Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 10


When the doorbell rings, I went to see who was there... My breaths returned back when I saw that there was Anna. My daughter. But... Mr. Miller was also with her.

Anna's face was pale like if her all blood was soaked. She was looking weak and... sad.

"I brought your granddaughter back, Mrs. Greyson. Safe" my thoughts got interrupted when Ivan said something. I nodded.

"Please, come inside" I requested.

"No.. No.. I have to leave for some work. Here, take care of your daughter," He said. Not knowing what was going inside Anna's head I nodded and Anna came inside.

"Anna, make sure to tell Mrs. Greyson what I've told you" Ivan vocalizes putting pressure on his every word. Anna nodded.

"Good," He said before leaving.

He left and I took Anna inside. I get a glass filled with water and gave it to her. She drinks it in one gulp but still, she was silent.

"Anna, did... he does something... w... with you," I asked her trying to not to sound awkward.

But it seems as if she was in deep thoughts. I shook her by her shoulder and she looked up at me with her heavy eyes.

"N.. No, He didn't" she said softly while playing with her fingers.

"Wasn't he angry on you, after what we've done?" I asked and shook her head.

"H..He was just angry. B.. But he didn't do anything... He just kept me locked in a room," she said.

Anna was tensed up a little bit. Her facial expression was the evidence of the thunder inside her heart. But she didn't want to tell anything to her grandma thinking about her age and health. Taking a deep internal breath, she decided to tell grandma about her decision.

"Grandma, I want to tell you something," She said.

"yes dear, what is it?" Her grandma asked soothingly.

"I.. I've decided.. I'm ready for the marriage," Anna said while fidgeting with her fingers. An interrogation took place inside grandma's heart after listening to her daughter's sudden changed in the decision.

Maybe, he definitely did something with her. He blackmailed her or threatened her. That's why she now agreed t marry him.

"Anna, tell me one thing... Honestly," her grandma said and she nodded.

"Is it your own decision or he is threatening you?"

"No No... Grandma, It's my own decision and I'm completely fine... Please, don't bring him in all this... He is not that much of a bad or merciless man... And, I can see myself settling with him So I agreed. I don't have any objection with it,"

Anna explained to her grandma making her all questions vanish. But, deep down, she can see that Anna was going through something which she didn't want to tell or reveal and her grandma supports her in her every decision.

"Grandma, I'm tired... can I go to my room," Anna asked. Her grandma smiled and patted her head.

"Go..." She said and the girl stood up leaving the small living hall going to her bedroom.

She throws herself on her bed closing her eyes. Her mind was completely filled with Ivan's words.


"Do as I say," His voice was hard and dominating. I make her feel weak but she kept her legs straight o stand properly in from of the big hulk.

"What?" She asked holding the little amount of power that Ivan smirked at.

"Listen, I know that you're really a smart girl and I will be so pleased if you use your smartness in your relations too use your mind," Ivan spoke with zero emotions on his face. It made her feel hurt.

She mentally laughed at his sentence. He has not learned a single lesson about relationships.

Relations works with feelings Mr. Ivan Miller, Not with mind or smartness.

She mentally thought and scoffed.

"Listen, Think properly Ms. Annabella, what will happen if you will not agree to marry me? hmm?" He asked with a pride held in his tone which vibrated in Anna's ears again.

"Still, I will get you and bring you back with me and will do everything to make your life a living miserable..." He hissed punching the walls beside her head making her flinch at his sudden outburst. She felt her all blood stopped circulating just by his high voice.

She was about to run away but he held her by her elbows slamming her back on the wall on her previous spot. She winced and tears rolled down on her golden cheeks.

"But, If you will agree, then you will not be supposed to suffer in the hell. Your dear grandma and little brother will get their life back which is stuck in their throats. And, my one gesture is enough to make their skin peel off"

His unmerciful sentences took a dredious place inside Anna's heart. She felt that her legs were giving up and wobbling. She clenched her fists.

"But, if you would listen to me and will be my little obedient wife, Then don't worry, nothing will happen to them" He explained making the breath returning back in her lungs.

"So, choice is yours," He said standing a step back from her giving her space to respire. She felt suffocated under his dominant behavior.

