surprise.

"You will come back with me," she addressed as she walked.

"Olla?" Anxiously and fearfully I turned to Olla, who was about to follow the woman in front of us.

"Don't worry, a car will come for you on Tuesday morning. Just one night my sweet dream." She reassured me that everything would be fine, so I just nodded to her and let myself be taken back to his villa.

"You're coming with me, because I see how scared you are and it'll be better for you to stay with us." she told me after about five minutes of looking at me.

I nodded at her, but was still looking at the ground, but then through window of car I was watching the moonlight, which has been on the dark sky since we left the house.

I looked at my skirt and thought about how disgusting it is gonna be
to be with the same man as my sister.
Stepsister, but we still have one father. And who know, maybe in the end, Hydens will change his mind and not even touch me, because who would want someone like me.

"My name is Mandy." her voice sound again. Mandy. That's a nice name that doesn't suit me for such serious lady like her.

"Eleonor." I said softly, raising my face for a second.

She nodded, and the rest of the journey continued in complete and chilling silence, which was killing me and dragging me into the midst of my never-ending fears.

The journey in the car was faster than the one to the hotel, and as soon as we got back to the villa, Mandy took me to a small room that looks like room for a maid and is lit only by a small lamp on the bedside table. The room is not large and the only thing in it is a bed, a bedside table and a small wardrobe.

"Mr. Hydens doesn't know you're here, so you have to stay in this room." I followed her into the room and begged her in my head to hide me here forever so I didn't have to meet things and people waiting for me in the near future.

I took a deep breath and sat down on the bed, which was comfortable.

"I'll get you something to sleep in." She looked at me, and then desapeared in a second.

I sat quietly on the bed, waiting, waiting and waiting until the door opened again.

"Here you are. I'll come see you tomorrow. Now you can go to bed." She put some clothes on the bed next to me and left.

I took the dress she brought for me and didn't know what to do. No one will see me here when I change, will I? Carefully and cautiously, I put off the clothes I was wearing and put on a large knee-length T-shirt that Mandy brought me. As soon as I wore it, I felt a little weird. The t-shirt smell very masculine. Who knows whose t-shirt it is. Carefully, without noise and without touching anything unnecessarily, I lay down on a soft bed, covered myself, and turned off a lamp that shone in the dark. I didn't even move and in the dark I looked everywhere around me.
I'm really scared and I don't even know what awaits for me tomorrow. I exhaled and then inhaled. This t-shirt smells really beautiful. I smiled, and though I didn't want to, the stress of today overwhelmed me and my eyelids began to weigh my, until they closed completely.

Hi there everyone, first thing first, thanks you for clicking on this story, it means world to me. And second I want to say sorry for All gramar mistakes. Enghlis isn't my first languagu, but I really wanted to try something new, so here I'm with hope you will like my work.

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