The Secret Life Of Tiffany

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“Fancy meeting you here Tiffy” I said checking if my present was my reality. I can’t believe that the woman imprinted in my mind for many years was in front of me. She looked up and disbelief was written all over her beautiful face. She sported a plain white shirt and jeans with her long flaxen hair tied up, no makeup and she wore eyeglasses. Her looks were far from her sexy femme fatale I used to see five years ago. “Who is he Mom?” the boy with glasses asked her. “He’s a friend of mine” she said still looking at me with edginess. I stared at her son, he maybe 10 or 11 years old. I can see myself through him, he is my younger version and I scowled when I did the math. I looked at the girl who was looking at me with her gorgeous gray eyes, my eyes. (5th installment of Primestone stories, can be read as standalone)

Romance / Thriller
Suzzane Belle
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Chapter 1

Looking at the painting in front of me, I can’t help but be amazed, the obra was magnificent. I have been tracking the artist for months. Rub Silva’s artworks create a different kind of mood, something deep and emotional. The artist captured my interest, I flew from L.A. to attend her first exhibit “ceded” here in Italy. I was discreet when I bought artworks of famous artist. I was interested with the art but not the artist. Not this one, I wanted to meet the artist.

I flew to Germany to attend the exhibit. “What are you thinking darling?” Janine asked me with her sweet smile. “Nothing” I replied. “Are you excited with our wedding?” she asked again. I just smiled at her. Janine came from a good family, with old money. I am not getting younger anymore, I need to produce an heir for my empire. Janine was the best candidate to do the job. She used all her skills to seduce me to bang her here in my private plane but I was not in a mood.

We arrived at the penthouse of Camwell Hotel. She discarded her clothes and kissed me. I accommodated her this time. I slid from the bed and put my casual clothes on. I turned to Janine who was still sleeping and closed the door gently. I texted her to follow me in the restaurant, women took hours to prepare for just a meal. Janine was very disciplined in her diet, she counted every calories of the food which was annoying sometimes.

I ordered the popular German meat dish- roulade. “Mom I want to eat sweets first” a girl from other table said with her demanding tone. “You don’t eat the dessert first Andy” the boy told the girl. “My name is Andrea Jadaa” she said stubbornly. “It’s Andrew” the boy said. “Then stop calling me Andy” the girl insisted with her demanding tone again. I sighed, I don’t think I can handle kids. I commend Camwell and Bectaz for handling well their brats.

My heart skips a beat when I heard a very familiar voice “if you want to play in the park Andy, eat your food first and you Jade help your sister” she said with authority. “Or do you want to stay with me in the museum?” she asked them. They both said park at the same time. I looked at them and I can’t believe I am seeing her, the woman imprinted in my mind for the past five years. I don’t know what I was thinking, I stood up and walked towards them.

“Fancy meeting you here Tiffy” I said checking if my present was my reality. She looked up and surprise was written in her beautiful face. She sported a plain white shirt and jeans with her hair tied up, no makeup and she wore eyeglasses. Her aura was far from the femme fatale Tiffany I knew five years ago. “Who is he Mom?” the boy with glasses asked her. “He’s a friend of mine” she said still looking at me with edginess. I stared at her son, he maybe 10 or 11 years old. I can see myself through him, he is my younger version and I scowled when I did the math. I looked at the girl who was looking at me with her beautiful gray, my eyes.

I glared at her and about to say something when someone interrupted us. “Daddy” the girl said happily and went to his side. He nodded at me “hi, I am Luis, Rub’s husband” he said and offered his hand. I shook his hand and pretended to stay calm but I am still shaking at the shocking revelation. “Darling you’re here” Janine put her arms and smiled at me sweetly. She turned to them and introduced herself like Luis did as we both stupefied. “Hi I am Janine, Haider’s fiancée” she offered her hand to Luis and they shook hands. I stared at her when she shook the hands of Janine “glad to meet you Janine” she smiled at her.

Janine took my hand, we said our goodbyes to them and went to our table. I don’t have the appetite to eat anymore. I saw her put her head in her husband’s chest and he kissed her hair. He took her hand, kissed and murmured something. My demanding daughter interrupted them, he accommodated her, she opened her mouth, Luis laughed and fed her. I was a walking mess, a selfish monster, I always got what I want, including her. She once was mine but I discarded her just like any other girls. Looking at her in her serene face with her family, supposed to be my family if I was not an asshole made me want to vomit. I want her to be mine again.

Janine was talking to me but I didn’t understand any of it. I was absorbed with the thoughts of her. My world was muted and I just stared at them. She never looked at me but I know she knew I was looking at her the whole time. The kids waved at us including Luis before they left us. Luis put her arms around her shoulder which made my jaw clenched.

I called Simone, I was silent for few moments. I was too independent or maybe my ego was huge that I didn’t asked for help. I was always there for them but I did the mission intended for me alone. Shimi also didn’t say anything, waiting for me to say something. “Did you know that we have kids?” I said with my croaked voice. I never cried, but the pain and guilt I felt were too overwhelming. “What? No! How old?” she asked and she knew who I was referring. “I don’t know, my son maybe 10 or 11 and my daughter maybe 5 or 6. I didn’t even see them grow” I said.

“Ask Lance Hadz, I think he knew something” she said. “She has family now: I said ceded to the fate. She was silent for few moments “I don’t know what to say, Tiffy also suffered Hadz, talk to her and please don’t do any moves first. She deserves to be happy” she said. Is she siding with her? I hanged up on her. That was childish but I don’t care.

I was silent and Janine noticed it. She made herself busy through shopping. She bought a dozen of clothes already. She was excited to parade her new gown. “What do you think?” she asked me fishing for compliment. I looked at her silver low cut dress, her straight blond hair was pinned at the side. Her model like body was pleasing to the eyes it matched the dress. “You’re good” I said and I caught her frown before she smiled at me and arranged my tie.

We arrived at the gallery, the wooden sculpture at the center of the gallery took my interest, I read the inscribed title “ceded.” The detail was intricate, the woman was holding both her legs and her face downwards between her knees. The mood was too sad and emotional. They served wine and Janine went to one of her colleagues. They were chatting as I was absorbed with the paintings. The curator introduced the artist and I don’t know if I can handle another surprise because the same woman who shattered me this very day is giving me another surprise right now.

She used her middle name and her married name Rubie Silva. My heart was full of envy to the man beside her. He looked at her lovingly and I can see something in her eyes that made her aura serene. Is it love? Respect? I imagined different scenarios of them together in bed, touching each other. What the hell! I snatched the wine from the usher and drank in one gulp.

I can’t help but stare at her beauty. She wore minimalist off shoulder dress with just small pearl necklace. Her natural shiny platinum long hair was cascading behind her back. She was talking to one of her patrons and smiled sweetly at them. Her sophisticated gracefulness was natural. I saw her hands always intertwined with Luis. I can see their wedding rings, the sign that the woman in my mind belongs to another man along with his name.

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