Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 14



The first moment we enter the room, I know I was being slammed on the wall by him. I yelped painfully. I can feel my cheeks were getting wet due to the continuous wails.

But did he care?


And the next moment, He caught me by my elbows slamming me on the wall again. I groaned painfully when I felt like if my bones got broken by his unmerciful attack.

Why he is so merciless towards me?

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, ANNABELLA MILLER?" he growled on my face. I looked up to meet my eyes with his devilish one which holds nothing. Not a single emotion can be founded in his eyes. Why?

Why is he that much emotionless?

"I..I'm," I stuttered looking down. My lips were shivering. I can feel my legs were slowly started giving up due to his proximity which is so dangerous to me.


"You freaking forgot to wear your wedding ring? How? Why? What the fuck do you want to prove huh? That you're untaken, Hmm?" He asked huskily coming dangerously close to me. I can feel my heartbeats were slowly giving up.

Oh god! please, help me.

I mentally prayed to god to let him spare me. But I don't think my wish will be granted by god. I can see how dam angry Ivan is. He definitely gonna kill me.

"Ivan, I'm sorry," I sobbed looking at him hoping that he would leave me. I'm so much frightened by him at the moment. I can't take his dangerous proximity anymore.

"You should've thought about it before, sweetheart," He said with a wicked smile on his face.

What it is indicating?

Next second, he took off his coat loosening his tie. He folded the sleeves of his shirt till his elbows and his veins popped out indicating how damn furious he was with me at the moment.

I gulped down my saliva thickly looking at his dark tanned hands with popping veins. He was looking like a devil at the moment. His eyes were holding the satanic darkness.

"Now what should I do with you? Hmm?," He asked caging me between the wall and his arms.

"Should I take you now roughly? Here, at the very moment? Hmm?" He whispered. I yelped when I felt his teeth on my earlobe.

I shrieked and pushed him to the side. He stumbled backward and glared at me with his rage-filled eyes. I realized what I have just done with him.

I was not intended to push him. But, the way my body felt frightened by his movements. I didn't know why? Maybe, because I was too much scared of him at the moment.

I gulped when my eyes fall there. He was breathing heavily as a bull got triggered. I can sense the anger when his forehead gained some wrinkles when he knitted his eyebrows.

He again took his predator's steps towards me. I can't even run. But what I'm supposed to do then?

"Ivan, I..I'm s..sorry, I didn't have any intention to push you," I tried to explain but he comes forward holding me by my nape, and smashed his lips on mine forcefully.

His big caught me by my nape pulling me closure to himself and my body collided with his hard.

Why is he doing this?

Why is he so brutal to me?

I can feel his alcoholic tongue was touching my lips continuously. I gasped when he pressed his body on mine closing every distance between us. It was becoming hard for me to breathe now. The way he was devouring my mouth as if it is some kind of piece of food.

I was becoming breathless due to the impact of his kiss. He doesn't even let me suck a single breath. I bring my hands upwards and pushed him back.

"STOP IT," I screamed at him. I can she was stunned by my yellings but it doesn't affect him.

"Why should I stop? Aren't your my wife? Aren't am I your husband? You should listen to me and obey me, Am I right?" He growled.

Anna took a deep breath. Her face was red due to the lack of breath. She closed her eyes respiring.

"You're. Bu..but, this w..wrong. Y..You're doing wrong," She managed to look into his dark eyes while giving hi, her honest answer.

Ivan was taken aback by her talkbacks. She was trying to shoot him through her eyes. Ivan Miller. The one, With whom everyone is feared of. And, the girl standing in front of him just gave him an answer on his face. This made his blood boil.

He clenched his jaw tightly fisting his hands. His cheekbones were visible over his tanned skin which was mixing with the dim light of their school. Anna gulped down her saliva thickly when she felt his proximity which always makes her feel weak.

She knew he will definitely do something inappropriate with her. She doesn't want any kind of intimacy with him. She is not ready for it. Not even at this time. She needs time to adjust. How much she even know Ivan. She didn't even know him a hundredth of a one.

She felt her palms and forehead was sweating the way he took his deadly steps towards her. He was not looking less than any devil from hell. Before she can run off, he holds her tightly by her wrist jerking her backward.

Her figure started trembling in fear as she was feeling her legs were getting weak. She tried to loosen his grip on her wrist but it was like if he was made of pure iron.

"Y-you can't touch me like this. This is w-wrong. Leave me- Ahh"

But he already held her jaw in his hand squeezing it painfully. She can feel his drunken breaths on her forehead and it was giving her goosebumps.

