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Untitled (oneshot)

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This is an attempt at a oneshot thank you for understanding

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The only chapter so far

I peacefully laid on the couch by myself, letting the ticking of the wall clock hypnotize me to sleep. Why on the couch? Because this isn't my home. I'm just staying over. Where else is there to stay in? The bedroom? As if. I don't even have the confidence to ask for seconds when my favorite food was up for grabs earlier. I hope there's still some more...

...maybe I'm just hungry? All this hunger getting me to feel all crazy. Damn. I should've brought some cookies or something.

I look around as I sit up straight, a hallway on my right leading to the kitchen and the bedrooms. For no particular reason-- just checking if there's enough light for me to safely make my way to the comfort room if ever. Alongside sleepiness, however, boredom surfaces. What is there even to do right now? It's late. I reach for my phone on the coffee table and check the time. 11:44. Almost midnight... gotta get some rest so I can go home early without a hitch.

Finally deciding to settle for laying down, I close my eyes and let my mind wander elsewhere in an effort to find my way to dreamland. But such a place proves to be nowhere as the creaking of a door startles me awake. My eyes open but my body doesn't dare move. Gotta make sure I get to sleep fast--

A face peeks overhead. Long hair swoops down as if attempting to drop on my body.

"Hey," she whispers. "You still awake?"

"Yeah..." I groan. "What's up?" I ask as my eyes remain open. I can barely see the expression she's wearing in this darkness.

"I can't sleep," she answers. I then jokingly mock her. "What are you, a baby?"

She immediately replies with a suggestive tone. "Wanna make me your baby?"

My eyes take in a bit more light as time passes by and I can now clearly see her smile as she teases me. How do I respond...? Wait, why am I thinking about it?

Just then, my mouth suddenly opens on its own. "Sure, why not?" Right. Just don't think about it, huh?

Due to my validation, she casually makes her way on top of me. "Am I heavy?"

"Not really. I don't think you'll break my spine." I chuckle. This is... enjoyable to say the least.

"Anything you want me to do?" She asks as she runs her fingers from my belly to my face.

"This is your territory now," I answer. "You can do whatever you wanna."

"Alright then."

She lets her chest come into contact with mine. As I feel the soft pressure pushing onto me, I realize that she's only wearing an oversized cotton shirt as cover. My hands make way to her back and I confirm that she isn't wearing her bra.

She notices my intent and giggles. "Yeah, I'm not wearing it. Have you heard of anyone wearing that to sleep?"

"Y-You're right... How am I supposed to know who does though--"

My words are cut off as she puts her lips on mine. There are no extra movements for a moment as we snap out of it and pause for a while.

"You sure you wanna do this?" I ask. "Wouldn't we get caught?"

"You really didn't notice that my mom went to work earlier? So that's how you are when completely focused... how cute."

"W-What... so we're all alone right now? What about your dad?"

"He's out of the country until next month. We can make all the noise we want."

"That's... very convenient." I say as we resume to where we left off.

Our kisses finally become more intense as we let the rush flow through our bodies. The thought that we can freely do what we want for tonight excited us both, even though we didn't put it in words. Her hands try to get a grip on my short hair. I do the same to hers, lightly pulling it back-- just enough that I don't pull her away from my face.

"Mmm... didn't know you actually had it in you. I thought all of that stuff from ever since was just boys' casual horny talk."

"Congrats. You're the first to know."

Our tongues slipping in and out sends shivers down my spine. The very sensation of us tasting and swallowing each other's spit is a much more hypnotizing feeling than the wall clock from earlier. As we continue, she then moves her hips more-- our crotches grinding against each other. My senses get sharper and my heart just rumbles to an imaginary beat. Since the only cover she has down there are her panties, I can feel a strange sort of softness. What's nicer is that I'm wearing a very thin pair of shorts, comfy enough for me to wear to sleep. Little did I know that it would spice things up for me like this. Crap, I'm--

"Getting rock hard, I see... You really like it when the girl's on top, hmm?"
"And I see that I sold myself out during one of my crazy talks from back then... how come you were paying attention?"

"Are you stupid? Lots of girls wanna be on top. Hearing that sort of stuff rings in my ears even though it sounded plainly humorous at the time."

"I'll take you up on that, then."

My hands reach for her breasts. They're just the right size: not too small, not too big either... though more than enough for my fingers to be able to sink in. Feeling it up through clothes is really arousing. My hope for her feeling good is validated as I hear her panting more audibly. Her breathing starts to get heavier too.

"C-Can you be rougher...?"

"Oh. You like it rough?"

"I mean... squeeze them and rub them more."

I happily oblige. Her nipples get hard enough and start to poke more through her shirt. The fabric isn't very thick so the sensation is pure bliss for me. It's adding an extra layer of softness to something already so soft. As I pinch them, she lets out muffled moans as she covers her mouth with her right hand while she continues to grind on my already hard part. Moments later, she squeals but not because of my handiwork. Not directly at least. I caught up in finding out the reason why as I notice that her underwear is drenched. Her voice muffled as she maintains her hand on covering her mouth. "S-Sorry for the mess."

"It's fine... as long as you're feeling good." I smile. It's rare to see her so embarrassed like this. "Never thought you'd want to do it with me."

"We have the opportunity, so it's common sense to--"

"Ah," I cut her off. "So you do want to do it with me."

"S-Shut it." She quickly buries my face in her chest. "Having too much fun, aren't you?"

"Yeah, this feels hella good." I mumble.

