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Mafia's Desire

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Annabella Grayson, a sweet, innocent and so pure soul. She was a loving girl with a heart of a diamond. She was like blooming days but, everything turns dark when he entered her life. Ivan Miller, a cold-hearted, sinner and another name of fear. He only knows to rule. Love was just a four-letter word for him. He only surrounds Lust. He was a man without feelings and emotions until his eyes caught her and she became his obsession and his desire.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


Like any other random day, I got up and stormed towards my bathroom lazily. "Seriously life sucks sometimes" I murmured to myself and got ready for the day after a fresh shower.

Today is an important day for me. I've completed my photography assignment and now I have to give it to my teacher so that bitch will not minus my marks in the final examination. Otherwise, my grandma and dad gonna kill me.

I wore a long loose shirt with my black ripped jeans and got ready for college. After college, I have to go to the market with Shawn. My fiancee. I know I'm young for marriage but I don't know why dad wanted me to marry him as soon as possible.

I tied my hair into a ponytail and splash the perfume on my clothes. I picked up my pink backpack and headed out of my room.

"Good morning Granny,"

I gave a peck on my grandma's forehead wishing him 'good morning' She sighed at my behaviour.

"Gosh, this girl! Anna why you are so silly?"

She asked and I smiled in pride. I know what I am and want to remain it forever.

"Sweetheart, not again."

"Whatever. I've put your breakfast come and eat. Gosh! look at yourself how much skin you are now"

My grandma sighed looking at me with a worried face. I smiled at her concern for me. She is my life.

"Oh, c'mon granny. I'm fine. Please don't worry about it and tell me, did you take your morning medicines"

"Yeah yeah I did. my mother," She said sighing and I smiled proudly at her statement.

"Good morning sis," My younger brother Alan said as he sat down next to me full ready in his school uniform ready to go to school. He is 14 years old and My life. My one and only supporter in this whole house. Otherwise, dad and granny never listened to me. They think I'm silly. Nah! I'm so intelligent.

"Good morning bro. Did you finished your homework last night or do you want dad to come to your school again??" I asked as he whined making chuckle.

"Yeah, I did. It was such a pain in the ass" My brother murmured sighing but it was hearable to my ears and I chuckled.

"Well, is dad already gone?" My brother asked gaining grandma's attention.

"Yeah, his boss called him early morning because of some issues." My grandma told us and we nodded.

"Okay, grandma. I'm leaving" I said wiping the corner of my mouth with the tissue.

"Go carefully," She said.

"Oh, c'mon sweetheart. I'm not a kid anymore" I told her pouting and she smiled ruffling my hair.

"But for me, you will be a kid forever," She said and I sighed. But, her caring nature is what I want the most.

I left my house and took a taxi to go to my college since my bicycle is in repair. Last week I was caught in an accident and my dear sweety (my bicycle) got injured too. I was looking outside when my cellphone started buzzing. I look and saw it was my fiancee Shawn so I picked it up.

"yes" I vocalize slowly as he didn't like a girl with a high tone.

"Did you left for college?" His voice roamed and I nodded "yes" is what I said.

"Okay, make sure to message me when you reach," he said.

"Okay. And when will you come back?" I asked as granny told me that we have to go shopping together also today is Christmas and I will celebrate it of course. It is my favorite festival.

"Well, I'm still with Boss. I don't know when will the matter solve. But I will be there by the evening." He said sighing and I can hear the tiredness in his voice. I nodded "Okay. Bye," I told and hang up the call. After some time, I was in front of my college's gate.

"Bish! Where were you? Do you even have an idea how long I waited?" My friend Eli screamed while huffing.

"Okay sorry. I was in traffic. You know my sweety is in hospital" I said pouted and she smacks my head making me groan and I glared at her.

"whatever come let's go otherwise we will gonna late," She said hurriedly while dragging me inside the college.


The room was only filled with the screams and cries of a man. The guards continued raining the belt on his body which almost peeled of his bloody skin.

Between this, A man in full black come inside his face was hidden in the dark surroundings of the room. Only the smoke of his cigarette was blowing and filling the room. The guard gave him space and the helpless man's blood turned cold seeing the most feared man of the country. Ivan Miller.

