Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 11



"Come" I addressed her when she was standing outside while rubbing her biceps to keep herself warm in the cold winds which were hitting her. The guards bowed and we entered inside.

The mansion was almost empty since it was late at night. The servants probably went to the cotters back after finishing their work as they do usually. I can notice her tensed figure and she kept nibbling her lower lip with her teeth.

Damn, it makes me want her.

"Do you want something, tell me as the servants already went to their cotters," I said to make her took out of the deep river of thoughts that always enveloped her whenever she is alone or with strangers.

But? Why me?

Am I a stranger to her?

But how much she even knows about you Ivan fucking Miller.

She knew nothing about you.

She looked up making her doe-like eyes interact with my orbs. The moment her flawless features divulged to my desperate eyes.

She is breathtakingly alluring.

And innocent same as a 5-year-old kid.

She held power in her flawless charms that can make melt a stone-cold-ice personality. She pressed her lips tightly into a thin line as if she was trying so hard not to yawn in front of me.

She is sleepy.

It made me chuckle. She is cute. Her ecstatics had definitely done something to me. Deep down in my heart, I was feeling the beats were going rapid just by looking at her childish form.

Stop your fucking nuisance, Ivan Miller. What are you even thinking. Since when you started checking out a chick.

She controlled it so hard that chubby cheeks started inciting and two deep holes on her each cheek made their way making her look even cuter. I chuckled.

She shook her head looking down again. "No, I don't want anything," She said in her soft yet sleepy tone. Her tone feels like a melody to my ears.

"Do you want to eat something, are you perhaps hungry?" I asked her again and she looked up only to make her lips puckered.

Did she just pout?

how can she hold a 5-year-old charm in herself?

"No, I'm not," She said again in her sleepy tone. I gave her a curt nod. I looked at how her eyes were blinking continuously.

Such a sleepyhead she is.

You have a long night to spend with me, doll.

I thought and chuckled. I took out my cell-phone to do an urgent call as Eve still isn't back yet. I need to ask Chris where they are and when will they arrive. I gave Anna space for some minutes and come out dialing Chris's number. After some rings, he picked up.

"Yes?" Chris asked from the next line.

"Where are you two?" I asked him in my usual tone.

"On our way. Don't worry Dragon, Just go and enjoy your night dude," I heard him smirking from the next line.

Bloody fucker

Only if I wouldn't have that much great bond with him, No-one knows and has dared to tease me like this. I'm more satisfied because the other fucker, Liam is not here.

Otherwise, he would've worsened the situation. Those two tease fuckers never left any chance.

"Fucking not your business," I hissed and I can clearly hear him chuckling. It's really inappropriate also when Eve is with that fucker. What will she think.

"Chill Dear Dragon," He said after letting out a laugh and continued... "I will drop Eve safely, just go and take some rest," He said and nodded in humming.

"Good night and best wishes for your wedding night," The fucker teases again.

"Whatever," I murmured and hanged up rubbing my forehead in frustration. I shook my head and went inside again. I headed back towards the living room where my eyes go their welcome by a sleeping beauty.

She has fallen asleep because of the tiredness which consoled her. I chuckled at the way she was hugging the cushion tightly.

'That wasn't something I wanted to happen tonight, Doll' I thought and it brings out a smile on my lips.

The boss of the mobs, The cold merciless, and ruthless mafia leader was smiling.

'What you've done to me?' I thought caressing her soft cherry-like lips. Then I stroked her cheek with my cold finger making her wriggle when my cold finger-pad touched her soft skin.

She is so soft. Same as a cupcake. I bring my face closure to her face and her smell filled my nostrils. Her scene is intoxicating. I felt every single hair of my body got straighten when her intoxicated scent reached my nose again.

'argh! girl, what the hell are you doing with my mind?' I groaned in my mind. I looked at her again in a helpless state.

No doubt, She has really great ecstatics that she has become my 'Desire'.

I slipped my one hand below her slim waist and the other one below her neck and picked her up in the bridal style and straightened back picking her up. She holds onto my shirt's collar tightly even in her sleep probably the fear of falling had gripped her brain.

I headed upstairs to my bedroom. All the time, my eyes were fixed on her flawless face, doll-like features and mind engrossed in her intoxicating scent. She is definitely a living example of a fairy from heaven.

I entered 'our' bedroom and pushed the door back with my left foot making it shut as my hands were holding her sleeping figure. I gently laid her down on the spot next to where I used to sleep on the bed. Her long white gown was hung low on her shoulders making her cleavage on the display.


I felt myself twitching just by looking at her sexy figure. This girl is a great example of duality. How could someone be so sexy and so cute at the same time.

