Murphy’s Law

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If something can go wrong it usually will. Abby has had to work hard for the things she wanted. Juggling three jobs she tends to burn the candle at both ends to make her ends meet. As an independent, hard working and selfless person, who takes care of herself and relies on no one, Abby's life takes an altering turn when she meets a man that is ready to take on everything life can throw at him, including Abby's past. Oliver Steel grew up in a wealthy and prestigious family. He is a successful model and actor and is in desperate need of an assistant. Endorsement deals, fundraising events and promotions, on top of filming and script reading and planning for the next step of his career has made Oliver's life crazy. Putting a request out for an assistant, Oliver only hopes to find someone fast. Abby's job is simple she is to drop off the celebrity assignments for the fundraiser for the weekend but when Oliver thinks she's there's about the assistant position, her world gets turned upside down. No matter how many times she says no, Oliver is a man who doesn't take no for an answer. He just has no idea how much he just took on when Abby's past crashes down on them.

Romance / Drama
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This day couldn't get any worse. I was supposed to be off so I could take care of my own personal errands today, but no. My boss calls at seven in the morning to inform me that I don't get the day off. It's Saturday and I'm usually off at this time of day, snuggled in my bed asleep. My boss doesn't care. With the storms they're short handed and haven't been able to get the volunteers in to deliver the information packages to all the celebrities that are supposed to be participating in tomorrow nights fundraising gala. She needs me to come in and grab some of the packages and drive the hills to deliver each one by hand. We are way behind schedule and if those instructions are not delivered tonight, we can lose celebrity endorsements. It's apparently on my shoulders, I'm an assistant, nothing more.

How did I end up with this?

"Where are you going? And why do you look like you're going to work? It's Saturday, Abby,! You don't work for them on weekends." Melanie, my best friend and roommate says, from the comfort of her Mickey Mouse pjs and our couch that I would love to snuggle into right now. "You're wearing your most professional skirt and high heels? What the fuck, Abby?"

"I got called in. I have to go drop off the information kits to the celebrity endorsers. If I don't get them out today, they won't have them for tomorrow. Not my fault, but now my responsibility." I tell her. I don't like this anymore than she does.

"Have you ever heard of telling someone no? Like that asshole of a boss? You need a life, Abby. You're never gonna get one if don't stop working once in a while. Are you off tonight, at least?" Melanie asks, she's been after me to go to the bar with her for a couple weeks now.

"I'm serving tonight and have the fundraiser tomorrow, then I bartend on Monday, and serve Tuesday night after work. Sorry, Mel. I gotta pay bills somehow. I'm off Wednesday night, ice cream and movie on me, okay?" I offer. I know she wants a girls night out. I just don't have the time or money. Living in LA is expensive, even if it's outside the city, in a smaller apartment, and cheaper area of town.

I leave, getting a frustrated grunt from my friend, and head out to stop by the office first to pick up the packages. It's fucking pouring! Awesome! I run as best as I can in heels and jump into my car. I'm going to look like a drowned rat by the end of the day with this rain.

Why did I even try to make myself look decent?

I took the time this morning to tame my crazy long, red curls and straighten them out, which in the five seconds I was in the rain, has already turned into a frizzy mess. My green eyes seem to be almost electric as I look in the mirror and fix my face. Wiping any smears from my eyes, I glare at my reflection. Lovely way for me to present myself to millionaires today. I really hope none think I'm their cleaning service. That would be embarrassing.

Once at the office, I take a stack of packages waiting for me. Seems each of us are assigned with ten to deliver. I don't look at the names or addresses of who I got. I just grab my stack, and head for the door. Of course, I hear the two girls that made this screw up happen, and forced me to work today, frantically searching through the ones that are still left to be delivered.

"Where is it? I left it sitting here. I wanted to be the one that got to deliver to him!" Her angry hiss rang through the office. I kept walking, the last thing I wanted was a run in with Delilah today. "Who took the envelope for Oliver Steel?! That's mine!"

Oh boy, someone is about to get on her bad side. Whoever got him was definitely doing him a favor. Delilah was the kind of girl that was constantly on the hunt for an eligible, hot LA star to take care of her. She was one that was willing to sleep her way in with any star she could, and she's tried several times. I don't want to know what happened with any of them.