"Your honesty is one of your good traits, y'know?" After those words, her right hand found its way to my shorts and she immediately reaches under it. "It's my turn to feel you."

She grips my dick, but not too tightly. She playfully strokes it up and down slowly since I still have my shorts on. The way she makes her fingers move as if the tightness changes with every up and down motion sends me to cloud nine. My vision goes out of focus as I realize that doing it on my own won't ever feel better after this. In response, I let go of my tight grip on my sanity-- pulling her shirt up for me to suck on her breasts, starting with the left. She moans in surprise, and her heavy breathing only turns me on even more. My left hand goes for the other, and she notices my dick getting even more stiff... so she speeds it up.

"Wait," I pause from sucking and licking. "I might cu--"

She appears to be too into this as she only quickly removes whatever I'm wearing on my lower half and proceeds to suck on my rock hard rod. Now hovering above my face are her thighs and what's between. The sight of her underwear being so soaked and close to dripping wet prompts me to remove it for her. She moves each leg at a time in response, allowing me to easily get it off. Afterwards, her flooded pussy just falls on my face, in range for me to begin tasting. Just as my senses refocus, I finally regain consciousness on my lower half-- she's alternating from licking and sucking, making sure that my genitals are as drenched as hers. Common courtesy dictates that I attempt to do the same, no matter how wet hers already is. The sensation feels similar to slurping off juice out of a fruit, except this one doesn't seem to lose moisture and is sweeter than one. The fluids keep flowing as if there's no end to it, and my total focus on my feasting is the only thing keeping me from losing control and busting in her mouth without warning. But at this point, I think we'd notice whether the other is about to cum or not. Might as well just get to the peak together. That's 69 off the bucket list. I give her a flurry of licks to her clit as I let my two fingers attempt to vibrate as fast as they can while slipping in and out of her. The fluids keep leaking out and my concentration slowly slips. In a matter of seconds, I would finish since she's already found the right rhythm of sucking up and down. It's such an amazingly consistent rhythm that only matches how fast I do my work on my end. Finally, we both squeal a bit and twitch, almost at the same time as she tightens up on my fingers and gets my dick deeper in her mouth as I cum. The chain reaction of both of us spasming due to orgasm caused us to get even higher on dopamine. I can feel her doing her best to swallow it all as she refuses to let my dick free out of her mouth. My fingers slowly slip out as I lose the strength to even pull them out of the soft interior they just were in. Since her lower set of lips are stuck to mine, all that I can do is keep tasting it. After she accomplishes her objective of successfully swallowing what amount of load I've blown due to how good it felt, she had no choice but to rest her head on my thighs. All we can hear from each other for now are our deep breaths and moans.

Minutes later, she finally regains the strength to get off me. But instead of doing so, she turns around to face me, seating herself on my thighs as we proceed to make out.

"Not tired of being on top yet?"

"This feels too good for me to just stop now."

"You're right."

"I'm putting it in, okay?"

"Hey, I don't have a rubber on me right now. I didn't make plans for this--"

"Relax. Raw feels good. Savor it."

"How do you know?"

She gives me a smirk. "I'm confident enough to say so."

I can feel my dick already poking her pussy, its juices dripping making it easy for her to just let it slide in straight-- I can only feel the moist texture inside slowly alternating: easing and gripping on me as if getting an exclusive massage. I'm confident enough to last since I busted a whole lot of load earlier. But this? This is enough to make me stiff as hell again. The expression on her face is pure euphoria; her legs are quivering along with the moans she makes as she slowly moves up and down. Of course, this is making me feel like I'm on cloud nine as well, with my hips moving in synchrony to hers. As our rhythm speeds up, it feels as if she's getting tighter. I can even feel the tip of my dick slightly bumping her cervix already.

"Fuck, I wanna cum~" I hear her moan. She increases the rate of her bounces, and my dick feels too good with how the moist friction rubs on me-- let alone her boobs bouncing as well prompts me to grab one and suck on the other again. After a while, I feel my sanity finally crumbling into pieces. We lock eyes and make out, our pace intensifying.

"I think I'm close--" I say, not long after being pulled back to continue our kisses. Our tongues hang out of our mouths as we take quick, short breaks, with her not failing to voice her instincts.

"Cum inside me... I wanna feel you more~"

How can I fucking hold back after that sweet voice asking for me to release it all inside? With a strong thrust to end it, I let it erupt inside her. I can feel our fluids mixing as she twitches, and I can feel the warmth of my own cum being clamped on my dick as she tightens more and more.

"Ah, ah~ I can't stop cumming..."

"D-Damn... is this a safe day for you?"

"Who knows... I don't really mind... I'm on the pill~"

"You prepared for this...?"

She doesn't say a word and instead, simply winks at me. If that isn't enough to seduce me, well... I don't know what is.

"I love you..." she whispers in my ear as we fall back onto the couch.

"I love you too." I respond. We drift into sleep for the rest of the night, later waking up just to make out and have a taste of each other. Second round? Definitely. The feeling of cumming inside her for the second time felt even more vivid.

"I have something to confess," she whispers as the sun was already starting to rise, much to my surprise.

"Go ahead, spill."

"We have the place all to ourselves all weekend."

"What? I'm supposed to go home--"

"No, you aren't," she says as she pulls on my hair as if prompting me to listen. "Mom's on a short business trip. Pretty convenient for us, huh?"

"Huh... this is your plan of keeping me to yourself, isn't it..."

"Oh, I dunno..."

Guess I don't have a choice. Not like I don't wanna spend a whole weekend with her.
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