Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 12



I walked down through the hall and where I got welcomed by a beaming Eve. She smiled and hugged me. It felt like a sister to me and I hugged her back. She is the same as me. And that what makes me adjust to her so easily as compared to Ivan.

"Welcome... welcome, my dear sister-in-law, I hope your night went well," She giggled. I can feel the tease in her tone. I smiled looking away.

"So, today is your first day... Let's prepare something together," she said.

"Umm... well, where is the kitchen?" I asked.

"This way, sweetheart," She said and I followed her beaming figure. She is a girl with great charms. Anyone can fall for her innocence. She's great, alluring and so talkative.

We entered the kitchen and the spicy smell filled my nostrils. It was mouth-watering as my stomach growled since I didn't even eat anything since tomorrow.

I helped the maid 'Eleanor' and she smiled. She was a woman in her mid-40s and also the head-maid here as per as Eve told me. She has a daughter who's been studying.

"Let me take care of this..." I said picking the dishes from the counter.

"No.. No... It's fine..." She said "It's okay Eleanor," I said to her and she sighed in defeat and nodded splashing a sparkling beam on her face.

We placed the breakfast on the dining table waiting for him to come. He passed by Anna and she felt her body was getting stiffened just by his closeness.

She closed her eyes taking a deep breath. She wasn't a coward. But Ivan's presence makes her feel weak. Maybe, every time he was close to her she becomes unable to gather her strength.

"Sit," She heard him. Eve who was sitting on the next chair gestured for Anna to come and sit there. Anna nodded and forced a smile on her lips forwarding her a predaterous steps towards them. She sat beside Eve and Eve gave her a 'relax' smile.

"Brother, I was saying that we did a simple ceremony for your wedding. Why don't you throw a function to announce your marriage," Eve said receiving the same cold-look of Ivan but it didn't stop her as she was used to it.

"It was just my suggestion...." Eve murmured and get back to eat her breakfast sheepishly. She gestured to Anna for eating too as she wasn't eating.

"I will think about it," Ivan said and got up after wiping the corner of his mouth and left without saying anything.

Eve sighed exhaling her breath and get back to eat.

"Why didn't you said anything, You're supposed to speak too," Eve said and Anna sighed.

"What I'm supposed to speak," Anna said fidgeting with her fingers.

"Why not? Why is that so? You're his wife" Even asked raising her eyebrow and she rested her hands on her chest.

"Don't you know how dangerous he is... I'm scared of him," Anna pouted looking down.

Eve just looked at Anna with an open mouth. She leaned back on her chair and started laughing out loud making Anna frowned upon herself.

"What's funny in this?" Anna asked.

"Oh My God! So You're a scared puppy. OMG Anna, seriously, HAha" Eve laughed making Anna frown again.

Anna can understand the reason behind Eve's laughter. For Eve, Anna married Ivan by her will. But only Anna knows through what she has gone. She didn't even tell Grandma how Ivan tried to force her the night he brought her here by force.

If she wouldn't have been agreed to Ivan's words, he would've just killed grandma and Alan. That's what she didn't want and it made her frightened to the core. And, she knows that she can't even speak in front of Ivan because he can just cut her tongue from the knives.

Anna shivered to her core when Ivan's dark threats. She whimpered and fisted her hands. Her head started to sweat because of the fright.

"Anna, what's wrong?" Eve shook Anna by her shoulder making her come out of her thoughts.

"Huh?" she looked at Eve who was looking confused. She forced a smile and shook her head.

"N..nothing, I'm fine," She said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah.. Yeah, I'm" Anna said and picked up the dishes leaving for the kitchen. She wiped the sweat around her forehead and exhaled her breath stepping inside the kitchen.

After finishing her work, Anna went back to their shared bedroom. She was feeling kinda boring and also can't disturb Eve because she was doing her assignments.

She sighed and her eyes have fallen on the room. His room is actually is a combination of just black. Everything was black. From the carpet to bedsheet.... Everything.

Why he has enveloped himself in the darkness.

Maybe, black is his favorite color.

She shook her head and went and undid her bag. She started undoing her clothes and opened the closet. She found the closet already empty so, she placed her clothes and belongings there.