I want to leave before Delilah wants to make me her lunch. I get into my car and look at the first address. I still don't rummage my stack to see who all I got. I don't care. None of them will notice me. I'm an assistant at the Alzheimer foundation. I answer the phone, run errands and set schedules. I'm not important enough to remember, and not someone they need to impress. I plug the address into my phone gps and off to the Palisades I go. Turning on my wipers and glancing in my mirror, I shake the wet curls that are quickly becoming ringlets down my back. No point of trying now. This curly mess is as good as it gets today.


I push key after key on the keyboard and nothing seems to work. Pushing back from my desk, l lean back in my soft, leather chair frustrated. What was I thinking firing my assistant two weeks ago? I've been going crazy since she walked out. I can't find anything that she was supposed to have set up for me. My desktop, iPad and phone seem to all speak different languages. Each one has a different calendar with different appointments, I have no idea where I'm supposed to be and when. This is one of the stupidest things I've done recently.

The blonde last night was worse.... definitely worse.

It was good that I was gone before she woke up. I'm not sure I even caught her name. All I saw was long, blonde hair and big, blue eyes and a very short, red dress. The rest is still a blur. Getting home two hours ago, the sun was just coming up, and I'm still in pain from the hangover. The morning news report showed me on red carpet last night at my movie premiere. Fortunately, they missed me leaving with the blonde. I got lucky. My family would have been very upset with me over that one... again.

I scrub my face and head down the spiral staircase to get to the kitchen for a bottle of water. I am Oliver Steel, of the Steel family that owns Steel Industries. A multimillion dollar company that deals in computer technology. And I can't figure out how to get my calendars to match. I don't work in the family business for a reason.

I'm an actor, a very successful actor, model and one of the most sought after bachelors in the country, both professionally and personally. At thirty two years old, I can have anything I want. Date anyone I want. Live anywhere I want, and do basically anything I want.

Money has never been a problem for me, neither is finding a woman to spend my time with. I made the decision to not go into the family business because in all honesty I’d ruin the company in days. I’m not technology bound. I also have made a decision that I don't want just one woman in my life. My family doesn't approve of either, but I've got that figured out. What I can't figure out is my goddamn calendar.

I need a fucking assistant.

I chug down my water and look outside to my backyard. It's pouring rain. We need the rain, we don't get enough here in California lately. It will help so much with all fires lately. I wish I could help more. I donate whatever I can. I run the marathons, I surf for them. I fundraise for different organizations, and want to give back to the community. I just don't have the time to do it all. And right now, I'm going to have even less, if I don't get a new assistant fast.

"Hey! Olie! You ready?" Mason and Dylan come walking in the front door of my house like they own it.

They have been my best friends since grade school. They are my brothers, or as close as brothers I can get. Walking into the kitchen, they find me in grey sweats and nothing else. My light brown hair is sticking up and I'm sure my blue eyes are pretty red at the moment.

I'm proud of my body, I've worked hard for it. Surfing, running, gyms, not to mention the training I have to go through for specific roles. I like the action movies, but it entails a lot of hard work learning stunts sometimes or special skills that I've decided to take up, just in case certain roles come available. I work with some of the toughest trainers in town. I'm worth every penny I get paid.

"Well, someone had a rough night with the sexy blonde. Did you just get home?" Dylan asks, going straight to the refrigerator and getting a bottle of water. Tossing one to Mason, then grabbing one for himself, he sits at the breakfast bar and eyes me. Knowing full well that I'm not going out wherever we were supposed to go. Mason with his jet black hair and cat like green eyes, just smirks at me.

"No, I've been fighting with my computer for two hours. I need a fucking assistant." I growl, getting another water.

"I thought that was the blonde last night? Didn't you fuck her?" Mason asked, laughing at me. Fucking prick. He thinks he's so funny.

"I'm serious. I lost my business assistant two weeks ago. I'm so fucking lost, it's not funny." I push myself up onto the counter across from my friends.

"Why don't you just call one of those secretarial services? You're manager should have a number of one they use." Dylan suggest.

He's the smart one of all of us. I grab my phone off the counter and text my manager with what I need. A few minutes later, I get a text back that he'll make the call and have them send someone over by noon for me. I'm glad I've got good people that have my back. I don't know what I'd do without them.

