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Lucas Astor, a twenty year old young man who lived his whole life fighting his tragic past and eventually fell into his own darkness when he witness his mother brutally murdered before him. Revenge was his only goal until he met Emryn, a young lady who journeys through life's hardships and in time fell in love with Lucas. But can she save him from his dark, twisted and mysterious past?

Romance / Mystery
Kim Lagimalo
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Heavy breathes.

Cries of agony.

The sound of rain and thunder roaring.

His mother’s body was covered in blood as she slowly faded away in his arms. “My son-” Before he knew it, she was already gone. Lucas pulled her into his arms again for the last time and wept refusing to accept that he has now lost her, forever. He slowly collapsed on the ground with her body next to his.

“Why?” he cried.

“I did it to protect her” was the last thing Lucas heard before darkness took over, and passed out.

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