She exhaled her breath after riding her clothes neatly in the closet. Her lips formed into a smiley as if it was a big victory for her. Anna's eyes went to the next closet which was... 'his'.

Does his clothing combination is black too?

She tucked her lower lip between her teeth while thinking as the curiosity engraved her mind like a child. She forwarded her hand and opened Ivan's closet only meet with... 'black'. She sighed shaking her head like if she expected this.

"I knew it," She murmured. Her eyes went on a sparkle-ish black and golden velvet box. Her child's brain again becomes curious to see what was inside it. And, she began forwarding her hand to reach the box.

Anna felt a tight grip on her arms. She flinched and turned because of the harsh force being slammed on the closet tightly. She yelped in pain. She saw an angry Ivan was standing there. His blue eyes were dark again.

"What the hell you're doing with my things. Huh?" He jerked her in the closet. She yelped at his tight grip and the tears brimmed in her brown hazels. She felt frightened.

"ANSWER!!" He yelled on her face and she flinched.

"I'm s..sorry... I was.. was just, I'm sorry," She murmured closing her eyes tightly praying for him to spare her. She was too scared to get broken. Like a doll.

Her tear-stained face caught his brown eyes. He closed his eyes calming his nerves down. He didn't want to hurt her because of his anger. But still, the sight that caught his eyes made him furious and he became harsh on her.

"I'm sorry please leave me... I'm sorry" She murmured closing her eyes praying him to let her go.

Ivan let her go with a jerk and stepped back giving her space to breathe. She just forgets to breathe in his presence.

"Mind only your business. Got it?" He asked while she was looking down. Her sobs were the only thing in the room. It makes Ivan more furious and he growled "Words!" He yelled and she flinched. She quickly nodded her head "Yes," she whispered controlling not to let her tears fall down.

She didn't want herself to look weaker in front of the hulk. Even tho she was feeling. But, she never let her tears fall in front of anyone. It makes her feel weak.

She heard Ivan's steps were fading. A relieved breath her lips and she slide down, sitting, and hugged her knees. Light sobs were only to fill the room. She kept sitting there for one hour.

The way Ivan talks to her made her heart shatter. She was like a doll of glass that can get broken by just a blow of wind. Yet Ivan has always been so harsh with her. The only thing she wanted in the whole world was love and care.

She didn't even ask for that expensive thing from god which he failed to give her. And, the doll got broken.


Anna walked downstairs feeling dried and thirsty. She walked to the dressing table and poured herself a glass of cold water and gulped it down.

There is nothing to do in this big house.

She sighed but startled when she heard a voice.

"Won't you eat anything?" Anna looked back and saw Eve was there.

"I.." She tried to speak. Eve sighed and made her steps forward towards her.

"I thought you were taking nap... So I didn't disturb you. Now you're finally up, come let's have lunch. I made fried rice for us," Eve told her excitedly. Anna forced a smile on her lips nodding at Eve.

Eve took her to the living room and then brought two plates filled with rice. They both sat there and had their lunch while watching a movie. But Anna's mind only filled with Ivan and his cold stares. His harsh behavior and his heart-shattering words.

"I was thinking, maybe, we can do some party or can go somewhere. Anna, what do you think about the idea. Should we..... Anna?" Eve hooked Anna by her shoulder making her come out of her thoughts.

Anna bottled up her thoughts and quickly nodded.

"Yes?" she asked in her weak yet slow voice.

"Are you feeling fine?" Eve asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry." She said forcing a smile and Eve gave her a doubting look. She placed her head on Anna's head to measure her temperature.

"You sure?" Eve asked. Anna nodded but deep down in her heart, she was herself not confident upon her answer. What Ivan just did some hours ago made her almost sick.

"I think you should go and take a rest... I will give you your dinner in the room by night. Just take a rest. You are not looking well. We will talk later," Eve said in a concerned tone and Anna nodded.

Anna nodded finishing her lunch and Eve gave her medicine so low down her temperature. As she was having a mild fever she took it.

Anna went upstairs and took out comfortable sleepwear to wear. She took out her maroon nightgown. And wore it before going to bed. As she was feeling too sleepy, it took no time for her to fell down asleep after lying on the bed.