With that, the missing person from our group comes walking in. Avery Solomon, Dylan's little sister, is a tornado when she walks into a room. She's has similar looks as her brother, with the sun streaked blonde hair and blue eyes, but where Dylan is mild mannered and quiet, Avery is sassy and has quite the mischievous streak. We love her like a sister, but Avery is constantly causing trouble for one of us, that one lately is me.

"I've been sitting out in the car waiting for you guys. Are we going or not?" Her eyes traveled up and down me as if I'm her next meal. I suddenly wished I'd put on a shirt. I didn't know Avery would be here or I would have. "Or do I get to just sit here and admire at just how hot you've gotten. Damn, Olie! Where'd the eight pack come from? Holy shit!"

Avery gave me a mischievous smirk as she sat at the breakfast bar next to her brother and rested her chin in her hand, just staring at me. I'm definitely not going out with them now. I love Avery, but lately, she's been acting way too... flirty. Like every other girl I meet in the bars, all of them want to hit on the most eligible bachelor in LA. Desperate, needy and way too horny for my liking. Avery doesn't need to act this way. She's beautiful and smart. She could have any guy, something else is up.

"You're drooling, Avery. God, it's just Oliver. Not like you haven't seen him a hundred times before without a shirt." Mason scolds her.

"Yes, but every time I see him, he just gets better." Avery grins at me and winks. I just shake my head, she's the biggest flirt, even with me. I can't do this right now.

"You guys go have fun. Preston said he's sending over a new assistant for me to talk to. I need to get a shower and pull together first. Go on. I'll catch you later." I tell them. As much as I want to go today, I don't want to be with Avery or anywhere around the press. Last night went really bad. I have to make sure nothing hit the press and that my family knows nothing.

"But Olie, It's no fun without you." Avery pouts.
I only look at Dylan and roll my eyes. I wish it wasn't raining, I could really use some waves and my board.

"We're out. Call me after you get your girl, Oliver." Mason calls over his shoulder, as he and Dylan usher Avery out.

I head up for a quick shower and change. I have no idea how much time I have before someone gets here. I can only hope it's fast. I'm fast, I only wish I could say the same about this agency. Dressed in my ripped up jeans and a T-shirt, I pad around my living room, pacing for two hours, waiting for this person to show up. Just when I'm about to call Preston, the guard gate calls.

"Mr. Steel?"

"Fuck. Finally, send her up." I tell them without letting them get a word in. I don't have time to wait.

I'm standing at my front door waiting, as her Camry drives up. Not a new car, but not a beater. It's definitely seen better days. I lean against the door and watch as the most gorgeous creature I've ever seen gets out of the car and hurries over to me with the rain pouring down on her. High heels in this weather, tan legs in a red skirt with a slit that comes mid thigh. She’s giving me a nice view of her legs. She works out, those calves aren't from heels, those are from running. She’s got some muscle to her. Now, I'm dying to see her ass. She stops in front of me and smiles, one that lights up her face. Fuck, she's got green eyes, beautiful, bright, green eyes.

"Mr. Steel." Her voice is so soft and sweet, innocent. Damn! A hot body, and innocent face with a sexy voice. I'm ready to carry her upstairs to my bed right now.

"Yes, um yeah, that's me." I grin at her, stumbling over my words. I can't move. I'm frozen just lost staring at her. Those eyes have me weak.

"I don't mean to be rude, sir, but it's really pouring out here and I'm soaked as it is. If you don't mind..." She's shivering. Stupid, Oliver!

"Oh shit, sorry. Come in. I'll get you a towel." I stepped back and let her in. Leading her into the living room, where she can warm up. "Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back." I took the stairs two at a time and ran to my bathroom, grabbing one of my extra, large towels for her and charging back down. She hadn't moved. She was still standing there, looking around the room like she didn't know what to do.

"Here you go, um, what's your name?" I ask, as I wrap the towel around her shoulders and begin rubbing her arms.

"Um.. Abby. I'm just here to..." she pushed at the towel not liking that my hands are all over her. Then pushing it back at me. I probably should back off but I only wrap it back around her and continue to try to warm her up. She's cold, I can see it now.

"Abby. I'm really glad you got here as fast as you did. I'm desperate for an assistant. Come on up to the office, I'll show you around and we can discuss the position." I head upstairs and get about halfway, when I realize Abby isn't following me. "Come on, Abby. My office is up here. I promise, I'm not bringing you to my bedroom."

