Cursed Love

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Monika aka Mona was an Bastards child, that had no power and knew just the skills of a Maid. After she got the Position of the main Maid of Prince Raybin, she discovers very unusual things happen. Who is Mona? What unusual things will happen? Accompany me through Monas life!

Romance / Scifi
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1. Part "In your Shadows"

Crystal Kingdom
07 PM

Hello my name is Mona, I'm a Maid and work for the Royal Family Cappel.

Must be very interesting to work for the Royal family you think?
No. Not at all.

Being a maid means to be the last in the ranking, and I don't mean now because of the wealth no, I mean powers.
We live in a world where everyone posses a power, it is the four elements or the spiritual you name it.
Then there are people like me that don't have any magic at all. We call the magic Mana.

So we have to work our ass of for everything.
The ones who have Mana became knights or spiritual masters that help people with their health.

"Mona the head maid is calling us"

"Oh right away" I took the laundry with me and set it in front of the door. As I walked in I saw all the maids with a straight back waiting.

"What is going on Delia?" I whispered to the maid next to me, that started her career with me together.

"I don't really know I just came inside too" she whispered back, but we stopped immediately when the head maid came inside.

"Attention ladies, I have bad news"
She took her headband off with a sad expression.
"Our beloved Colleague and Friend Alysa got in an Accident and didn't make it"

Our gasps echoed in the kitchen. Poor Alysa may the Angels accept her.

Ah yes right, we live in a time where Demons and Angels exist, not with us on the planet but as the final destination. If you were a good person and did good things you are gonna be an Angel called Licht and when you're the opposite you gonna be a Demon called Nacht.

I widdened my eyes realizing I didn't even pay attention to the head maid.

"U-um" before I could ask Delia tapped me on the shoulder.
"Congratulation Mona!" Uhm on what?

"I know Mona is for 4 Months with us and practically a newbie, but she did a very good work until now so you gonna be the next personal Maid for Prince Raybin Cappel"

Breath got stuck in my throat, Prince Raybin, the most handsome and lovable person in this world. Yes I've got an crush on him, everyone does in this Castle.

Oh damn everyone does. My head turns to all the maids that were before me here. They all had an annoying expression.

"A-ah thank you head maid, I am honored, but the girls before me-"

She shook her head and told me to take the tray with tea.

"No the Majesty Queen Lucia wanted it personally"

My mouth dropped. Queen Lucia!

"Bring that up to Prince Raybin and wake him up, he has a conference later"

I nodded, this is where me and head maid parted. The water in the cup was trembling, no wonder I feel like my legs will give up soon.

I knocked once but didn't get any answer. He still must be asleep. Oh my, I am gonna see his angelic sleeping face.

I opened the door, it was dark the curtains still closed.

He was covered elegantly to his chest, messy hair and a...... oh my he's drolling!
I snickered an put the tray on the table, next I pulled the curtains open.

Slowly I came near him "P-Prince Raybin..." damn how will I wake him up like this, not even the mices can hear me.

"Y-your highness.." he is not moving an inch.
My hand trembled so bad as I reached for his face. Poke...nothing. What am I doing I can lose my hand for it.

"Prince Raybin please wake up" I again touched his cheek. A squeak came out of me when I felt his hand grip my wrist.

Raybin PoV:

I instantly squinted my eyes when the curtains were pulled up. Alysa is here.
Ah its morning I hav-

I felt her poking my face, what is she doing.
Then I heard her voice. This is not Alysa.
I gripped her wrist making her stop, then I opened my eyes still in daze I saw Hazel eyes with rosy cheeks long light brown hair, ends kissed with golden honey tone.

"I-I appologize my Prince, where was my mind"
her voice trembled, she must be terrified, then my vision clared enough to see that her hair was black like the night.

I let go of her hand and stod up.
"Where is Alysa?"

"She.. she is dead your highness"
I lifted my head surprised. She was looking down to her feet holding a tray in her hands.

"I see, may the Angels accept her"
I put on my robe and took the tea, she stood there silent waiting me to finish the drink.

I was sure she had brown hair, maybe I am to sleepy I was indeed very tired yesterday from that training.
But then again I never saw her here, she must be new.

"What's your name?"

She slightly bowed before saying "I am Mona, I am honored to serve you"

Of course you are.
"Yeah, get me a bath ready"
Immediately she rushed to the bathroom.

It is gonna be a long day.

Mona PoV:

I slapped my face few times as soon as I entered the Bathroom. My heart is gonna explode. His golden eyes pierced me back there.

Calm down Mona it's just Prince Raybin...yes.

I came back his room.
"Your bath is ready your majesty"

I dare not to look up I just calmed my blushy face.

It's gonna be along day.
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