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"You failed me again.. is sorry enough to cover the pain you cause me" her voice tremble as tears roll down her cheeks. At the verge of her breakdown biting her trembling lips to contain the sob. "I know I failed you.. again, but I love you too much that I'm selfish to let you go.. and GREY. You two are my world, my life, my everything. I can't live without you both" tears roll down his cheeks. He say in a hurting broken tone. Looking so wreck in pain. That she wanted to embrace him and say 'it's ok everything will be ok' but it's not.. "LOVE?" she scoffed "that's why your sperm is in her egg" she snap angrily. Hurting and feeling betrayed. Love.. how can he say that word. His head fall and more tears roll down. ~~ Aurora Madieyln Paddleston a 17 years old girl pamper and love. Protected from the world since birth. Her tiny world revolving around history wanting to be an archaeologist. But everything changes when she turns 18. The reality was nothing nice and beautiful as she thought and imagine. Alan William Black, a 28 years old multi billionaire. A man of words and action, cold and aloof, handsome and flirty, intimidating and arrogant.. young yet merciless. She was a girl out of his league, someone he can never dream to be with. But when he finally have her. He destroy her. After five years they meet again. Will she go back to him.. after their failed marriage?

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It's being three hours that he being sitting in my bakery-cafe closely to the woman whom he came with. Gregory my four years old son is sitting on his dad lap playing with his tie.

He keep staring at the woman and whispering something in her ear that makes her giggle and playfully hit his chest. He turned his head towards my direction probably feeling my burning stare on him. And when our eyes lock he gave me a mischievous smirk.

"She's special to me, someone who I care" I could hear them well as they were only 10feets apart from me.

I felt a pang in my heart as I hear those words come out of his mouth. He look at her and smile, she smile back. I grip the counter tightly.

Why does he affect me even after five years. Was once not enough to break me?

"Grey, do you like her?"

He ask my son.

"She makes amazing Tomato Butter Spaghetti that you like" he continued while looking at my son lovingly and looks back at her.

She was smiling widely showing her perfect white teeth. She's really a beauty with the perfect figure like one of a model, amazing curves, her silky long gorgeous red hair matches with her fair skin.

What does he mean by asking that? Why will my son care about that? Is he hinting on something? Does he want my son to like and accept her..?

Wait..! Does he mean he want her to mean something to my son?

My face pale as I felt cold. My palms started to cold sweat. My breathing felt heavy and I found it hard to breath. Everything suffocates me. I couldn't hear what they were saying.

I tried to breath slowly calming my breathe. Then that's when I heard those words, something that makes my world collapse.

"I like her daddy. Will she make it for me everyday?" Grey voice rang through me as he look up at his dad with a hopeful expression. Smiling brightly.

My world stop moving.


After five years they meet again, she change.. he wants her back.

Would she go back to him the man who threw her out in just six months of their marriage? Will his love win?

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