Not yet, but I will. Fuck, yeah!

"Mr. Steel? I don't think you understand." Abby says, her voice still so soft as I hear her, finally, moving up the stairs. I keep going and head down the hall. I turn my head to make sure she's still coming. When I see her at the top of the stairs, I motion for her to come in.

"I lost my last assistant two weeks ago. I should have hired a replacement immediately, but I thought I could handle it. Obviously not, I'm screwed without help here." I smile and give her my most charming smile. "I have a desktop, an iPad and a phone that talk different languages, none have the same calendar or appointments on them. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be or when right now. I need someone who is organized beyond belief, and can do this stuff. I have endorsements, modeling, PR for films, scripts to read, plus when I go on set. I travel a lot, so you'd have to travel with me. I will need you with me all the time."

I see the look on her face and know I have to make it good for me to get her. She doesn't seem like the type that usually works with celebrities. They're usually a bit more... ballsy. I like this much better. "Of course, when I take vacation so would you. Unless, you'd like to take vacation with me? We could do that too... or not?" She just looks at me like I've got two heads. What the fuck? I'm not getting anything here!

"Mr Steel, I'm from the LA Alzheimer Foundation. You're to be one of our endorsers tomorrow night, at our benefit gala. I'm dropping off your information packet to you, so you have all your instructions for what you need for tomorrow." She quickly holds out a very wet envelope to me. Fuck! I thought she was for me! I just made an ass out of myself.

"Uh.... thanks." I take the envelope and look back at her. She gives me a tight smile and turns to leave. No! Wait! Not yet. Feeling a bit desperate I grab for her. "Abby wait! I'm sorry. I called for a service to send help over. I assumed that was you. Let me at least get you a cup of coffee or tea, and let you dry off a little and warm up."

Shaking her head, she goes towards the door. "I appreciate it, but I have to keep going. I'm on a schedule." She turned and started out, but stopped. Looking back over her shoulder at me, she bit down on her lip, that plump, sexy lip .I want to bite it myself. She's contemplating it, maybe she will stay and take the job. Maybe, I didn't fuck it up. "You said your computer calendar isn't the same on all devices? What calendar are you using?"

"I don't know?" I can't stop staring at her lips. God, I want to take her lip into my mouth and nibble at it just like she is, maybe a little more. Her eyes dart between the computer and the door. She's thinking about it, good, I've got a chance.

"Your family owns a computer technology company. A multimillion dollar business." Abby says, softly as she takes a step towards me and away from the door. Well she knows who I am, at least.

"Yeah." I rub the back of my neck nervously. What the hell is wrong with me today? I want this, I want her. I have no idea who she is, but damn it, I'm gonna find out. "I'm not apart of the family business."

"Good thing, it might go bankrupt." Abby muttered and I smirk at the comment. I like her, really like her. "Sorry, that was out of line."

"But accurate. Don't worry about it. I know I can't do computers. It's not my thing." I smile at her and she smiles back. It's that smile that lights up her face.

Damn! I'm hooked.

"May I?" Abby asks, as I nod and smile as she sits at my desk. She looks good sitting there, she'd look even better on my lap. She asks for my phone and iPad which I willingly give her, unlocked. I want her number in my phone before she leaves. Within minutes, she had my computer, iPad and phone all synced up, and has me back on schedule. "You're all set."

Abby gets up and heads downstairs for the door without waiting for even a thank you. Instantly, I'm racing after her. There has to be a way for me to see her again. I need her as my assistant. I need her to help me with my work. I need her in my bed. She did in minutes, what I spent hours struggling with this morning.

What else can she do?

"Abby, wait. What do you do at the foundation? Hold up, please! Can I just talk to you for a minute? Can I talk to you tomorrow night at the gala? I could pick you up, give you a ride?" That's it! I can see her tomorrow night.

"I'm sorry, I have to get going. And I don't think so. I'm working, so I won't be able to talk much. Don't lose your package. If you have any questions, there will be an information desk you can go to at the event. Goodbye, Mr. Steel. It was nice meeting you." Abby ducked her head down, and ran out into the rain and got into her car. I stood there watching her go and tried to figure out how I could see her again.

Shit! I didn't even get her last name.

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