"Oh really! Let me tell you my little wifey, I won you and now, you are my property sweetheart. I can touch even fuck you whenever and wherever I want"

He said darkly as his chest was vibrating in furiousness. Those words of his made her blood turned cold.

"Leave me- mmmm"

Before she can finish, he pulled her harshly into a lustful kiss and the warm tears fell down from her eyes while her heart started bleeding in unbearable pain.

Her eyes went wide and she yelped when she felt that he throws her on the bed of their bedroom. She stumbled backward but he pulled by her ankle making her body land on the mattress and before she could get up, he hovered over her caging her in his arms.

She was feeling like if her breathes slowly started becoming slower. Before she could mutter any other thing from her mouth, he brought her back to another hungry kiss and shoved his tongue starting devouring her mercilessly.

She shook her head vigorously but it had less impact on him. Not caring about any other thing, Ivan was only drowned in his lust.

In his temptation

In his desire.

Desire to make her his.

And, if he finally got a chance for it, he not gonna spare her at all. Fear started bubbling up inside Anna's mind when she felt Ivan's hands were roaming all around her body. He tucked his hair a little to get a better access to devour her milky white skin.

He grazed his teeth on her skin and she yelped again. His hands were playing with the strands of Anna's gown. The fear changed with the anticipation in her mind.

"No No no, Please don't now, Please," Anna shook her head hysterically while sobbing. She doesn't want to get ruined by him.

She knew that there is no escape from him but she can't let this happen to herself. Otherwise, she won't be able to survive.

Ivan's presence always causes her hyperventilation. She felt like panic was rosing inside her.

He turned her head to the side forcefully to get better access to her neck and continued to give the marks on her white sensitive skin. She yelped again.

Her mind alerted the moment she felt Ivan pulled down the zipper of her dress. She quickly shook her head vigorously and started throwing her legs and hands in the air to let go of him. But his holds were ironic.

"Please Please Please, don't... o, I..I promise I won't do any mistakes ever again. Please spare me. Please don't ruin your own wife, Ivan" she said to him looking directly in his orbs. She can see the darkness in them but they were changing color as if his mind got disturbed by something else.

She was sobbing continuously in his hold. Her eyes were closed again and her lips were shivering. She was waiting for the moment Ivan will pull of any other action but for her shock, he caressed her cheek making her open her eyes again.

"You don't want me to ruin you?" He whispered on her lips. His lips kinda had a wicked smile as if it was a great entertaining thing for him. Without thinking further, Anna nodded her head.

"Then kiss me," Ivan whispered on her lips brushing his lips over hers.

"Huh?" She asked completely flabbergasted on his sentence.

"Kiss me, And do it because I don't like to repeat," He said caressing her exposed collarbone. Without thinking more, Anna cupped his face in her hands and placed her lips over his one.

She can feel him getting relax in her kiss. He closed his eyes and kissed her back passionately, unlike the previous ones which were brutal. He feels his tongue was going deeper and deeper but she managed to stay still and let him kiss her the way he wants.

After a minute of kissing, they pulled back. Both of them were out of their breaths. Ivan rested his forehead on hers while she was waiting for his answer to let her go.

Without thinking more, he got up from the bed and went towards their closet taking out his shirt and sweatpant. He slammed the closet harshly that Anna flinched due to the impact. He went inside and after some time, the noise of the shower reached Anna's ears.

He was showering that late?

She kept sitting on the bed waiting for him to come back. She leaned back on the headboard and closed her eyes. After few minutes she heard the shower was turned off. He comes out only wearing his sweatpant, not even his shirt. He went towards the bed and sat down leaning on the headboard closing his eyes.

Anna finds it better to stay shut not wanting to provoke his beast again. But still, she was so flabbergasted by him.

How could he be calm suddenly when he was a beast some minutes before.

She was in deep thoughts when she flinched when his voice reaches her ear.



"Go, wear your ring," He said while his eyes were still closed.

She nodded murmuring a "Yes" and got up leaving the bed. She recalled the memory of the day to remember the place she left the ring on. She quickly went downstairs to the kitchen and found the ring on the exact spot she left.

She sighed and went there to take her ring and slid it back on her ring finger.

This ring will be her savior from him.

She thought and went back. She comes back upstairs to their bedroom again where she found him laying on the bed. His one arm was behind her head supporting it

She slowly went and lied down beside him but sleep was nowhere to be found in her eyes. She still got goosebumps thinking about how he had behaved with her some time ago.

"Sleep, Anna," She flinched when she heard his voice.

He was still awake.

"Sleep," He repeated again sharply while his eyes were still closed.


Not wanting to provoke him, she lied down completely closing her eyes forcing herself to sleep even tho, sleep was nowhere in her eyes.

And after some time, sleep engulfed both of them...

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