It was almost midnight and sleep was nowhere in Anna's eyes as she already took a long nap in the day. Eve gave her medicine and dinner in the room so it was no need for her to go out of the room.

After a nap and medicines, Anna was too feeling light-headed and her fever had decreased down. And, she was feeling light-headed. Anna looked at the wall clock again sighed. It was 2 AM of night and he was nowhere. He didn't come back.

She was standing on the balcony. The cold breezes were brushing her cheeks and it enlightened her mind. The night was calm with the moonlight splashing in the room which was only surrounded by a dim light.

Between it, the door got opened and she got to know that 'he' is here. She turned around to look back but stayed in her spot not moving an inch.

He came inside looking for her. His eyes went on the figure of his wife who was standing at the balcony probably scared of him. Ivan chuckled and closed the door behind him taking his steps inside.

Anna quickly closed the balcony door and came inside scared of thinking that he might be angry with her for standing on the balcony at night.

"You didn't go to sleep yet. Why is that so?" He asked taking his steps towards her. An unknown fear enveloped Anna's soul thinking that he might do something. Her steps automatically started going backward.

"I w..was just..."

"Waiting for me, Hmm?" He whispered and hold Anna by her waist encircling his arms making her still in her place. He leaned in and buried his face in the crook of her neck inhaling her scent. Her mesmerizing scent gives him relaxation.

He unconditionally got addicted to her scent.

"No.. just I was..." She tried to say something but her throat was stiffened because of his closeness. He was literally hovering over her.

"you were not waiting for me? Then what were you doing at midnight? Hmm?" She felt the harshness of his voice which somehow was making her feel weak.

"N..No.. I didn't m..mean that.. I was...."

"Relax love, I'm not gonna kill you..." He whispered chuckling at the way she was struggling to talk with him.

"I was....... OMG!" She gasped when Ivan carried her wrapping her legs around his torso. He smirked at her silly reactions and made his way towards the bed with her. He gently laid her down on the soft mattress while hovering over her. She gulped closing her eyes. His manly scent filled her nostrils and his weight was on her.

Oh god please not now. I'm not ready. I need time. Please.

She closed her eyes tightly praying that he just spare but next her breath hitched when she felt his teeth were engraving in her skin. She yelped fisting her hands.

"Ivan.. N..No pl..please" She stuttered.

"No?" Ivan repeated while looking into her brown eyes. His blue eyes were just pricing her soul and she felt shivering under his intense gazes. She looked down gulping and he smirked. He tightened his grip around her waist and she yelped again.

"As you are finally have become Mrs. Annabella Ivan Miller, I have some rules which you have to follow. And you will... If you don't like punishments. Remember that I'm a man of my words, sweetheart," He whispered hoarsely and she felt him digging his canines in her skin again. She nodded controlling her tears and he continued. "Just nod to my words like an obedient puppy,"

"Rule no 1: You will never ever disobey my words. No matter what. Got it?" He asked and she nodded.

"Rule no 2: I want my wife to never use her tongue in front of me or to talk with other men. I don't like it. Got it?" He asked biting her earlobe and she gasped. She nodded.

"Rule no 3: You will never say no to my desires no matter what. I'm your husband after all and it's your work to fulfill your husband's wishes. Got it?" He asked and she nodded.

"Rule no 4: As I told you already, you will be queen in front of the world and my slave inside the bedroom, You will cook for me from now on. Got it?" He asked and she nodded.

"Rule no 5: Wake up before me. That's what your first thing should be in the morning. I want my wife to be obedient and mute. Got it?" He asked squeezing her waist and she yelped again. She nodded.

He smirked and pecked her forehead then nose-tip and then lips. She felt shivered and shut her eyes. He gave an open mouth kiss to her lips expecting the same from her which she didn't because of the fear and he became furious.

"Kiss me back" He gritted through his teeth and she quickly opened her mouth and responding to his devour. His alcoholic tongue collided with hers and she felt like puking. It gave her disgust. The tears brimmed in her eyes feeling how badly he was devouring her not even caring if she is hurt.

Is this how my life supposed to go forward from now on?
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