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Cursed Love

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2. Part „Prince Raybin of Crystal Kingdom“

The Cappel Family is one of the 3 most mighty families that are alive.

King Thomas, Raybins Father was the only child of the former king Dragos who Ruled the kingdom in all his glory.

Until he fell ill and let his only 18 year-old Son Thomas sit on the Throne.

He managed to Rule Crystal with his mother until he stood alone on his feet. Later on to unite the Crystal Kingdom and Lucia the Princess of Dragons Mound was promised to Thomas.

It was love at first sight, quickly after followed the Wedding. Not long after Thomas became father with his 25 Years with his first Son Alexander.

The whole Kingdom blossomed in new colors. A heir is born so lively and brave.

After Alexander followed a daughter named Zora so lovable and beautiful as her mother herself.

Raybin followed Zora 2 years later with golden eyes that almost let the people fall in trance looking at them.

The spirit masters were very surprised, they never saw a human being having those mesmerising eyes. They say that they hold a power above the humanity.

But until today nothing was found.

He is a strong oppoinent and is very smart.

He loves his family and more his siblings, but there are times were he wishes to be the heir of the throne and one day Rule the kingdom.

He fought many wars along with the soldiers of Crystal Kingdom, although a Kingdom with a very high ranking soldiers and knights does not need it's Royal family to fight, he still does it.

Because again he loves his Family and his kingdom.

Everyone says he is altime the happiest person alive, Raybin does not think so. Since Childhood he felt an unknown emptiness inside, no matter what he took against it, pills, ride-outs, games, sparing, even meditation. Nothing helped the young man, eventually he learned to live with it.

Present day

I wonder if he fell ill, he is sitting in the gardens and just looking at his tea, or maybe he is concerned about something and is deep in his thoughts.

"My lord, should I bring you something to read?"
his head just tittled slightly to tmy side and got back again where it was.

Why am I speaking without promision anyway? He must think that I am insolent.

"Mona how old are you?"
His sudden voice startled me.

"I-I am 23 years old, my lord"

"Oh you're a year younger" I could hear a little smirk in his voice.
"Are you married?" this is where his golden eyes looked up at me as he set his cup down on the table.

I lowered my eyes, preventing myself to blush any deeper. I gripped the tray harder making my knuckles go pale.

"No, my Prince, who would marry a bastard girl?" I chuckled letting the bitternes linger in the air.

He sank his head in his left hand.
"I'm sorry to hear that" he cleared his throat.

"Pass me the cake Mona"
I turned immediately around and took the piece cake off the tray.
"You will love it my Prince it tastes heavenl-"
As I turned around to set that on the table, my foot was stuck in a crack in the ground that I had overlooked, and so the piece of cake flew in the air and I on the prince.

It took a few seconds before I realized I was lying on the prince. My left arm was on his chest and the one just above his head. His hands were both on my hips, holding me tight.

The face flushed instantly, the heart began to race quickly. I hope he doesn't notice, it's so embarrassing.

"Hey, tell me, how long do we want to stand like this?" In view of the situation, his voice was very calm and reserved.

Immediately I got up and walked away and tried to dust my dirty uniform.
"Please forgive me, I didn't look where I was going"


Of course I did notice how red it turned, it reminds me of the tomatoes in our greenhouse.
"It's okay, be careful next time"

When my eyes met her again as she was wiping the dust away, I saw something on her right wrist, some signs in black.

What's this? A birth mark, but so black?

When she realized I was staring at her, she hid her wrist under the fabric.

I'm sure she's embarrassed, I don't ask her.

"Excuse me, my prince, I'll get you another piece of cake"
I nodded and she literally ran into the castle.

She is interesting.

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