Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 13



The sunlight tiptoed inside the bedroom after crossing the curtains. I groaned in my sleep and my eyes got open. I exhaled a breath and turned to another side where my eyes catch his face.

He was sleeping peacefully and his hands were around my waist. He was literally caging me in his hold. It somehow, made a smile appeared on my lips. He kinda feels safe to me. His holds are warm.

He is so handsome. He has a face like a hero.

But he will change into a villain once he will wake up.

My smile faded thinking about it. I sighed shaking my head letting go of his holds. I slowly got up from the bed and went to the closet to take out my clothes and then went inside the bathroom glancing at him for the last time.

After 20 minutes, I come out ready in a long sleeve shirt and jeans. I saw him sitting on the bed and he was staring at me intensely.

He woke up.

"Good, My words are leaving an impact on you," He smirked and said. I nodded and wished him good morning. He hummed in response and got up leaving the bed. I was about to leave when he comes towards me placing his hand on my nape and placed his lips on mine.

He kept kissing me for one or two minutes and let go of my mouth only when he felt satisfied with my lips. I was breathing heavily and so was he. He pecked my lips and went inside the bathroom leaving me flabbergasted.

He just kissed me but he didn't say anything.

I shook my head and went out of the room to go downstairs.

I came downstairs and went to the kitchen where I got welcomes by a beaming Ella. I smiled and wished her 'good morning and she wished me back. I started preparing for 'his' breakfast as per as Ella told me about his likes and dislikes.

My ring was kinda disturbing me to make the batter for cupcakes. I sighed and took it off placing it on the above of the spice closets. I get back to my work and started preparing for Ivan's food.

Today, Eve was not here as she already told me yesterday night that she will go to visit her friend. So I was kinda missing her company.

After one hour. I finished preparing his breakfast. I made spaghetti, eggs, and toast and placed the food on the table with Ella's help. She is so helpful and kind-hearted. She is the same as my mom. An alluring lady.

After some time, I saw him coming downstairs. He comes passing by me and gestured me to sit down. I nodded and sat down and served him and myself the breakfast. Without saying anything, he started eating.

I wish if Eve would be here.

At least I would not be getting bored.

I sighed and continued eating in silence. He finished his breakfast in some minutes and got u. I too followed him.

"There is a dress for you in the closet. Be ready at 6. We are going somewhere" He said and I got bewildered.

"Where are we going?" I asked him gaining his attention. He looked at me and twisted his eyes. I quickly slapped myself mentally.

Damn you, idiot, don't forget the rules.

I scolded myself and looked down nodding.

"I will be ready," I said in a low tone and he nodded. He left afterwise.


"Wow, you're looking sexy in the dress," Eve said looking at me. She came back in the noon and helped me. I kinda gulped. I don't know how I'm looking? But, It kinda made me nervous. I don't know why.

"Thanks," I muttered.

She nodded and then get to make my hair. She finished making my hairstyle after fifteen minutes and I exhaled my breath.

It's so frustrating.

Finally, after some time, I was ready completely.

"Thanks, for helping me," I murmured.

"It's my pleasure, sweetie, Now Go. Ivan will be here any moment," Eve said quickly pushing me out of the room. I giggled following her downstairs. Where Ivan was already present and was talking to someone.

He hanged up his call the moment his eyes caught Anna. He gazed at her from head to toe and she was looking so pretty that he just wanted to cancel the invitation and took her inside their bedroom so that he can devastate her.

He put his cellphone back in his pocket and walked where Anna was standing. He went towards her towering over her. He looked at her in her eyes. Her eyes held some kind of possession. He can feel himself getting possessed in them.

He brings his right hand to her face and slowly tucked a long strand of her behind her ear so that he can admire what is his.

"You are looking breathtakingly," He whispered and Anna looked down. She felt her blood rushed and pinkish tints appeared on her cheeks. Ivan chuckled seeing that cuteness that was brought on her face. "Thanks," She murmured.

"Let's go"



Our car stopped in front of a big building. I looked and saw there were so many couples like us. Everything was looking so perfect and decorative.

Is it some kind of ball?

I shook my head when Ivan told me to come out. I can see the media was clicking pictures. I tried to hide behind but he holds me by my waist.

"Try to behave yourself, wifey. I have a reputation. Don't make me taught you a lesson here," He hissed in my ear and I gulped. I nodded and he gestured me to smile. I forced a smile on my face but I never ever went to these kinds of functions.

I'm kinda nervous.

We went inside where he introduces me to some couples. We did a vice-versa. but It was kinda boring.

This function is not for a girl like me.

I sighed looking down playing with the hem of my fur which was wrapped around my biceps complimenting my dress.

"Won't you introduce your wife to me, Mr. Miller,"

I and Ivan heard. I turned around and found a man same as Ivan was standing there with a great smile on his face. Which must be fake.