"M-Mr. Miller, P-Please g-give me another chance. I will c-correct everything. please" the man begged but Ivan wasn't in the mood of listening to him. He was simply loading the gun with the powerful bullets.

"You know Anthony, I never forgive persons who made mistakes. And you are one of them." Ivan's hard voice echoed in the darkroom. The man was feeling so helpless in front of him.

"You should think about this before betraying Miller." He said loading his gun as the sound of the bullet echoed in the room and every man looked down gulping. The boss just shot the culprit. In his court, only he takes the decision. If someone else tried to become Miller, that day would be his last day on earth.

The man's scream echoed in the room and everyone got silent looking down. The man's lifeless body landed on the floor with a loud thud.

Ivan wiped the bloodstains from his face from the white handkerchief making his blue eyes come in contact with everyone. He throws the used gun at his guard and the guard catches it successfully.

"Where is Shawn?" He asked wiping his hands which were stained with blood too.

"Boss, he just went out to call his fiance" A guard replied but till then Shawn comes back in the room standing straight looking down.

"Shawn, It will be better if you don't bring your personal business here," Ivan said in a high-pitched tone and Shawn looked down nodding quickly.

"Sorry Boss" He vocalizes slowly and Ivan rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. Send his body to his beloved ones" He said almost leaving the room.

"Boss, I heard he has a wife and two children. And there is no one after them to take care of them. He was the only one" One of his men said and Ivan stopped turning around.

"Give them an amount for their survival" He announces and the man nodded. He left the room putting his black goggles on covering his blue eyes and sat inside his car leaving the place.



Anna comes back as Shawn pick her from her college and they went shopping for the evening party. Alan, Anna, and Shawn decorated the little apartment's living room together and Anna put on the Santa cap.

"Grandma, How I'm looking?" She asked giggling and grandma sighed smacking her head "Ouch!" She groaned.

"did you called your father? Where is he now?" Her grandma asked gaining everyone's attention.

"Actually, I called Uncle. He said that he will come a little late" Shawn said putting the cake on the table settling the candles. Everyone nodded.

"Okay till then, continue decoration. Alan, help me with this" Anna asked and Alan nodded. Both brother sister and Shawn continued the decoration and preparation for the party.




Two hours passed like this but Anna's dad Nick Grayson still didn't come back. It was almost 9:00 PM. Now everyone was getting worried.

"Let me call dad one more time," Anna said dialing her father's number. Rings went on but there was no answer from the next line. Anna sighed rubbing her temple in worry.

"don't worry, he will come back" Shawn tried to calm down Anna and she nodded but deep down in her heart she was getting worried with every other passing second.

After some time they heard a loud thud on the main door. Anna and Alan both flinched. Alan quickly hugged his grandma as the fear took over him. Grandma comforted him.

"Let me check," Anna said and went to the main door with her shivering hands and slow steps. She opened the door but gasped as her eyes went wide.

It was none other than her Father Nick. He was drowned in blood as his head was covered with a dark bloody wound and his body too. It was looking as if someone stabbed him so badly.

"DAD!!" Anna screamed as the tears started filling in her brown hazels. Her dad losses his balance and fell to the ground. Everyone gasped at the sight in front of them and ran towards the door's direction.

Anna kneeled and put her father's head on her lap while crying hard.

"Dad, H-How did t-this happened. SHAWN, CALL THE AMBULANCE QUICK!" She screamed as the tears kept flowing from her brown hazels. Alan too started crying while grandma still didn't believe what just happened.

"d-Dad" Anna sobbed again as it was looking as if his dad wanted to say something.

"Al-Al-f-fr-" He whispered breathing heavily as it was becoming impossible for him to breathe now. Shawn finished calling the police and went there. Anna didn't get what his dad was saying.

"Dad, please don't close your eyes. The ambulance is coming" Alan sobbed but it was looking like they were late. Nick's breath stopped and his eyes closed.

"DAD!!! NOO!!!" Anna screamed as everyone gasped at what happened. Warm tears started falling from their tears and Anna clenched her fists in anger. But started sobbing at the fact that their dad left them.

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