"You will be my queen in front of the world and my slave inside our bedroom,"


Anna sighed facepalming herself. Her head was aching due to his tortures. She turned towards side-table to took out a painkiller and gulped it and took a deep breath calming her headaches.

She went inside the bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was looking the same Anna as before but... In reality, she is changed.

Her brain: Since when you've became a coward, Annabella? When?

She asked herself the questions which her brain was holding for so long.

Her brain: You.. You're a coward?

Her heart: No, I just don't want grandma and Alan suffering because of me.

Her brain: But... Are you really willing to give yourself to him?

Her heart: He isn't that bad as a human... Maybe, I could adjust.

Her brain: But what if you not?

Her heart: Then... Then still, I have to.

"AHhh stop it..." She yelled on the mirror while shutting her eyes tightly.

I don't know if I'm right or wrong... But I can't take risk when it's for Grandma and Alan's life. That's all.
Call me a coward. I don't mind.
But I'm not willing to take risk with my family




Today is the day... And here I'm sitting in front of the big mirror inside the room. It's a young age to marry. But worst situations make you do everything.

Ivan arranged a simple venue with some of his important and limited guests and friends. No-One else. Grandma and Alan were downstairs and here I am getting ready for the ceremony.

After doing my complete makeover the girl complimented and also took some pictures of mine, I smiled cause I can't show them what I was feeling inside.

"You're looking gorgeous ma'am," The stylist said making me smile. I thanked him. Till then, grandma arrived.

She looked at me from head to toe. She smiled and kissed my forehead giving me a feeling to hug her. I just want lose the hold on my emotions and let them flow. But I can't.

"You're looking so beautiful" She said and I smiled. I hugged her and she hugged me back. Eve, who was with me all the time did my last makeover and we got ready for the bride's entry.

I took Grandma and Eve as my bridesmaid as I have no one else on my side at the moment. We went downstairs.

We went downstairs where my soon to be husband was standing with his all time cold-face. His face was holding nothing. I know, He can't even feel something for me. How can I expect a person like him will fall for me. He has thousands of girls probably wrapped around his fingers.

I'm just mere source of his pleasure. Nothing else.

My heart sank deep down when the thought entered my mind. I halted on my way. As I can feel my heart was getting heavier.

Am I really willing to give my life to him?

"Anna, what happened?" My thoughts got interrupted when Eve's voice filled my ears. I gave her a smile.

"I'm fine" I said and she nodded.

Alan gave my hand in Ivan's hand fulfilling his responsibility as my brother and I walked through the alley with him. I can feel his grip was tightening around my hand and I yelped but because of the veil on my face, I didn't get caught.

We stood where the priest was and after Ivan gestured him, he started to read his vows.

"Do you Ivan Miller, take Annabella Grayson as your lawful wife?" The priest asked turning towards him. I raised my head up a little only to find him with smirk on his face.

"I do," His voice vibrated through his throat and I felt my stomach was being clenched because of the nervousness.

"Do you Annabella Grayson, take Ivan Miller as your lawful husband?" The priest asked. I tucked my lower lip shaking my head when I felt his deadly glares n me.

"I..I do" That's what come out of my mouth.

Finally I gave myself to him.

"Okay, you may kiss the bride" The priest said and next moment, I felt myself in his arms and he placed his lips on mine. The little crowd started cheering us. But they don't it was feeling torture to me.

He let go of me only when he got satisfy. My legs started wobbling and I hold the bouquet tightly in my hands.

After a short ballroom dance and dinner. I hugged my grandma and Alan.

"Take care of yourself sweetie" My grandma said I nodded. She pecked my forehead.

Ivan guided me towards his car and we settled inside the car. He told the driver to drive and we drove off the venue.

Eve and Chris were in another car not wanting to disturb the newly wed couple but they don't know it was feeling like a prison.

My thoughts got interrupted when I felt his hand above mine. I quickly pulled my hand back and he smirked at my trembles.

"finally, You've become Mrs. Annabella Ivan Miller from Annabella Grayson." That's what he said. I can clearly hear the pride in his tone. I mentally shook my head.

Anna, don't worry and be strong
You're strong

My thoughts got interrupted when I felt a jerk on my body because of the car's break. I found myself in front of the same building. His mansion. That Prison.

"It's time for us to go inside wifey,"
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