She stiffened in her slumber when the cold air had brushed her cleavage. She felt cold. I pick up the blanket unfolding it with my hands while my eyes were fixing on her face. I covered her with the blanket till her neck and a relieved breath left her mouth when the warmness of the cozy blanket had hugged her.

I smiled on my own noticing each and every ecstatic of her. I shook of my head bringing myself out of her mesmerizing features and went towards the closet while tossing my coat to the side of the couch. I opened something comfortable to wear and headed to take a warm shower since the wedding was too tired for even me too.

I came back after a warm shower which relaxed my muscles down very well. I throw the towel climbing up on the bed and throw my exhausted figure next to hers. She was back-facing me. I pulled her closure my chest pressing myself upon her as she gives me a tight feeling of desire.

I closed my eyes finding myself relaxing down when I had her on my side and went to my deep slumber with her.

That's how the first night of our wedding passed.



I opened my eyes feeling the sunlight was blessing my forehead. I felt a weight on my waist when I turned around only to meet with his mesmerizing face.

He was sleeping while holding me. His chest was pressed onto my shoulder. 'Wait, how did I end up here? Did he?' I puzzled tucking my lower lip.

'Of course, who will else, Anna' I said to myself. My eyes met his face. Damn, He is handsome. Devilish handsome.

"done starring?" I come out of my thoughts when his hard voice vibrated through his throat.

Holy damn it, He was awake.

He opened his eyes only to met them with mine. His dark-brown hair was blocking his half eyes and no doubt, he was looking devouring sexy.

Wait, what? Stop the hell up, Annabella. What are you thinking?

I mentally slapped myself. I saw him chuckling. I tried to slip out of his hold when the embarrassment consumed me but he only tightened his hold on my waist preventing me to budge even an inch.

I can see the wicked sexy smirk on his lips. He was completely looking like a predator and I was being a helpless hostage.

"Good Morning, wifey," He whispered huskily as his face was inches away from mine. The proximity between us was somehow affecting me to my core. I can feel my heartbeats were going rapidly.

"G..Good morning," Not to make it awkward, I wished him good morning too. I saw a great smile on his face after my reply. He never smiled like this before. He was looking so charming and loving at the moment rather than a cold-hearted mob's boss.

He leaned in only to leave me shocked with wide eyes. He captured my mouth with his one and started kissing me. He was kissing me. I just froze for some seconds the way he closed every distance between us making my body go numb under his touch.

When I recollected my frozen mind, I tried to pull a little but it only increased him. He flipped us tossing over me making me under himself while never leaving my mouth.

His hands reached out for my folds and he stroked my hair gently making me tilt my head so he can get better access to mine. He forced his tongue between my lips and parted them only to suck off the breath out of me.

I hold his biceps while he devoted me as a predator and my body stiffened when I felt him cupping my breast. He gave it a light squeeze making me gasp out of breath.

"P..Please," I tried to console him between the kiss but it was feeling like if he would only leave when he will be satisfied.

"Oh Anna," He groaned between the kiss. It felt different. It felt overwhelming yet it felt confusing to me. He was a man with great charm and an ice-cold heart. But, something deep in me doesn't want to listen to it.

My thoughts entrapped when he tilted my head again only to get better access. I was getting out of breath. I tapped his biceps telling him to leave my mouth so that I can breathe and he did too.

But next, his mouth grazed the skin of my neck, and something so sinful left my mouth. I didn't even get to know why I'm feeling that way when it was a forced marriage of mine with him.

Why? Something deep inside me not wanting him to stop at all. Maybe because It all was new and intoxicated for me. He pushed me on the headboard while hovering over me.

"Ivan..." I whined tapping his shoulder but he only rained the wet kisses on my neck. Gosh, this man has a great audacity. He is making me melt under himself. What is happening?

"You're so soft, cupcake," He said making my heart race in my ribcage. He just called me a cupcake. He is trying to be sweet with me. But Why?

He comes back above my face only to capture my lips. I too closed my eyes at his proximity not knowing what took over me.

"Ahmm Ahem, Sorry to disturb the newlyweds but kindly come out, The breakfast is ready"

Our movements stopped the second we heard Eve was calling us for breakfast. I can hear her giggling out of the room. Oh god, I want to die out of the embarrassment.

"Comming," He said back to her.

Ivan pulled back giving me the space I needed. We heard Eve's steps were fading with her giggles. I looked down. I can feel my blood was rushing and has left an effect on my cheeks too.

"We will surely continue it later," He said but a wicked smile was visible on his face. He got up leaving me and went towards the bathroom for getting ready.

Whatever was that?

But it was different.

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