I can see how Ivan's expression changed into a cold one again when he saw that guy. The guy smirked and forwarded his steps towards us. I can sense the resentment in Ivan by his breaths but he was still looking calm by the face.

"It's been long Mr. Miller, I'm so pleased to see you here," The male said and shook his hand with Ivan. Ivan nodded.

"Yeah, It's nice to see you here too, Mr. Walker," he said shaking his hand with him.

"Meet my wife, Mrs. Annabella Miller," He said and the man diverted his eyes to me. He nodded probably admiring me. He forwarded his hand in my direction and said.

"Hello pretty lady, I'm Noel... Noel Walker," he said and I nodded shaking my hand with him.

"You can call me Lucifer too, I'm also known as Lucifer of this world,"

He said and kissed the back of my hand. I flinched and pulled my hand back nodding. I can sense the anger in Ivan. It was visible in his eyes.

What just had happened?

"Excuse me," I said. "Sure," he replied.

I nodded and excused myself from the males going to the side for some time.


I saw how she left from here. I can sense the nervousness inside her. Of course, she should be. But, the way that damn Lucifer kissed my wife's hand. I just want to rip his head apart.

If it wasn't about the function, I would never ever tolerate such a thing. But, I knew that fucker will not get his eyes on Anna. He already knows she is mine. His eyes were normal means, he has not to relate anything about her.

And the most well-connected thing is Annabella has great impacts of my word. She would never do such a thing that will make me trigger on her.

"So, How you're feeling to marry such a young and beautiful girl?" He asked taking a sip of his wine.

"Age is not something I put my attention to. All women are the same, provoking and tiresome," I gave him the answer which finds the best.

"She is irresistible, intriguing," He said and I fisted my hand, I closed my eyes exhaling my breath So I won't explode out on him cause I don't want to ruin this function with someone's blood river. I looked at him.

"I think you should put your attention to some other thing," I growled making him a chuckle.

"Dude, Be normal, please," He chuckled.

"acquisitive," I heard him murmur.

"Excuse me?"

"I can see you're envious when I complimented on her. I can see the cage inside you is opening," He said and chuckled. I rolled my eyes on him and his hideous talks. I diverted my gaze to somewhere else where I saw something which made my blood boil.



I come to the side where I collided with a decorator. And, his whole materials for decoration has fallen on the floor.

Damn me, I'm freaking clumsy.

"I'm so sorry.. I'm sorry, Let me help please," I told the old man softly and started to pick his things. I saw a manly hand was also doing and I looked up.

I saw a guy. He smiled and picked the things for me. I gave the things to the old man and he thanked me and the guy standing beside me.

"Thanks for your help," I smiled and said to him. The man smiled back and nodded.

"It's my pleasure, pretty," he said.

"Well I'm Kenneth," He said.

"Annabella," I said back and he smiled.

"Hmm, your name is really pretty,"

"Thank you,"

"hey, Would you like to go out with me? I will be so glad,"

The man said. I looked at him flabbergasted. But before I can speak, I felt a hand on my waist. I turned only to met my eyes with an almost furious Ivan. My blood got soaked seeing him behind me.

"Sorry, but she can't go out. She's already taken by someone," Ivan said to the man making that man raise his eyebrow.

"Well, I don't think she is, Mr. Miller. I didn't saw any ring on her finger. So I thought of asking her out," The man said and I can say Ivan's breath was raising. His level of furiousness increases and he glared at the man.

Ivan glared at my hand and I to looked to see.

Shit! I forgot to wear my ring back. How can you be so stupid Anna?

"I said if she is taken then she is. She is married to me," Ivan growled on the man's face and I saw the man's face was leaving its color.

"I'm sorry Mr. Miller. It's my mistake. Sorry. I think I should take my leave now," The man said and left from there.

I flinched when I felt his harsh grip on my hand. I can sense the anger in him. His eyes that turned to dark blue were an indication of a Tsunami.

He pulled her out of the ball function and Anna yelped in pain. Ivan took her out of the building and slammed her on his car's door caging her and holds her tightly by her biceps.

Rage could be seen in Ivan's eyes. His breaths were fast and furious. He was completely looking like a wolf at the moment.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" He growled on Anna's face making her flinch.

"I..I'm s..sorry Ivan," She sobbed closing her eyes.


"H..he w..was just helping me, p..please I'm sorry," She sobbed.

Ivan held her by her jaw squeezing it making her look into his eyes with her glossy eyes.

"You freaking broke my rule, Annabella Miller. Now tell me, what should I do with you? Hmm? Beat you till you faint? Burn your finger where there was not the ring of my name? Should I beat the pulp out of you? Huh?" He growled making her close her eyes again and she shook her head like a child.

"No.. No.. Please, I'm s..sorry, Please," She sobbed and he closed his eyes exhaling his breath. He opened them back glaring at her once again and spat.

"Get inside the car,"

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